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day trading without indicators (Js)

Jagmohan Singh at 01:11 PM - Dec 11, 2010 ( ) Views: 6,838

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my first brush with stock market

happened in 1990

when binny (aka manpreet oberoi)

my classmate in punjab engineering college, chandigarh

shared with me that his father was an active trader in stock market

besides a regular job with ballarpur industries!

he told us that his father had started trading with 10000 corpus

and during the harshad mehta saga

the market value of his father's stock positions had crossed 1 crore

(equivalent to 32 crores of 2010)!

"i can tell the state of the market from the mood of my dad in the morning!" binny told us!

i was reminded of all this when i was having a serious look at the daily calls of krishnamurthy in mudraa.com!

his calls are amazingly but deceptively simple and profoundly effective!

since people have the tendency to take only complicated things seriously little surprise that krishnamurthy's calls have as many critics as are the fans!

this gentleman gives "buy above-sell below" call everyday after a few minutes of market opening.

two lakshman rekhas (trigger lines)

one above and one below the spot value.

though he has not shared the exact criterea he follows to draw those lines but my study says that he tries to identify an upper as well as lower nifty limit which if breachedn mark a decisive movement of the nifty for atleast very short term future!

initially i thought he used "universal" support and resistance levels

but many times i realised that he was doing something else.

i also noticed that he was not playing with pivot points or using some stock level calculator.

i have come to realise that he decides the limits by seeking answer to a simple question

"what is the upper and lower nifty limit which if breached would mean that nifty has taken a decisive direction for the day! and if not breached would mean that nifty is rangebound should be left alone!"

for this, in my opinion, he uses

1) the previous day nifty boundaries

2) and boundaries marked by its early morning moves!

i found this technique wonderfully simple, easy and very very logical.

there are no technical indicators involved

no short-term long-term chart reading

just staying with the reality of the hour!!!

the trouble with chart and indicator reading is that

they inject the trader with an opinion

and the trader's psychology wraps that opinion with ego

and keeps clinging to it like the captain of a sinking ship!


in this "buy above-sell below" method

we follow what the market is doing

irrespective of whether we understand the reason or not

irrespective of whether the indicators and fundamentals and charts agree or not

just plain "follow the trend of NOW" and think later

what is happening becomes more important than what should happen!

this way, no market operator or forces can trick you!

whatever he does, u follow him!


but i want to add two words of caution

1) ruthlessly square-off your position if nifty retraces into the lakshman rekha (this does happen once in a while)

2) book profit when you are getting more than you can afford to let go! (many times nifty retraces after going reasonably far!)


like the mood of binny's father

the mood of nifty in the morning

reveals the immediate intentions of it!


i remember, i had shared similar technique in my posts (noon express and forenoon express)

but krishnamurthy's method is much more simple and effective!

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Julius Jr at 12:12 PM - Jun 16, 2016 ( )

Re-Up for those who missed....

Money mouth

Money mouth

Money mouth

Julius Jr at 06:47 PM - Apr 11, 2015 ( )

Worth Reading.....

Thanks to Mr.Jagmohan & Mr.CAK....

Niraj Balkawade at 07:37 PM - Apr 14, 2013 ( )

Simple Strategy n Beauriful Narration

Dilip Nilekar at 07:20 PM - Apr 14, 2013 ( )

Wonderful JS ji.

Ayan Nayak at 06:20 PM - Apr 14, 2013 ( )

Good One!

Bipin Nath at 05:19 PM - Apr 14, 2013 ( )

thank u nitin bhai for remebering ...i joined mudraa after this thread so i really missed this !!!!and thank u jagmohansingh for thid method.

will apply this in intraday market as paper trade.

thank u both.

Nitin Potade at 10:26 AM - Apr 14, 2013 ( )

For those who missed it...

Jagmohan Singh at 10:29 PM - Dec 28, 2010 ( )

in this method, i keep the entry point as the stop loss. also, once the stop loss is triggered, i always take the reverse position. it rarely ends in loss thereafter!

Pradeep Pandurangan at 10:05 PM - Dec 28, 2010 ( )




Jagmohan Singh at 08:13 PM - Dec 28, 2010 ( )

for those who missed

Julius Jr at 11:58 AM - Dec 14, 2010 ( )

Dear Mr.JS Sir,
Thanks for posting this wonderful strategy.

You have posted an "CRASH COURSE OF INTRADAY" Strategy,
It will work than anything. CAMARILA, GANN, ORB,
VOLATILITY TRADING all these works almost based on the theory
you have posted here.

Also many times I amazed with Mr.CAK sir's Intraday Levels.

Adding one Point: For Position Trading
With Continuous Reversal of SL one can catch the
Real trend. Almost SAR trading Works based on this.

I tried several times 0.5% SL from entry of Positional
anytime. It worked well.


Sharing the Real Knowledge with out expecting anything
is YOU. I really appreciate you sir.


Jagmohan Singh at 10:40 AM - Dec 13, 2010 ( )

"buy above-sell below" levels to watch

Kiran Badgujar at 11:38 PM - Dec 11, 2010 ( )

Gautam Mvs at 11:23 PM - Dec 11, 2010 ( )
Great Ji........Knowledge is to share.....I appreciate you sir

Jagmohan Singh at 11:14 PM - Dec 11, 2010 ( )

Jagmohan Singh at 11:13 PM - Dec 11, 2010 ( )

Jagmohan Singh at 11:12 PM - Dec 11, 2010 ( )

Jagmohan Singh at 11:11 PM - Dec 11, 2010 ( )

Jagmohan Singh at 11:10 PM - Dec 11, 2010 ( )

Jagmohan Singh at 11:07 PM - Dec 11, 2010 ( )
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