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Summary of all scams in India since 1947

From : Paresh Ratan Kundu at 09:31 PM - Jul 15, 2011 ( )

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Summary of all scams in India since 1947

Here is a summary of all scams since independence. These may not be the only ones. These are the ones that were caught and brought to the notice of the public. In total, this is coming upto Rs. 910,603,234,300,000, which is equal to USD 20.23 trillion. With this huge amount, India will become a super-power overnight and can permanently kill all social problems mainly poverty and unemployment.

Take a detailed look at the list. Great work by the person who compiled it.

Forward this to all Indians!! Others also have a right to know where their money is going.


From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 01:30 PM - Jun 23, 2012( )

World's Largest Republic of Scams - India Scams over the Years...


Bhrashtachar in year 1948

  1. Jeep scandal case Scandal worth : 80 lakh The jeep scandal in 1948 was first major corruption case in independent India.V.K. Krishna Menon, the then Indian high commissioner toBritain, ignored protocols and signed a Rs 80 lakh contract for the purchase of army jeeps with a foreign firm.

Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_scandals_in_India#cite_note-175


Bhrashtachar in year 1951

1. Cycle import scam

S.A. Venkataraman, then the secretary, ministry of commerce and industry, was jailed for accepting a bribe in lieu of granting a cycle import quota to a company.

Reference Link : http://www.india-today.com/itoday/20060703/scams.html


Bhrashtachar in year 1956

1. BHU funds misappropriation Scandal worth : 50 lakh

In one of the first instances of corruption in educational institutions,BenarasHinduUniversityofficials were accused of misappropriation of funds worth Rs 50 lakh.

Reference Link : http://archives.digitaltoday.in/indiatoday/20060703/scams.html


Bhrashtachar in year 1958

1. The Mundhra Scandal Scandal worth : 1.2 crore

The irregularity was highlighted in 1958 by Indian National Congress party, who represented the Parliament of India. Indira Gandhi.1.2 crore

Reference Link : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-01-20/india/28371611_1_animal-husbandry-dept-fodder-scam-satyam-scam  


Bhrashtachar in year 1960

1. Teja loan scandal Scandal worth : 22 crore

Shipping magnate Jayant Dharma Teja took loans worth Rs 22 crore to establish the Jayanti Shipping Company. In 1960, the authorities discovered that he was actually siphoning off money to his own account, after which Teja fled the country.

Reference Link : http://archives.digitaltoday.in/indiatoday/20060703/scams.html  

From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 01:31 PM - Jun 23, 2012( )

Bhrashtachar in year 1964

1. The Kairon Case

The Dass Commission indictedPunjabchief minister Pra-tap Singh Kairon for allowing family members to amass wealth. Kairon quit office.

Reference Link : http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?204016                 


Bhrashtachar in year 1965

1. Kaling tubes scandal

Orissa chief minister Biju Patnaik had to quit as CM following allegations that he had favoured Kalinga Tubes, a company owned by him, in awarding a government contract

Reference Link : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-01-20/india/28371611_1_animal-husbandry-dept-fodder-scam-satyam-scam


Bhrashtachar in year 1971

1. Nagarwala scandal Scandal worth : 60 lakh

On May 24, 1971, INR 60 lakh was withdrawn from the State Bank of India, Parliament Street branch, and given to a "Bangladesh ka babu" (Hindi for "man from Bangladesh") after the chief cashier, Ved Prakash Malhotra, got a call purportedly from Indira Gandhi then Prime Minister of India asking him to do so.

Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1971_Nagarwala_scandal


Bhrashtachar in year 1974

1. Maruti scandal

Well before the company was set up, former prime minister Indira Gandhi\'s name came up in the first Maruti scandal, where her son Sanjay Gandhi was favoured with a licence to make passenger cars.

Reference Link : http://archives.digitaltoday.in/indiatoday/20060703/scams.html  


Bhrashtachar in year 1976

1. Kuo oil scandal Scandal worth : 2.2 crore

During the Emergency, the government-owned Indian Oil Corporation entered a 2.2-cr contract for oil with a company inHong Kongthat turned out to be fictitious, for a kickback

Reference Link : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-01-20/india/28371611_1_animal-husbandry-dept-fodder-scam-satyam-scam  


Bhrashtachar in year 1981

1. Antulay Trust Scandal worth : 30 crore

With the exposure of this scandal concerning A.R. Antulay, then the chief minister ofMaharashtra, The Indian Express was reborn. Antulay had garnered Rs 30 crore from businesses dependent on state resources like cement and kept the money in a private trust.

Reference Link : http://archives.digitaltoday.in/indiatoday/20060703/scams.html  

From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 01:32 PM - Jun 23, 2012( )

Bhrashtachar in year 1987

1. Bofors Scandal Scandal worth : 64 cr

The Swedish armaments firm was accused of paying 64 cr as kickbacks to various middlemen including some close to prime minister Rajiv Gandhi to ensure that its gun would be bought by the Indian army

Reference Link : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-01-20/india/28371611_1_animal-husbandry-dept-fodder-scam-satyam-scam  


Bhrashtachar in year 1989

1. StKitts Forgery Scandal worth : 21 million

An attempt was made to sully V.P. Singh's Mr Clean image by forging documents to allege that he was a beneficiary of his son Ajeya Singh's account in the First Trust Corp. at St Kitts, with a deposit of $21 million.

Reference Link : http://archives.digitaltoday.in/indiatoday/20060703/scams.html  

Bhrashtachar in year 1990

1. Airbus scandal Scandal worth : 2.5 crore

Indian Airlines's (ia) signing of the Rs 2,000-crore deal with Airbus instead of Boeing caused a furore following the crash of an A-320. New planes were grounded, causing IA a weekly loss of Rs 2.5 crore.

Reference Link : http://archives.digitaltoday.in/indiatoday/20060703/scams.html  


Bhrashtachar in year 1992

1. Harshad Mehta Scam Scandal worth : 5,000 crore

Several stock brokers, prominent among them the Big Bull Harshad Mehta, siphoned money from banks to play the stockmarkets. The loss to banks was put at about 5,000 cr

Reference Link : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-01-20/india/28371611_1_animal-husbandry-dept-fodder-scam-satyam-scam   2. Palmolein Oil Import Scam

Palm Olein Import Scam (Palm Olein Case, Palm Olein Corruption Case, 1991–92) are the alleged irregularities in the import of palm olein by K. Karunakaran lead United Democratic Front Government of the state ofKerala,Indiathrough the Power and Energy Limited Company.

Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palmolein_Oil_Import_Scam   3. Indian Bank scandal Scandal worth : 1,300 crore

Aided by M. Gopalakrishnan, then the chairman of the Indian Bank, borrowers-mostly small corporates and exporters from the south-were lent a total of over Rs 1,300 crore, which they never paid back.

Reference Link : http://archives.digitaltoday.in/indiatoday/20060703/scams.html  


Bhrashtachar in year 1994

1. Sugar import scam Scandal worth : 4,200 crore

The facts unfolded that some nominal shortage was expected; so one shipload was imported at a high rate of Rs 16 per kg around May, when 70-lakh tonnes of sugar were in stock,” he explains. “Since sugar production season was complete by April, all the costing had been completed and the issue price was also fixed. Subsequently when sugar was imported at such a high cost, the inland prices of stock were made to jump to the same level.” An additional Rs 6 per kg to the existing stock meant a neat Rs 4,200 crore! Eerie. About a week ago the central bank asked all commercial banks to sanction additional loan limits of Rs 420 crore to sugar mills for creating buffer stock.

Reference Link : http://www.thehindubusinessline.in/mentor/2007/07/23/stories/2007072350441200.htm  


From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 09:58 PM - Apr 29, 2013( )

Bhrashtachar in year 1995


Purulia arms drop case


The Purulia arms drop case was an infamous incident in which unauthorised arms were dropped from an Antonov An-26 aircraft in Purulia district in the state of West Bengal in India on 17 December 1995.


Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purulia_arms_drop_case



Meghalya forest scam


Scandal worth : 300 crore


Meghalya forest scam - 300 crore


Reference Link : http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-the-biggest-scams-in-india/20101230.htm



Preferential allotment scam


Scandal worth : 5,000 crore


Preferential allotment scam - 5,000 crore


Reference Link : http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-the-biggest-scams-in-india/20101230.htm



Yugoslav Dinar Scam


Scandal worth : 400 crore


Yugoslav Dinar Scam - 400 crore


Reference Link : http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-the-biggest-scams-in-india/20101230.htm

From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 09:58 PM - Apr 29, 2013( )

Bhrashtachar in year 1996
1. CBI court calls Lalu in fodder scam case
  Scandal worth : 950 crore

The CBI has over the years registered 63 cases in the Rs 950 crore fodder scam, which came to light in 1996.

  Reference Link : http://www.indianexpress.com/news/cbi-court-calls-lalu-in-fodder-scam-case/907746/
2. Sukh Ram

Sukh Ram is a former union communications minister in Indian National Congress Government. He was a member of Lok Sabha from Mandi constituency of Himachal Pradesh. He won the Vidhan Sabha election five times and the Lok sabha election three times.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukh_Ram#Controversies
3. C R Bhansali scam
  Scandal worth : 1,100 crore

It's so easy to shake off a lakh investors and depositors. Here is how C R Bhansali did it: Move houses, change your phone numbers, and flit in and out of town.

  Reference Link : http://www.indianexpress.com/oldStory/24636/
4. Fertiliser import scam
  Scandal worth : 133 crore

Mumbai, Sept 17: State Bank of India has absolved itself from allegations that it had violated the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (Fera) in the Rs 133-crore urea import scam of 1996, what with the Enforcement Directorate (ED) maintaining a stoic silence on its bank probe and with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) yet to book the culprits.

  Reference Link : http://www.expressindia.com/fe/daily/19980918/26155614.html

From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 09:59 PM - Apr 29, 2013( )

Bhrashtachar in year 1997
1. Cobbler scam
  Scandal worth : 1,000crore

THE boot may well be on the other foot now. While it was former sheriff Sadruddin Daya of Dawood shoes, Rafique Tejani of Metro Shoes and Kishore Signapurkar of Milano Shoes who were held as the prime accused in the Rs 1,000-crore cobbler scam, fresh investigations have revealed the full-fledged compliance of Maharashtra politicians in the fraud.

  Reference Link : http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?202844
2. Hawala scandal
  Scandal worth : 90 crore

The Hawala scandal or hawala scam was an Indian political scandal involving payments allegedly received by politicians through four hawala brokers, the Jain brothers. It was a US$18 million bribery scandal that implicated some of the country's leading politicians.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawala_scandal
3. Bihar land scam
  Scandal worth : 400 crore

Bihar land scam - 400 crore 

  Reference Link : http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-the-biggest-scams-in-india/20101230.htm
4. SNC Lavalin scandal
  Scandal worth : 374 crore

The SNC Lavalin scandal is financial scam related to the contracting of the government with a Canadian company, SNC-Lavalin which resulted in an alleged net loss to the exchequer of 374 crore

  Reference Link : http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-the-biggest-scams-in-india/20101230.htm

From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:00 PM - Apr 29, 2013( )

Bhrashtachar in year 2000
1. Match Fixing

Mohammed Azharuddin, till then India's cricket captain, was accused of match-fixing. He and Ajay Sharma were banned from playing, while Ajay Jadeja and Manoj Prabhakar were suspended for five years.

  Reference Link : http://archives.digitaltoday.in/indiatoday/20060703/scams.html
2. UTI scam
  Scandal worth : 32 crore

UTI scam - 32 crore

  Reference Link : http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-the-biggest-scams-in-india/20101230.htm

From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:01 PM - Apr 29, 2013( )

Bhrashtachar in year 2001
1. Ketan Parekh

Ketan Parekh is a former stock broker from Mumbai, India, who was convicted in 2008, for involvement in the Indian stock market manipulation scam in late 1999-2001. Currently he has been debarred from trading in the Indian stock exchanges till 2017

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketan_Parekh
2. Barak Missile scandal

The Barak Missile Scandal is a case of alleged defence corruption relating to the purchase of Barak 1 Missile Systems by India from Israel. The case is currently under investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation, and several people including the Samata Party ex-treasurer R.K. Jain have been arrested. Others named in the First Information Report include politicians George Fernandes and Jaya Jaitley, and arms dealer and ex-naval officer Suresh Nanda, who is the son of retired chief of naval staff S.M. Nanda.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barak_Missile_Scandal
3. Calcutta Stock Exchange scam
  Scandal worth : 120 crore

Former president of Calcutta Stock Exchange and one of the "main" accused in last year's Rs 120 crore (Rs 1.2 billion) CSE scam Dinesh Kumar Singhania was arrested on Wednesday from his Salt Lake residence, Deputy Commissioner of Police (detective department) Soumen Mitra said.

