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Gooseberry (AMLA) Can Reduce Cholesterol

From : Nisar Ahmed at 07:21 PM - Jul 28, 2010 ( )

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Fruits of the Indian gooseberry, popularly known as amla, can reduce cholesterol levels by more than two thirds, studies on animals indicate.


Studies in the northwestern Indian State of Rajasthan have shown that amla or emblica officinalis fruit pulp extract, when fed to rabbits with high fat levels, had beneficial effect.


The blood cholesterol levels declined by 67.5 per cent and low density lipoprotein (LDL) which is linked to the serious arterial disease atherosclerosis, by 75.3 per cent.


Cholesterol and fat levels in the liver decreased significantly after two months of administration of the extract, a joint report by Ritu Mathur and Arti Sharma from M D S University at Ajmer and V P Dixit from R R Government College at Alwar, said.  The report was submitted at the science congress held in the southern metropolis of Chennai in January.


The emblica extract also reduced plaques (or patches on walls containing a mixture of cholesterol, blood cells and fibrous cells) in the aorta, the main blood supplying artery in the body.  In others, it prevented plaque formation, the report said.


The extract decreased the cholesterol: phospholipid ( C:P ) ratio which is linked to atherosclerosis.


The team also observed increased excretion of cholesterol in the faces of rats following emblicia pulp feeding.

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From : Ashok Tainwala at 07:40 PM - Jul 28, 2010 ( )

I agree but it is not available all the time.........

From : Nisar Ahmed at 07:34 PM - Jul 28, 2010 ( )

Better to eat it raw, extracting the juice will devoid you of the benefits from its pulp, which remains in the digestive system for longer time.

From : Ashok Tainwala at 07:33 PM - Jul 28, 2010 ( )

It is aailable as an extract, also in Ayurvedic stores.

From : Sim Stanley at 07:29 PM - Jul 28, 2010 ( )

U take fresh amla juice or is it available in market as extract

From : Ashok Tainwala at 07:27 PM - Jul 28, 2010 ( )

The last 15 days I have been taking 15 to 20 ml diluted with equal qty of water daily ,once in the morning. It also reduces many problems related to stomach, digestion, skin related and slows the ageing process. It shows on your face.........

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