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Pawan at 11:52 AM - May 09, 2008 ( )

i bought 300shares of ispat indus 2months ago @44.40 n yesterday i bought 100shares more...i m very doubtful regarding should be sold or not....

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Raj at 12:08 PM - May 26, 2008 ( )

In the last 18 days, the Indian stock markets have fallen by nearly 1600 points whereas the stock Mahalaxmi Rubbertech has grown from strength to strength from a price of  83 rupees it has gone upto 92 rupees - while the Indian stock markets crashed. This shows the inherent strength in the stock. My study and research indicates a price level of 160 rupees in this stock within the next 2 months. I think it would be a wise idea to invest in this stock in small quantities. Any suggestions?

Raj Kelwani

Ajit at 10:58 PM - May 13, 2008 ( )
ispat industries hold. it would pay good return in one year.

Vishnu at 11:35 PM - May 11, 2008 ( )
This is bottomed out, Hold it. Friday morning itself it moved but because market crashed so falled. I think this month itself it can see 39 or more if market supports.

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