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From : Sunil Ramidi at 01:39 AM - May 28, 2011 ( )

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Is there a way/website to find historical PE ratio of individual stock?

I would require this to plot a P/E for a share and compare that with a strategy that has been discussed by SIM STANLEY... "Value Investing by PE Cut and Paste Will Nifty trade 13"

So we can test that on STOCKS as well if we can get historical P/E's for individual stocks as we get for NIFTY.

So guys please help me for finding this information.

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From : Sunil Ramidi at 11:38 AM - May 28, 2011 ( )

Yes SIM, i understand the post you had put in for getting into markets at NIFTY PE 13 or less.

But, i wanted to check if it works for indivudual stocks (ofcourse Sector wise). Also the historical PE's does give us insights of what actually happened and might happen. Hence, i posted this thread.

Also, SIM, i have gone through the Jagoinvestor link provided, indeed the article is superb combinedly read with comments as well. It reall helpful in timing the entry in markets.

From : Sim Stanley at 11:33 AM - May 28, 2011 ( )

as per the article, I posted we can choose the fundamentaly good share at the Nifty PE 13 or less blindly.


Since in Indian senario each Industry has its own PE rating very different from nifty PE

From : Yogesh Dadkar at 11:20 AM - May 28, 2011 ( )

Hi Sunil,

P/E ratio you can calculate for every stock.

The P/E ratio is defined as:

\mbox{P/E ratio}=\frac{\mbox{Price per Share}}{\mbox{Annual Earnings per Share}}


check following link for more details.






From : Harman Preet at 03:18 AM - May 28, 2011 ( )


where we can see this discussion topics of SIM STanley ??

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