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Crack Nifty Spot with Volume Data

From : Susanth C at 04:15 PM - Feb 11, 2011 ( )

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Chart is purely on volume of Nifty took from nseindia.com site on click of Nifty chart.

First level of pivot is found @ the time of opening 9:15am. Consider the close price @9:15am is 5239

Next consider the volume spikes as Next level of pivot points.

Analyse the movement using the pivot point

Consider the following scenario's

  Volume -  Nifty

1)3398195 - 5239
2)1546322 - 5218
3)966509   - 5186
4)1207275 -5241
6)2946629 -5299

Today 1st point is @ 5239 and Nifty went below that point. And 2nd point is @ 5218 and again nifty is gng down - bearish sentiment and finally stoped @ 5178

Next point is @ 5186  and nifty moving upside with volume spikes and finally closed @ 5310. High volume and price moving up is bull phase, that is the reason i gave a buy call @ 5274 and it made high of 5315.

But sometimes it will be difficult to find the right direction. you may hit SL with few points. Last 4 trading sessions i showed 500 points of Nifty profit using this. If you carefully trade with this strategy you may get minimum of 200 points in a week.


No MACD,RSI,Bollinger signals are used here and this is only for intraday. And finally don't ask me questions :)


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From : Siva P at 10:26 AM - Feb 16, 2011 ( )

Susanth ji, today can we do paper trading using this method ? please guide us.

From : Siva P at 08:23 PM - Feb 12, 2011 ( )

Sim ji, he has taken chart from http://www.nseindia.com/ website. After opening you will find a small nifty chart on left side, click on that one then you will get same chart what Susanth has posted.

From : Kiran Badgujar at 07:59 PM - Feb 12, 2011 ( )

GOT IT ...


From : Kishore Babu at 07:54 PM - Feb 12, 2011 ( )

good & innovative strategy

From : Nitin Potade at 01:43 PM - Feb 12, 2011 ( )

Dear Sim,

I think that our all doubts will be cleared on Monday trading time. We should support for good iniative by Sushant...

From : Sim Stanley at 10:42 AM - Feb 12, 2011 ( )

can we know from where this live chart is taken: not a difficult question

From : Siva P at 06:41 PM - Feb 11, 2011 ( )

Susanth ji, I think viewing the chart type as "candlestick" may give more idea compared to to chart type as "line". can u please check it

From : Susanth C at 06:30 PM - Feb 11, 2011 ( )


we will do paper trading on monday on Nifty, that should help you in taking better decision. Everyone can participate in monday session to tune this strategy.


From : Manoj Kela at 06:26 PM - Feb 11, 2011 ( )

Dear Susanth Ji,

I appreciate your innovative strategy and willing to help members.

but in this stretegy i couldnt find any particular way of going long or short with volume.

as you said we have to keep SL for any trade, then what is the considering of pivot to put SL and reversal.

please take pain to explain, as per today's level.

From : Siva P at 06:22 PM - Feb 11, 2011 ( )

vl try this strategy.

From : Siva P at 06:22 PM - Feb 11, 2011 ( )

hi Susanth, thanks a lot for sharing your strategies and helping us !!!! you are doing an excellent job. keep it up!!!

From : Susanth C at 06:14 PM - Feb 11, 2011 ( )

I am taking pain in helping you guys to give my best. But only few turned back with comments.

From : Susanth C at 06:01 PM - Feb 11, 2011 ( )

1st one pivot is nothing but a volume breakout of nifty, Consider that point as pivot.

2nd one is to always have a strict SL, because thr will be a drastic movement from the pivot point.

For example : You went long @ 5239 with out any SL and nifty hit a low of 5178, it results in good loss.

                      To prevent the loss keep SL exit @ 5225. Loss is 14 points

                       You went short @ 5239 with out any SL and Nifty is going down.then you might be having a question when to exit?

                      Wait for next volume breakout and keep that volume breakout as SL for your current position. Reverse scenario if you are in profit for Long position.

Hope i cleared you doubts.

I need help from you guys, If you understand please help others. I can't reply everyone. 



From : Nitin Potade at 05:49 PM - Feb 11, 2011 ( )

As I said ealier that it is Innovative strategy, but previous images would have help to understand it better way. You have already mentioned that DONT ASK QUESTION.  But for paper trading, please educate us on the following queries -

1. Whether to concentrate on volume or pivot level?

2. What care we have to take while trading as mentioned in your thread.

Thanks in advance

From : Susanth C at 05:38 PM - Feb 11, 2011 ( )

I didn't save the last 4 trading sessions charts. You can do paper trading from next session.

From : Manoj Kela at 05:32 PM - Feb 11, 2011 ( )

I couldnt understand what is the particular logic of go long and short in this strategy.

please anybody explain in this regard.


From : Nitin Potade at 04:52 PM - Feb 11, 2011 ( )

Dear Sushant,

Thanks for very innovative strategy.

If possible, please put image of last 4 trading session.

Keep it up..


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