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From : Rajesh Y at 09:47 PM - Sep 18, 2010 ( )
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I am not a technical analyst nor a fundamental analyst but great lover of fundamental icon, Sri C Kutumba Rao, who hails from Andhra Pradesh.  He gives excellent analysis fundamentally as well as according to the market trend.  I decided to share his stock tips which are announced recently in print or visual media, so that all our Mudraites will enjoy.  I know there are so many
knowledgeable people are here but hope everyone will check up the fundamentals before they buy the stocks.

TIPS GIVEN ON 18.9.10 Mr Kutumba Rao:

1.  Alber David                 CMP: 145      Medium Term Target: 250
2.  Hinduja Foundry        CMP: 123      Medium Term Target: 225

3.  Vishnu Chemicals    CMP:  110     Medium Term Target: 160

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