  Reference Link : http://www.rediff.com/money/2002/nov/20cse.htm

From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:01 PM - Apr 29, 2013( )

Bhrashtachar in year 2002
1. stamp paper scam
  Scandal worth : 20,000 crore

The tentacles of the fake stamp and stamp paper scam, better known as the Telgi scam, has penetrated 12 states and is estimated at a whopping Rs 20,000 crore plus. Between 1992 and 2002, 12 cases were registered against Telgi relating to counterfeit stamps in Maharashtra alone and 15 cases in other parts of the country, but the lack of serious action suggests that the scamster had mastered the technique of corrupting the system. 

  Reference Link : http://www.financialexpress.com/news/telgi-scam/83736/0
2. Provident Fund (PF) scam

Provident Fund (PF) scam

  Reference Link : http://www.frontlineonnet.com/fl1911/19110500.htm
3. Kargil Coffin Scam

New Delhi, Aug 22: The Central Investigation Bureau (CBI) has reportedly finished putting together the chargesheet in 2002 Coffin scam related to the Kagil War. A report in CNN-IBN has revealed that the chargesheet names three Indian Army officials and a US company.

  Reference Link : http://news.oneindia.in/2009/08/22/kargil-coffin-scam-cbi-ready-with-chargesheet.html

From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:02 PM - Apr 29, 2013( )

Bhrashtachar in year 2003
1. Taj corridor case

The Taj Heritage Corridor case is an alleged scam wherein 2002–2003, the then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati and a minister in her government, Nasimuddin Siddiqui, were charged with corruption.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taj_corridor_scandal
2. HUDCO scam
  Scandal worth : 5,000 crores

Allegation of misuse of funds against former Minister Anantha Kumar Three part-time Directors of HUDCO sanctioned loans amounting to Rs. 5,000 crores to 50 corporate houses in a day

  Reference Link : http://www.hindu.com/2005/08/30/stories/2005083008241200.htm

From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:03 PM - Apr 29, 2013( )

Bhrashtachar in year 2004
1. Gegong Apang

Gegong Apang (born July 8, 1949) is an Indian politician from Arunachal Pradesh. He was born to parents of Adi descent. He served as Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh from January 18, 1980 to January 19, 1999 and again from August 2003 to April 2007, when he was replaced by Dorjee Khandu.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gegong_Apang#Corruption

From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:04 PM - Apr 29, 2013( )

Bhrashtachar in year 2005
1. IPO scam

When the Securities Exchange Board of India (Sebi) started scanning an entire spectrum of IPOs launched over 2003, 2004 and 2005, it ended digging up more dirt and probably prevented a larger conspiracy to hijack the market.

  Reference Link : http://ibnlive.in.com/news/ipo-scam-what-when-who-and-how/8980-7-single.html
2. Oil-for-Food Programme

The Oil-for-Food Programme (OFF), established by the United Nations in 1995 (under UN Security Council Resolution 986)[1] was established with the stated intent to allow Iraq to sell oil on the world market in exchange for food, medicine, and other humanitarian needs for ordinary Iraqi citizens without allowing Iraq to boost its military capabilities.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil-for-food_programme
3. Bihar flood relief scam
  Scandal worth : 17 crore

Bihar flood relief scam - 17 crore

  Reference Link : http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-the-biggest-scams-in-india/20101230.htm

From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:04 PM - Apr 29, 2013( )

Bhrashtachar in year 2006
1. Ice cream parlour sex scandal

The ice cream parlour sex scandal is one of the long running sex scandals in Kerala state, South India. Many of the top political icons are considered to be involved in this scandal.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_cream_parlour_sex_scandal
2. Scorpene deal hit by scam
  Scandal worth : 13,000 crore

The $3 billion (Rs 13,000 crore) Scorpene deal is likely to come under a cloud even as India is scheduled to sign the formal contract on October 6 with French company Thales. The company is in the midst of a corruption scandal involving sales of chemical weapons to Iraq under Saddam Hussian.

  Reference Link : http://www.financialexpress.com/news/scorpene-deal-hit-by-scam/149511/
3. city centre project scam
  Scandal worth : 1,500 crore

Punjab city centre project scam - 1,500 crore

  Reference Link : http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-the-biggest-scams-in-india/20101230.htm
4. Mulayam Singh Yadav faces CBI heat in ayurveda scam
  Scandal worth : 26 crore

While the CBI is yet to complete its probe into the Rs 5,700 crore NRHM scam, it has suddenly got proactive about a Rs 26 crore ayurveda scam that took place in Uttar Pradesh between 1993 and 1995 when SP president Mulayam Singh Yadav was the chief minister.

  Reference Link : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-04-06/india/31299783_1_cbi-heat-cbi-probe-scam
5. Ravi Shankaran

Retired Lt. Commander Ravi Shankaran (born 1964) is an Indian weapons dealer[citation needed] and accused spy.[citation needed] He is the prime accused in the "Naval war room spy scandal", linked to the Scorpene Deal scam.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navy_War_Room_spy_scandal

From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:05 PM - Apr 29, 2013( )

Bhrashtachar in year 2008
1. Cash-for-votes scandal

The cash-for-votes scandal is a scandal in which the United Progressive Alliance, the majority-holding parliamentary-party alliance of India led by Sonia Gandhi, allegedly bribed Indian MPs in order to survive a confidence vote on 22 July 2008.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cash-for-votes_scandal
2. Bluff Master Ali
  Scandal worth : 36,000 crore

THE SENSATIONAL case of Hasan Ali Khan, the man believed to have stashed away Rs 36,000 crore in offshore accounts, has gripped the nation’s imagination. Over the past few months, the media has been awash with stories on Khan’s stupendous wealth. 

  Reference Link : http://www.tehelka.com/story_main49.asp?filename=Ne160411Coverstory.asp
3. The inside story of how Satyam scam unfolded

The Serious Fraud Investigation Office will probe also Maytas infrastructure as part of the Satyam financial scam probe.

