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SPK REDDY >Ichimoku calls- Sep Series

Spk Reddy at 07:56 AM - Sep 03, 2018 ( ) Views: 6,943

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Hi All

Hope made some profits in Aug series..i request to you all who ever enter please let me know what price you enter that will help me to update ...

my calls are positional however if you get profits in quickly better to book as per your risk ratio...

People who have enough capital ( at least to avg one time) is required to trade my calls.

From: SPK Reddy at 09:18 AM - Sep 03, 2018( )

BUY YESBANK Future @ 346-347 TGT 350>355>>360>365

From: SPK Reddy at 09:51 AM - Sep 03, 2018( )

BUY COLPAL Future @ 1190-1193 TGT 1200>>1205>>1210>>1220>>1230


From: SPK Reddy at 02:03 PM - Sep 03, 2018( )

BUY BIOCON FUTURE @625-628 TGT 635>>640>>645>>650

From: SPK Reddy at 02:36 PM - Sep 05, 2018( )

buy TATASTEEL future @ 599 TGT 605>>610>>615>>620


From: SPK Reddy at 03:06 PM - Sep 05, 2018( )

BUY UPL future 702-705 TGT 710 >>715>>720>>725>>730


From: SPK Reddy at 10:27 AM - Sep 07, 2018( )

DONT AVG any call which I suggest here.. I will update you when to avg 

From: SPK Reddy at 03:22 PM - Sep 07, 2018( )

Short YESBANK 300 PUT @ 6 TGT 4>>3>>2>>1

From: SPK Reddy at 09:00 AM - Sep 10, 2018( )

Average YESBANK Future @ 311-315 if its come..

From: SPK Reddy at 01:31 PM - Sep 10, 2018( )

BUY BIOCON Future if its come to @ 635-636 TGT 642>>645>>650>>660


From: SPK Reddy at 02:40 PM - Sep 11, 2018( )

BUY JINDAL STEEL future @ 220-221 TGT 225>.230>.235


From: SPK Reddy at 02:33 PM - Sep 12, 2018( )

YES BANK avg is approx 329

From: SPK Reddy at 01:46 PM - Sep 17, 2018( )

buy TATASTEEL future @ 620-622 TGT 627>>630>>635>>640


From: SPK Reddy at 02:22 PM - Sep 17, 2018( )

BUY DLF FUTURE @ 212-213.5 TGT 217>.220>.225>>230

positional (might need to avg if required)

From: SPK Reddy at 12:18 PM - Sep 24, 2018( )

DLF should go up because of DHFL and market condition makes drag down please be patience and carry forward and once market settle down we can avg..or else exit as per your risk ratio

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Spk Reddy at 12:19 PM - Sep 24, 2018 ( )

i dont like to argue with people so if they post also i will delete..

Mukesh Kumar at 11:48 AM - Sep 24, 2018 ( )

Govindaa Ji,

I listen everyone but do what my gutfeel says. I dont follow anyone blindly. Dont worry..

refer my tweet on 26th Aug, I had some feeling about market downtern and I was equipped


Quoted Reply not available.

Spk Reddy at 09:48 AM - Sep 24, 2018 ( )

This is just my view only..not for trading purpose..

 as per ichimoku, we have 10960-10980 Support and Resistance 11380...if its break that support and close then go further down (except false break out)

Subba Reddy at 04:04 PM - Sep 23, 2018 ( )

Hi Praveen garu, 

There is no doubt to any one on your calls.You been serving here from many years for nothing. Please forget about negative comments and continue your good calls to mudraa members.  Thank you..

Spk Reddy at 02:31 PM - Sep 23, 2018 ( )

Raj @ its depends on how you read charts..generally i follow daily, weekly and monthly charts...as you said is true however it took support around 311 and try to move up..it suppose to go till 345-350 but due to negative news it was crashed.. when it come 3 times to break 330 but unable to break so i got some doubt and asked people to exit at 329 level..

