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Rs.10 strategy

Sundararajan Easwaran at 11:42 AM - Mar 18, 2018 ( ) Views: 1,950

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Dear friends,

My friend shared one strategy on BNF

Hedging BNF put and call whatever is Rs.10-12 around 12 pm on Monday. 

Strictly buy on both sides.

Scripts which expire on coming Thursday

You can walk out anytime before Thursday 3:!5 PM.

Once sold, strictly no re-entry

No additions


Please do paper trade for couple of weeks first.



I am on monthly rental of Rs.3000/- with unlimited trading.  :)

It is working out for me.




From: Sundararajan Easwaran at 02:22 PM - Mar 25, 2018( )

Dear Friends,

Let us work on this tomorrow.  May be with small amount Rs.5000/- on each side tomorrow.

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Ram Babu at 08:41 PM - Apr 01, 2018 ( )

Checked on one Monday @12noon for options on both sides around 10.Available at +or- 1000 points for 3 days to expiry. Expired worthless. Like lottery ticket.Or otherwise we can book both whenever we are in profit(small)

Sunil Jhaveri at 09:29 AM - Apr 01, 2018 ( )


Did anyone track this?

Interested in knowing its trajectory.

I could not unfirtunately.


Kavita Bhide at 11:38 AM - Mar 27, 2018 ( )

i am not getting this one .. can you pls explain me in simple way please ..


iam interested to trade this one

Sundararajan Easwaran at 10:41 AM - Mar 27, 2018 ( )


Not sure how many of you tried this. Due to office work, I could not try this.

My friends informed they made handfull of profits.

Let us keep checking for next few weeks.

Thanks & Regards 


Mkumar Sinha at 08:02 PM - Mar 25, 2018 ( )

Unlimited trading is available with fantastic customer service in tradeplus in Rs 118 per month,why to pay Rs 1000.00

K.chandrasekaran K at 03:48 PM - Mar 25, 2018 ( )

Dear Sundararajan Sir, 

After going through OI position of Bank Nifty, it will be very difficult to find both PE and CE at around same values.

It will be very far OTM. So nearest will be 24500 CE at Rs 10 and 22700 PE at Rs 19 or

24400 CE at Rs13 and 22800 PE at Rs 23. Net outgo will be Rs 2320 or Rs 2800. Which is better sir?

Sundararajan Easwaran at 02:55 PM - Mar 25, 2018 ( )

Sure friends.

For Pasupathy Ramakrishnan sir

Let us assume:

   INVESTMENT Rs.4000/-

   BNF 24500 Mar CE Rs.12/-

   BNF 22500 MAR PE Rs.11/-

   Invest equally or (take Gopal Vadivukkarasi\Lalit sir's proposal, market may go up)

   65% of investment (Rs.2600) for 24500 CE

   35% of investment (Rs.1400) for 22500 PE

   Once bought, place sell order of 4 times on both CALL & PUT. Whichever executes, cancel other pending order.

   Since one side itself your investment doubled, otherside you can wait for jackpot.


      1.Since the index have choosen is very far, we may loose this amount on expiry if there is no volatility

      2.Since coming week, the expiry is on Wednesday,  PLEASE ONLY PAPER TRADE

For Raju Sir,

      Great to know we can do unlimited trading for Rs.1000/-.  I can migrate to that.  Please suggest.

      I am taking risk from my profit from the previous week.  Hence, I am ready to loose.  If people wants to try from hard earned money, I would suggest to paper trading for few weeks.

For Rakesh sir,

       Happy to see you are responding to my thread.  I am great fan of you.

       Before arriving a strategy, we used to paper trade for 2 months  (since the tradin pattern varies on first week (long time value), second not much movement, third week - closure to monthly expiry, expiry week).

       Last week, we paper traded.  One side it went to Rs.93 on Tuesday, and other side it went to Rs.26/-.  But our target is between 50%-100%, we could walk out any time.

END OF THE DAY:  It is your money, please take care. 

We are very successful  on 5% return every day between 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM on NIFTY, we did not mind to take risk of this Rs.10 BNF options strategy.









Rakesh Padhi at 02:21 PM - Mar 18, 2018 ( )

Mr. Sundararajan Easwaran , please do share your trade and let's analyze the profit for 4 weeks starting tomorrow. Also please share your past trade that you did on last expiry.

Raju T at 01:29 PM - Mar 18, 2018 ( )

It seems to be a good idea.  But we have to loose the entire premium in many trades.  The successful trade may give handsome amount.   

Now a days monthly unlimited trade is available even for 1000 also

With regards

Pasupathy Ramakrishnan at 11:57 AM - Mar 18, 2018 ( )

Hi Sundararajan

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Can you please explain with an example.

Your actual trade last week can be used as an example





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