  Reference Link : http://ibnlive.in.com/news/the-inside-story-of-how-satyam-scam-unfolded/83158-7.html
4. State Bank of Saurashtra scam
  Scandal worth : 95 crore

Two months after the grand merger of over 420 branches of the State Bank of Saurashtra with the State Bank of India, the Reserve Bank of India has unearthed a Rs 95.40-crore scam from the Bhavnagar branch of the former, when it was the headquarter of the erstwhile SBS.

  Reference Link : http://www.indianexpress.com/news/rbi-detects-rs-95.40crore-scam-after-sbisb/382474/
5. Army ration pilferage scam
  Scandal worth : 5,000 crore

Army ration pilferage scam - 5,000 crore 

  Reference Link : http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-the-biggest-scams-in-india/20101230.htm
6. Jharkhand medical equipment scam
  Scandal worth : 130 crore

Former Jharkhand health minister Bhanu Pratap Sahi on Saturday surrendered in a CBI court in Ranchi for his suspected involvement in the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) financial misappropriation scandal, popularly known as the medicine scam.

  Reference Link : http://daily.bhaskar.com/article/BIH-jharkhands-ex-minister-surrenders-in-medicine-scam-2333259.html
7. Haryana Teachers' recruitment scam

Former Haryana chief minister Om Prakash Chautala, his son Ajay Chautala and two IAS officers are among the 60 persons named in the chargesheet filed by the CBI on Friday in the Junior Basic Trained (JBT) teachers' recruitment scam of 2003 when the accused used forged documents to appoint 3,206 teachers after taking hefty amounts from them which could collectively run into crores of rupees.

  Reference Link : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2008-06-07/india/27765980_1_recruitment-scam-ias-officers-ajay-chautala

From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:06 PM - Apr 29, 2013( )

Bhrashtachar in year 2009
1. Madhu Koda
  Scandal worth : 4000 crore

On 10 October 2009, he was charged with laundering money.The Income Tax Department uncovered over 4000 crore in illegal assets owned by Koda. Among others, these assets were reported to include hotels and three companies in Mumbai, property in Kolkata, a hotel in Thailand, and a coal mine in Liberia.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madhu_Koda#Money-laundering_and_mining_scam
2. Goa Special Economic Zone (SEZ) scam

Three years after the Congress-led coalition government in Goa cancelled seven controversial special economic zone (SEZ) allotments, the scam is back to haunt two of the party's former chief ministers and a legislator.

  Reference Link : http://expressbuzz.com/nation/goas-land-scam-haunts-two-congress-ex-cms/340754.html
3. Rice export scam
  Scandal worth : 2,500 crore

Rice export scam - 2,500 crore

  Reference Link : http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-the-biggest-scams-in-india/20101230.htm
4. Orissa mining scam
  Scandal worth : 7,000 crore

Orissa mining scam - 7,000 crore

  Reference Link : http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-the-biggest-scams-in-india/20101230.htm
5. Orissa paddy scam

An Right to Information (RTI) activist in Orissa's Nuapada district has unearthed a scam in which rice millers in collusion with government officials are minting money by carrying out fake transactions and in the process selling the highly subsidised Rs 2 per kg PDS rice back to the government at Rs 17 per kg.

  Reference Link : http://www.ndtv.com/news/india/rti_activist_unearths_paddy_scam_in_orissa.php
6. Sukhna land scam - Darjeeling

The Army on Wednesday said it had received the report of a probe committee that has reportedly recommended disciplinary action against four General-ranking officers in connection with Darjeeling land scam case and would analyse it.

  Reference Link : http://zeenews.india.com/news/nation/darjeeling-land-scam-army-says-will-analyse-probe-report_589811.html
7. Vasundhara Raje land scam

In compliance with a court directive, the police on Monday registered a criminal case against the former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and five others in connection with the Deendayal Upadhyay Trust land scam. All of them have been accused of cheating, criminal conspiracy and breach of trust.

  Reference Link : http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/article374215.ece
8. Austral Coke scam
  Scandal worth : 1,000 crore

The government has ordered an enquiry by the Serious Fraud Investigation Office into the alleged financial irregularities by metallurgical coking coal producer Austral Coke.

  Reference Link : http://zeenews.india.com/news/companies-and-commodities/sfio-to-probe-into-austral-coke-s-alleged-rs-1000-cr-fraud_598599.html
9. Gujarat's VDSGCU Sugarcane scam
  Scandal worth : 18.7 crore

The managing director of the Vadodara District Sugarcane Grower’s Cooperative Union (VDSGCU), B M Patel, who is an accused in the sugarcane scam, was arrested by the Karjan police on Tuesday. Patel was produced before a local court for a two-day remand.

  Reference Link : http://www.indianexpress.com/news/accused-in-sugarcane-scam-arrested/551878/

From: Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:07 PM - Apr 29, 2013( )

Bhrashtachar in year 2010
1. 2G spectrum scam
  Scandal worth : 176,000 cror

2G spectrum scam - In the audit report, CAG puts the loss at 176,000 crore.The 2G spectrum scandal involved officials in the government of India illegally undercharging mobile telephony companies for frequency allocation licenses, which they would use to create 2G subscriptions for cell phones. 

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2G_spectrum_scam
2. whereas CBI pegs the loss
  Scandal worth : 30,984 crore

whereas CBI pegs the loss at 30,984 crore.The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is a governmental agency belonging to Government of India that serves as both a criminal investigation body, national security agency and intelligence agency

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Bureau_of_Investigation
3. Adarsh Housing Society Scam

he Adarsh Housing Society is a cooperative society in the city of Mumbai in India. The origins of the scam go back to February 2000 when a request was made to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to allot land in the heart of Mumbai for the construction of a housing complex for "the welfare of serving and retired personnel of the Defence Services.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adarsh_Housing_Society_Mumbai
4. Commonwealth Games scam

A number of concerns and controversies surfaced before the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India, which received widespread media coverage both in India (the host nation) and internationally.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commonwealth_Games_scam
5. LIC housing loan scam

The 2010 fake housing loan in India was uncovered by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in India. CBI arrested eight top-ranking officials of public sector banks and financial institutions, including the LIC Housing Finance CEO Ramchandran Nair, in connection with the scam.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_housing_loan_scam_in_India
6. Belekeri port scam

The Belekeri port scam relates to 3.5 million tons of confiscated iron ore that was exported illegally from Belekeri port near Karwar in Karnataka.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belekeri_port_scam

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I strongly condemn you for you did not bring any one from tamilnadu...(? may be I did not chk the list fully?) we are not inferior to any other states in India in this regard...

