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Download - Elliott Wave Calculator excel

From : Santhosh Kumar at 07:54 AM - Sep 04, 2010 ( )
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From : v srikanth at 09:09 PM - Sep 03, 2010 (10 hours ago) Reply to v srikanth
Subject: Elliot wave calculator
Hi Santosh, Hope u r doing fine, did u have Elliot wave calculator in Excel sheet. If yes please gimme plz.
hello friends,
download link :

Download - Elliott Wave Calculator

The Elliott Wave Principle helps in describing how financial markets behave. As per the principle, markets create specific wave patterns in price. These wave patterns are often found to be in particular Fibonacci ratios. I am uploading an Elliott Wave Calculator. The calculator will help to broadly classify various waves associated with the Elliott Wave principle as per the Fibonacci ratios Some of the commonly accepted ratios and rules have been taken into account while making the calculator. Following assumptions related to price aspect are made while making the calculator. 1) You need to first establish Wave 1, based on that rest of the waves have been calculated .Once Wave 1 is identified, insert the values in grey cells under “FROM” and “TO” Cells 2) Wave 2 is 0.618 times Wave 1 3) Wave 3 is 1.618 times Wave 1 4) Wave 4 is 0.382 times Wave 3 5) Wave 5 is equal to Wave 1 6) Wave A is 0.382 times Wave 5 7) Wave B is 0.618 times Wave A 8) Wave C is equal to Wave A Following assumptions related to time aspect are made while making the calculator. 1) Once Wave 1 is identified calculate the number of price bars between the start and end of the wave. Insert this in calculator (grey cell under the column “Time Bars”) 2) Wave 2 is 0.618 times Wave 1 3) Wave 3 is equal to the sum of time between Wave 1 and Wave 2 4) Wave 4 is 1.382 times Wave 2 5) Wave 5 is 1.382 times Wave 4 6) ABC waves is half in length to 12345 waves 7) Wave A and Wave C are of same time duration. 8) Wave B is 0.618 times Wave A The above points are commonly accepted ratios in Elliott wave principle and thus are not absolute values I feel if Elliott Wave price projection is used with oscillator divergence and trend channels, it can give quite reliable price projections. With the help of the calculator we can quickly form an opinion about the current trend in any time frame from 1 min to 1 month or more, in any stock or index The calculator is still under development stage, price calculation have been fully developed, some aspects regarding time need to be modified if required Lastly I would like to thank Ilango of for his valuable inputs in conceptualizing this calculator.For detailed information about Elliott wave ,please visit his blog. Please post your feedback , suggestions and strategies about how this can be use in trading. Good luck Cheers
eliot wave calculator

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