Raj Arora at 02:16 PM - Sep 23, 2018 ( )

@Spk, I liked ichimoku and started checking it some 4-5 years back. (Though I could not do trading for sometime/year)...If you go by example of yesbank, as per ichimoku isn't it turned bearish on 31st Aug and confirmation came on 3rd/4th sep when conversion(9) cut base(26) on daily chart...Asking for discussing and sharpening learning 

Sanjeev Kumar at 02:06 PM - Sep 23, 2018 ( )


Spk Reddy at 02:04 PM - Sep 23, 2018 ( )

sanjeev@ great,,how is your exp with ichimoku ?

Sanjeev Kumar at 02:01 PM - Sep 23, 2018 ( )


Nowadays I use Ichimoku 

Spk Reddy at 01:51 PM - Sep 23, 2018 ( )

sanjeev@ good to hear...try to use ichimoku as much as possible..

when i learn ichimoku i am in Tokyo and as a part of my job i met for financial industry guys and asked their opinion about ichimoku and they said its very good profitable system..

Sanjeev Kumar at 01:48 PM - Sep 23, 2018 ( )


I confess here that I learn Ichimoku just because of you otherwise I had not even know the name of these so whatever I know about ichimoku that's credit goes to you. and the comment of warren buffet was not for you.


Spk Reddy at 01:28 PM - Sep 23, 2018 ( )

Raj @ jagan @ Badri @ thanks for your words..ofcourse i will continue ..the reason to post my calls in mudraa is i lost lot of money before when i buy options by following few people in mudra (ofcourse i never blame any one as its my decision to follow their calls)

When i learn ichimoku and testing for some time then i decide to share in mudraa at least few people observe and follow my calls if the feel profitable..

many people asked about paid calls or other stuff i always make them to learn ichimoku so going forward they no need anyone support (thats the reason i always keep ICHIMOKU as Title)


Sanjeev @ as you said if my calls 100% success then i will become one of the richest guys in the world. and become portfolio manager and works in wallstreet


Badri Ns at 12:53 PM - Sep 23, 2018 ( )


this happens with everyone when ever there is a fall.  However, none of the people would even write just "OK" message (just two leters word) if the call is profiting.  the moment it is one the other side then you can get lorry loads of messages and very lengthy too.  I just request you ignore. This happens with every member.  I just want to ask a simple question to the people who share the negative opion: if it was with the broker or the paid call giver then will the approach to him or her would be the same coin, I doubt.  

Pl continue with your calls, yes I am also holding Yes bank and could not average with second call, but none have predicted the crash or the huge fall.  This is part of the game and need to see how we can sail through.  I have seen evey messages in all the forums there is only one quote by all "buy Yes Bank" that is it. Can we call all those people and point a finger.  The bottom line is very simple, OPINION is shared and to take a position or not and to continue to hold or not - ownership of discretion holds with the person who takes the position. Thats it period.


Sanjeev Kumar at 12:34 PM - Sep 23, 2018 ( )


There are a lots of people who do nothing for the others but even they do not allow others to do.  So pls forget these kind of elements and continue your posting.  As it is traders own decision whether he has to enter into your call or not.  I am watching your calls and the accuracy is incredibaly above 95% this is awsome performace and who think that they can give call with 100% accuracy then they must have been become Indian warren buffet yet?.


Jagan Surya at 10:44 AM - Sep 23, 2018 ( )

Dear spk, you are giving high-probability, successful calls , kindly continue the same

Raj Arora at 10:30 AM - Sep 23, 2018 ( )

@Spk ji, we don't doubt your identity. ..let few people be negative in this world and we continue our good work...

Spk Reddy at 10:23 AM - Sep 23, 2018 ( )

Raj @ i am in mudraa for many years and i have only one ID and used REAL name and phone no (i am using same phone no for 14 years)

I dont need to keep fake names and tell some calls and if it goes negative then delete ID and create new ID..being honest in mudraa is not good..i realized now.


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