Pl correct this list or otherwise I can think of bringing a legal action against you(? if a lawyer is available for such cases))

From : Paresh Ratan Kundu at 02:23 PM - Sep 30, 2013 ( )


 Laloo Prasad convicted in fodder scam, must quit parliament 30 September 2013         

Rabri Devi died and went to heaven (Don't Laugh). As she stood in front of yamraj , she saw a huge wall of clocks behind.
She asked, "What are all those clocks?"
Yamraj answered, "Those are LieCloks. Everyone on Earth has a LieClock. Every time you lie, the hands on your clock will move."
"Oh," said Rabri, "Who's clock is that?" That's Gautam Buddha's. The hands have never moved indicating that he never told a lie.
"And whose clock is that?" That's Abraham Lincoln's clock. The hands have only moved twice, telling us that Abraham only told 2 lies in his entire life."
Rabri asked, "Where's my Laloo's clock?"
"Laloo's clock is in my office", replied yamraj, "I'm using it as a ceiling fan.

A special CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) court in Ranchi today found Rashtriya Janata Dal chief and former Bihar chief minister Laloo Prasad Yadav guilty of peculation in what has become known as the fodder scam – which means that he must forfeit his seat in parliament, under a recent Supreme Court ruling.
Laloo Prasad, who was also formerly the railway minister in the union cabinet, was convicted with 44 others. He faces from three to seven years in jail; the sentencing will take place on 3 October.
The fodder scam relates to Bihar's agriculture and animal husbandry department, which siphoned off a reported Rs950 crore of funds meant for subsidised cattle fodder some 17 years ago.
Prasad and the others were charged with fraudulent withdrawal to the tune of Rs37.7 crore on fake fodder bills from the Chaibasa treasury in the 1990s in a case lodged and investigated by the CBI.
Chaibasa was part of the then undivided Bihar.
Former Bihar chief minister Jagannath Mishra and Jagdish Sharma, MP for Nitish Kumar's Janata Dal (United) which now rules Bihar, were also convicted in the case.
Earlier, the Supreme Court had rejected Lalu's plea to transfer the case since CBI judge Pravas Kumar Singh is a relative of a Bihar minister. But the apex court had rejected the petition.
Laloo Prasad Yadav, 66, was present in court when the verdict was delivered. Among his fellow convicts are seven more politicians and four bureaucrats. The sentence will be announced on Thursday through video-conferencing.
Laloo Prasad  was the chief minister of Bihar with a good majority in the state assembly when he was forced to resign in 1997 after being charged in the scam. He promptly placed his virtually illiterate wife Rabri Devi as a proxy chief minister. But in the 2005 election, he lost Bihar to Nitish Kumar of the Janata Dal (United), who has been in power ever since.
The conviction could have major ramifications for politics in Bihar, where Laloo Yadav's RJD is still considered the number two party after the JD(U).

From : Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:32 PM - Apr 29, 2013 ( )

Yes Pradip Da

From : Pradip Ray at 10:31 PM - Apr 29, 2013 ( )

Thank you SCAMREPORTRATNA .So many info so quick!

From : Pradip Ray at 10:23 PM - Apr 29, 2013 ( )

How could u forget Sanchaita and Sanchaini ?

From : Prasanna Kumar at 10:21 PM - Apr 29, 2013 ( )

This scandles never ends....................

From : Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:18 PM - Apr 29, 2013 ( )

Total Scam Money (approx) Since 1948 :  198867184000000+ INR 20,000 - 30,000 crores (4 - 6 billion USD) Saradha Group financial scandal. Wink

From : Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:13 PM - Apr 29, 2013 ( )

Bhrashtachar in 2013

Saradha Group financial scandal

Saradha Group financial scandal is an alleged financial scam run by Saradha Group, a consortium of Indian companies running a wide variety of ponzi scheme in the guise of collective investment scheme (popularly but incorrectly referred in rural India as chit fund) in Eastern India.[1] The group collapsed in April 2013 causing an estimated loss of between INR 20,000 - 30,000 crores (4 - 6 billion USD).[2][3] In the aftermath of this financial scandal the State government of West Bengal set up an inquiry commission to investigate the collapse[4] and have also announced setting up a fund of INR 500 crores to ensure that smallest investors are not bankrupted.[5]

Modus operandi

Companies belonging to Saradha Group were incorporated from 2006, initially the companies started to collect money from public by issuing secured debentures and redeemable preferential debentures. However under Indian Securities regulations and Indian Companies Act enforced by market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), a company cannot raise capital from more than 49 persons without taking permission from SEBI. On being challenged by SEBI, in around 2009, the Group started opening numerous companies (over 300 under some estimate) to create cross-holdings etc. and have tiered corporate structure to make it difficult to pin blame on any one company. However by 2010 under relentless pressure from SEBI, the companies changed its modus operandi and started to conduct business under a collective investment scheme (CIS) which it touted as a form of chit fund, as chit funds were regulated by state government, SEBI warned the state government of West Bengal, later SEBI realised that these were not chit funds but CIS and asked them to immediately stop operating these forms of investment schemes without taking permission from SEBI. The companies by 2011 yet again changed its operating strategy and started chain marketing and forward hotel booking etc. but sold it to public as investment opportunity. Finally in April 2013 just after the collapse of the fund SEBI opined that chain marketing and forward contracts are forms of CIS and asked Saradha Group to immediately desist from raising any further capital and return all deposits by three months.[6][7]

Key People

  • Sudipto Sen
  • Debjani Mukhopadhdhay
  • Somnath Dutta

Alleged TMC Leaders

In a mail[8] to Central Bureau of Investigation Saradha Group CMD Sudipta Sen has made allegation of extortion against various persons.

Alleged INC Leaders


Media Operations

Saradha group was the owner of:

  • Bengal Post (English Daily)
  • Seven Sisters Post (English Daily from Assam)
  • Kolom (A Urdu Daily)
  • Channel 10 (Television Media)
  • Paroma (Bengali Daily)

Tollywood Operations

Saradha Group was a financier in Tollywood. Film actress Satabdi Roy was their Brand-Ambassador. Tapas Paul was also associated with them.

Nalini Chidambaram's involvement

Union minister of Finance's wife Nalini Chidambaram is also was also indicated in the scam by TMC and Sudipta Sen.[11]


Since the breaking out of the news of the financial scam, many agents and depositors have committed suicide.

  • Tapan Biswas (36, depositor, Balrampur, Purulia), by hanging himself from the ceiling of his house, on April,26
  • Dilip Mandal (55, agent, Delsinha village near Phalta, South 24 Parganas), by consuming pesticides, on April 25
  • Urmila Pramanik (50, depositor, Baruipur, South 24 Parganas), by setting herself on fire, on April 20
  • Yadav Majhi (33, agent, Mayabazar, Durgapur, Burdwan), by hanging himself from the ceiling of his house, on April 19

Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saradha_Group_financial_scandal

From : Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:09 PM - Apr 29, 2013 ( )

Bhrashtachar in year 2012
1. Coal Mining Scam
  Scandal worth : 1,070,000 crore

In a shocking revelation, a news paper has claimed that it has a copy of CAG report that contains estimate of loss in coal allocation to be Rs 10.7 lakh crore.

  Reference Link : http://in.news. * .com/video/national-22564751/cag-estimates-rs-10-7-lakh-crore-loss-in-coal-allocation-28695746.html
2. Karnataka Wakf Board Land Scam
  Scandal worth : 200,000 crore

The scam is believed to be worth over Rs 2 lakh crore – more than the estimated Rs 1.76 lakh crore loss suffered by the exchequer in the 2G spectrum allocation scam. A report on the same was submitted to state Chief Minister DV Sadananda Gowda by Karnataka Minorities Commission Chairman Anwar Manipaddy on Monday.

  Reference Link : http://zeenews.india.com/news/karnataka/now-rs-2-lakh-cr-wakf-land-scam-in-karnataka_766394.html
3. Andhra Pradesh land scam
  Scandal worth : 100,000 crore

Providing fodder to the CBI probing the various land allotments in the state during the YSR government, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has concluded that the Andhra Pradesh government doled out thousands of acres of government land to private individuals on an ad hoc and arbitrary manner without safeguarding the interests of the state. The CAG report for the year ending March 31, 2011, was tabled in the assembly on Thursday.

  Reference Link : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Y-S-Rajasekhara-Reddys-land-doles-cost-Andhra-Rs-1-lakh-crore-CAG/articleshow/12462676.cms
4. Service Tax and Central Excise Duty fraud
  Scandal worth : 19,159 crore

Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) today said that there over 10,300 cases of fraud involving over Rs 19,159 crore in service tax and central excise duty during 2008-11.

  Reference Link : http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/policy/rs-19k-cr-service-tax-central-excise-duty-frauds-in-2008-11-cag/articleshow/12472176.cms
5. Gujarat PSU financial irregularities
  Scandal worth : 17,000 crore

The Gujarat Assembly’s budget session has been drawn into the mire over controversies one after the other. If the porngate scandal involving two BJP MLAs was not enough, the CAG report presented before the Gujarat assembly on the last day of the budget session tore into the Modi government on the issue of corruption by pointing out irregularities causing a cumulative loss of nearly Rs 17,000 crore.

  Reference Link : http://daily.bhaskar.com/article/GUJ-NEWS-cag-report-slams-modi-govt-over-rs-17000-cr-losses-3039446.html?HT2=
6. Maharashtra stamp duty scam
  Scandal worth : 640 crore

The opposition on Tuesday sought to blame Maharashtra\'s financial mess on a series of scams which have been allegedly perpetuated by members of the DF government. Upping the ante over the alleged large-scale misappropriation in the contracts awarded for franking of stamps for payment of stamp duty, opposition leader in the legislative council Vinod Tawde (BJP) hinted at the involvement of the sons of two former Maharashtra chief ministers in the Rs 640 crore scam.

  Reference Link : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-03-28/mumbai/31248900_1_adarsh-scam-registration-controller-franking
7. Highway scam
  Scandal worth : 70 crore

The malpractices are to the tune of over Rs 70 crore according to the World Bank\'s estimates.

  Reference Link : http://ibnlive.in.com/news/rs-70-crore-fraud-in-nhai-world-bank-report/245317-3.html
8. Ministry of External Affairs gift scam

The ministry of external affairs (MEA) has sought a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the alleged irregularities in the procurement of gifts by its protocol division.

  Reference Link : http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/mea-seeks-cbi-probe-into-gift-scam/1/172445.html
9. Himachal Pradesh pulse scam

Shimla, Jan 31 (PTI) Two Himachal Pradesh\'s Civil Supplies Corporation officers were suspended for their alleged involvement in the multi-crore pulse scam, the state government today said. \"HPCSC General Manager Ashok Kumar and procurement officer Ram Lal have been placed under suspension,\" Food and Civil Supplies minister Romesh Dhawala said while refuting charges that the government was going slow in bringing the culprits to book.

  Reference Link : http://ibnlive.in.com/generalnewsfeed/news/two-officers-suspended-in-hp-pulse-scam/958639.html
10. Flying Club fraud
  Scandal worth : 190 crore

An investigation by the Central Vigilance Commission has found that a majority of flying schools/clubs in India posed as registered societies, operating on no-profit no-loss basis, to avoid paying the government full fee for operations. Resultantly, the government has lost at least Rs 190 crore in revenue, according to the CVC probe.

  Reference Link : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-02-28/india/31107497_1_clubs-fee-societies
11. Andhra Pradesh liquor scam

Trouble seems to be brewing for the Kiran Reddy government in Andhra Pradesh over the liquor scam which CNN-IBN had reported first. The Andhra Pradesh High Court has sent notices to the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Reddy, state Congress chief B Satyanarayana, Excise Minister M Venkatramana and leader of Opposition Chandrababu Naidu.

  Reference Link : http://ibnlive.in.com/news/andhra-liquor-scam-hc-notice-to-cm-others/241830-62-127.html
12. Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association scam
  Scandal worth : 50 crore

There is no field without corruption and in latest case, embezzlement to the tune of Rs 50 crore has surfaced in JKCA and it’s only a tip of the iceberg. One officer has been terminated and other has been asked to resign but basically, JKCA is headed by Farooq Abdullah and there should be an FIR registered against him,” she said, adding, “When FIR can be registered against (Suresh) Kalmadi and investigations done, why can’t against Farooq Abdullah against whom there are already allegations of corruption in Haji Yousuf case? Why double standards?”

  Reference Link : http://www.brighterkashmir.com/index.php/nl/world/canada/204-50-crore-jkca-scam-surfaced
13. Jammu and Kashmir PHE scam

Jammu and Kashmir Special Anti- Corporation Court has ordered a probe by the State Vigilance Organisation into allegations of multi-crore scams against Congress minister Taj Mohi-ud-Din.

  Reference Link : http://news.outlookindia.com/items.aspx?artid=750888
14. Jammu and Kashmir recruitment scam

Committee in which at least 160 people are alleged to have been employed under political influence.
According to records of the Municipal Committee, recruitment norms like calling for applications and holding interviews for various posts were not adhered to. The politicians whose names figured in the recruitment process include Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand, Legislative Assembly Speaker Mohammad Akbar Lone and Opposition PDP MLA from Bandipora Nizamuddin Bhat.

  Reference Link : http://www.risingkashmir.com/news/recruitment-scam-in-bandipora-mc-22347.aspx
15. Jammu and Kashmir examgate

Reports said on Wednesday that an investigation report of the Jammu and Kashmir Police’s Crime Branch has indicted state Education Minister Peerzada Mohammad Sayeed for helping his son pass the Board examination in 2009 using unfair means.

  Reference Link : http://zeenews.india.com/news/jammu-and-kashmir/jandk-minister-s-son-helped-in-exams-probe-report_757330.html
16. Jammu and Kashmir dental scam

Scams after scams Omar Abdullah Government is under the fire again. TIMES NOW accesses exclusive documents exposing a multi crore scam in Jammu and Kashmir dental colleges, clearly showing how state authorities have bought medical equipment at a price way higher than their actual quotation bleeding the exchequer completely dry.

  Reference Link : http://www.timesnow.tv/Exclusive-Multi-crore-dental-scam/articleshow/4399532.cms
17. Punjab paddy scam
  Scandal worth : 18 crore

The police has registered a case against the son of a senior Akali leader and three officials of the Markfed for their alleged involvement in a paddy scam worth Rs 18 crore.

  Reference Link : http://www.tribuneindia.com/2012/20120118/jal.htm#4
18. NHPC cement scam

Smelling a big scam in cement supply to Parbati hydroelectric state-III near Sainj river in Kullu district, a joint team of CBI officials from Shimla and Chandigarh raided 3 godowns of the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) and a construction company in Kullu and Chandigarh.

  Reference Link : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Cement-scam-CBI-raids-3-NHPC-godowns/articleshow/12576024.cms
19. Girivan (Pune) land scam

It’s a hill station that’s fast turning into a hot potato after being designated one of India’s biggest land scams by many.

  Reference Link : http://www.mid-day.com/news/2012/apr/090412-mumbai-Hill-station-in-mountain-of-trouble.htm

From : Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:08 PM - Apr 29, 2013 ( )

Bhrashtachar in year 2011
1. Uttar Pradesh NRHM scam
  Scandal worth : 10,000 crore

CBI has arrested three more persons, including two bureaucrats and a trader, in connection with alleged irregularities in utilisation of funds allocated under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).

  Reference Link : http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/article2780219.ece
2. ISRO's S-band scam
  Scandal worth : 200,000 crore

The daily said Devas was to allegedly benefit unbridled use of 70 Mhz of the scarce S-Band spectrum over a 20 year period from which the CAG has made preliminary estimate of a loss of Rs. 2,00,000 crore to the exchequer. 

  Reference Link : http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/NewDelhi/Another-scam-auditor-probes-ISRO-s-S-Band-spectrum-deal/Article1-659631.aspx
3. KG Basin Oil scam

National auditor CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India) on Thursday castigated the Oil Ministry for allowing Reliance Industries to retain its entire eastern offshore KG-D6 block in contravention of the Production Sharing Contract, but did not comment on more than tripling of the field development cost.

  Reference Link : http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/cag-report-on-kg-basin-puts-ril-in-the-dock‎/1/150531.html
4. Goa mining scam
  Scandal worth : 3,500 crore

Accused of sitting on a Rs.3,500 crore illegal mining scam, the Goa government Friday got a major reprieve after the speaker refused to table the damning Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report in the assembly, the last day of the monsoon session.

  Reference Link : http://www.deccanherald.com/content/196186/goa-mining-scam-pac-report.html
5. Bellary mining scam

Rising global iron-ore prices driven by Chinese demand brought focus to the iron ore rich Bellary region of Karnataka. This iron ore is alleged to have been illegally mined after paying a minuscule royalty to the government.

  Reference Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illegal_mining_in_India#Interim_Lokayukta_report_of_December_2008
6. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike scam
  Scandal worth : 3,207 crore

The high court on Monday issued notices to the BBMP, state government and CBI with regard to a petition alleging large-scale misappropriation of BBMP funds earmarked for development schemes.

  Reference Link : http://www.dnaindia.com/bangalore/report_bbmp-scam-hc-notices-to-government-cbi_1632785
7. Himachal Pradesh HIMUDA housing scam

The Himachal Pradesh government today admitted in the State Assembly that irregularities had been detected in grant of licences to three prime builders of mega housing projects, but blamed the bureaucracy .

  Reference Link : http://www.indianexpress.com/news/hp-govt-admits-to-scam-in-housing-licences/772725/
8. Pune housing scam

In an unnerving parallel to the Adarsh Society Scam in Mumbai another land scam surfaced from Pune involving high ranking Army officers, police personnel and civil servants.

  Reference Link : http://www.ndtv.com/article/cities/pune-housing-scam-using-kargil-to-grab-land-78514
9. Pune land scam

An alleged tech park land scam in Yerawada involving DB Realty is now under anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare\'s scanner.

  Reference Link : http://www.ndtv.com/article/cities/biggest-land-scam-in-pune-now-under-hazares-scanner-97161
10. Orissa pulse scam
  Scandal worth : 700 crore

Orissa Woman and Child Development Minister Pramila Mallick on Saturday resigned from the Cabinet in the wake of allegations by opposition Congress and BJP over the Rs 700-crore scam related to purchase of dal for mid-day meal scheme and supplementary nutrition programme (SNP).

  Reference Link : http://www.indianexpress.com/news/pulses-scam-orissa-minister-steps-down/746631/
11. Kerala investment scam
  Scandal worth : 1,000 crore

Kerala Police today said they are investigating a multi-city investment scam involving real estate developers and money-chain fraudsters that could have left lakhs of victims in the state and abroad poorer by upto Rs 1,000 crore.

  Reference Link : http://www.indianexpress.com/news/police-uncover-rs-1-000cr-investment-scam-in-kerala/806033/
12. Maharashtra education scam
  Scandal worth : 1,000 crore

Mumbai, Oct 9: India\'s future seems to be in danger as an education scam, costing Rs 1,000 crore, has been unearthed in Maharshtra.

  Reference Link : http://news.oneindia.in/2011/10/09/rs-1-000-cr-education-scam-unearthed-in-maharashtra.html
13. Mumbai Sales Tax fraud
  Scandal worth : 1,000 crore

In what has the potential to rock the diamond market, the state sales tax department is probing diamond imports worth Rs 1,000 crore for tax evasion.

  Reference Link : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-01-02/mumbai/28368477_1_diamond-firms-diamond-imports-evasion-racket
14. Uttar Pradesh TET scam

उत्तर प्रदेश माध्यमिक शिक्षा परिषद के निदेशक संजय मोहन को टीचर एलेजिबिल्टी टेस्ट (टीईटी) परीक्षा में पैसा लेकर ऑनलाइन परिणाम बदलने के आरोप में रमाबाईनगर (कानपुर देहात जिले) की अम्बेडकरनगर पुलिस ने गिरफ्तार कर लिया है।

  Reference Link : http://www.amarujala.com/national/nat-Uttar-Pradesh-Board-of-Secondary-Education-Director-Sanjay-Mohan-arrested-TET-22741.html
15. Uttar Pradesh MGNREGA scam

The Allahabad High Court on Tuesday (today) ordered Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to probe the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) scam in Uttar Pradesh.

  Reference Link : http://news.oneindia.in/2011/11/15/trouble-to-maya-high-court-orders-cbi-probe-nrega-scam.html
16. Orissa MGNREGA scam

The Supreme Court on Monday made it clear that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has to probe into the alleged misappropriation of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) funds in Orissa.

  Reference Link : http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/orissa-nrega-scam-supreme-court-pulls-up-centre-91560
17. Indian Air Force land scam

The government Wednesday said it has entrusted to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) a probe into the alleged grabbing of air force land in Jammu and Kashmir\'s Srinagar by land sharks in connivance with defence officials.

  Reference Link : http://zeenews.india.com/news/jammu-and-kashmir/cbi-probes-srinagar-air-force-land-scam_743414.html
18. Tatra scam
  Scandal worth : 750 crore

Top officials of BEML Limited, a Bangalore-based company, and the defence ministry have siphoned off at least Rs750 crore in bribes and commissions over the past 14 years in the purchase of components for Tatra trucks, backbone of the army’s artillery and transportation wings.

  Reference Link : http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report_exposed-the-rs750-crore-tatra-scam_1568123
19. Bihar Solar lamp scam
  Scandal worth : 40 crore

Besides mukhiyas, more than 200 government officials, including block development officers (BDOs), are also under the scanner in the solar lamps scam said to be worth Rs 40 crores.

  Reference Link : http://zeenews.india.com/news/bihar/now-a-solar-lamp-scam-in-bihar_691351.html
20. BL Kashyap - EPFO scam
  Scandal worth : 169 crore

The CBI has registered a case against nine senior officials of Employees\' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) and others for defrauding the exchequer of Rs 169 crore. The CBI also named four employees of a Delhi-based private firm in the case registered on Wednesday.

  Reference Link : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-07-08/india/29751146_1_epfo-employees-provident-fund-organisation-case-names
21. Stamp Paper scam
  Scandal worth : 2.34 crore

Enforcement Directorate sleuths have closed in on Ujjain district treasury accounts clerk cum store keeper who is the alleged kingpin of the Rs 2.34 crore stamp paper scam. In September, 2010, during a routine check Ujjain treasury officials unearthed a major stamp paper scam and then treasury store keeper Ashok Sharma, was suspended and an inquiry ordered against him.

  Reference Link : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-05-24/ahmedabad/29577619_1_stamp-paper-scam-ed-official-treasury

From : Kannan Krishnan at 10:07 PM - Apr 29, 2013 ( )

And the "Scam Ratna" award goes to...

fill with name/party/independent body

From : Paresh Ratan Kundu at 09:42 PM - Apr 29, 2013 ( )

WB chit fund scam

http://static.indianexpress.com/m-images/Thu%20Apr%2025%202013,%2003:34%20hrs/M_Id_379730_Debjani_Mukherjee-Sudipta_Sen.jpg http://images.indiatvnews.com/politicsnational/Trinamool-MP-Ku9721.jpg

Wait For Others Heros Wink

From : Paresh Ratan Kundu at 08:04 PM - Oct 17, 2012 ( )

https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTT1pZSSYLyduo0g05Rq74cQS6o9oILuejAkVQACUACXhhHSKe7Pg   Maharashtra irrigation scam

From : Paresh Ratan Kundu at 07:59 PM - Oct 17, 2012 ( )

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSpYVoOnOLlLTP58Dj9hTyXzT1leNfgMUQqkFQ_cKPJORK73PfWCw    Robert Vadra-DLF land deal: 42 transfers in 21 years and holding on

From : Paresh Ratan Kundu at 07:57 PM - Oct 17, 2012 ( )

http://static.indianexpress.com/m-images/Mon%20Oct%2015%202012,%2011:34%20hrs/M_Id_323989_Salman_Khurshid_.jpg  Rs 71 lakh scam

From : Paresh Ratan Kundu at 02:25 PM - Oct 06, 2012 ( )

Former TN Minister Ponmudi arrested

Oct 6,  1:57 PM
In Tamil Nadu, former DMK Minister K Ponmudi was arrested today from his house at Villupuram. Police sources say that he was arrested for illegal sand quarrying which had reportedly led to a loss of 28 crore 37 lakh rupees to the exchequer. Ponmudi was Higher education minister in the former DMK government.

From : Aravind Prabhu at 11:19 PM - Aug 22, 2012 ( )

Thank God i would be frustrated if the total amount had been lesser than the previous one. It means INDIA is improving. JAI HIND.

From : Shyamsundar Ekbote at 11:17 PM - Aug 22, 2012 ( )

If so many scams had took place, why Mkt is going up? It should have a LC !?

From : Paresh Ratan Kundu at 10:49 PM - Aug 22, 2012 ( )


From : B Sarkar at 11:13 PM - Aug 19, 2012 ( )

Dear Paresh Da, thanx for the great article, but bothers after all India is now famous for country of GHOTALA?????? Who can change this image??????????????/

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