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10600 The last chance to clear position

Leena Sebas at 02:21 PM - Feb 26, 2018 ( ) Views: 12,583

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Keep this figure in your radar .. 10580 -10636 

A range to exit from market  and only play bearish in all high premium calls .

Just short squeezing only happening and smart money is getting out. .

Be cautious .. 

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Spk Reddy at 09:21 AM - Aug 06, 2018 ( )

Today made nifty all time high..market always give surprises to everyone..

Rakesh Padhi at 10:19 AM - May 12, 2018 ( )

Ha ha..Madam Leena, you have third chance to clear if left anything & sell triple quantity cool

Rahul Jain at 07:11 PM - Apr 28, 2018 ( )
@abhinav you r right but this lady always make panic condition ...she should be banned in this forum.

Abhinav Jain at 06:01 PM - Apr 28, 2018 ( )

@ Rahul

If you check her history in the last 5-7 years she has been saying get out get out.. From 5300 levels... since then DII started buying heavily and market sprang up. I predicted in 2013 that before (2014) elections we will see new high and the figure 6900.. We surpassed that. Everyone was bearish then, even analysts on TV. I remember I was solo person at Mudraa who was saying new high will come. Why? Because technicals.

2 years back i told before next (2019) elections we will see 11500.. Already seen 11175... Nifty was near 8000 i think that time. And we will make a new high.

Then Leena will come again and say again get out, etc.. I think she has a problem where her mind cannot accept that she can be wrong and just likes the attention she gets by what she thinks is creating panic. It gives her some sort of thrill.

Because of her many people stopped posting. She even disrespected Mrs.Gopal who then discontinued posting for some years. Good to see her back and look at her accuracy level. Even then people kept following Leena taking advise and then when did opposite they said FII are watching her thread and doing opposite. After that Mudraa made her moderator. I couldn't see the logic. 

If quality content and the data to learn and share is missing, then this is what happens. Because basic will to understand market is missing at Mudraa and people are more like sheeple, I stopped posting here totally.

Rahul Jain at 04:29 PM - Apr 27, 2018 ( )
last chance lolzzzz

Rahul Jain at 09:31 PM - Apr 07, 2018 ( )
hahahaha gayab

Leena Sebas at 09:03 AM - Mar 25, 2018 ( )

Dear AJay, 

Look like you a fan of rating agencies and a blind beleiver of media stories. Glad that you to know you dont even appreciate the good work done by kejriwal.there are many like you who never bother to how a goverment can provide free medicine and free treatment even in a private hospital if the patient not get it done in government hospitals in 30 days. 

Even you don't have the common sense to know why LG is blocking the goverment move to stop providing ration at the doorstep of public in delhi. You are a great man of fake promises.  Dont worry, such people are real assets for few to fullfill their objective .. Lol.. 

Now dont threaten me like sending screen shot bla. .Bla. .. which itself shows you are talking like a kid who dont want to listen but more interested to prove everything you see related to gdp are true!

Just google when you are free and type .. How rating agencies influence the world. .You will get lot of interesting topic to read.  But if you open your favorite indian channel of arnab gosamy ,sorry hard for you know any reality happening around go. .or even Aaj tak...

Choice is yours!

Kavita Bhide at 12:41 PM - Mar 23, 2018 ( )

thanks leena ji .. for your kind information .. so i can trade in crudeoil with more activeness .. either then in equity .. much appreactied ..

Leena Sebas at 11:56 AM - Mar 23, 2018 ( )

8958 is the medium term target i am keeping for nifty with in 6 month time frame.. .

Leena Sebas at 11:55 AM - Mar 23, 2018 ( )


Next support is  at 9734 which is a gradual process ..only option to make money is already wrote in main ppst.  For retailers hard to make money as the big fish always create waves to stop out them. Market is moving always just opposite to public outstanding long and short position. .

This is a simple maths. .In between they create corrective upmove to seduce bulls and they fall in that trap. 

Now the reality is there is no growth story and people waiting for that news to get published in the media after 3 or 4 month and smart money already know this using the help of rating agency fooling the public with fake GDP figure.  

It is utter fake and all these rating agencies and FIi are one cartel keep on fooling the public with fake news.. 

Kavita Bhide at 11:35 AM - Mar 23, 2018 ( )

see nifty .. for medium term so we can be more cautious and sell on rise ..

Kavita Bhide at 11:34 AM - Mar 23, 2018 ( )

Ultimately where you nifty .. leena

Raman Khanna at 11:29 AM - Mar 23, 2018 ( )

NSE 9978.60

-- 131.00 ( --1.35%)




Leena Sebas at 10:57 AM - Mar 23, 2018 ( )

Dear chandrashekar ji, 

I predicted the fall purely on chart .And also i am keeping an eye on what is happening in india  not through the shit media or shit newspaper stories  ,but using common sense. 

If any one look at the monthly chart and look at with a broad mind set can see the danger very well. 

Haravali Movva at 10:57 AM - Mar 23, 2018 ( )

Whats the conjunction of Mars and Saturn indicate for the markets Chandrasekharan  ji ?

K.chandrasekaran K at 10:54 AM - Mar 23, 2018 ( )

By 2/4/18, Mars will be very near to Saturn in terms of angle. Let us examine whether this astroligical

truth turns true or just a myth.( Mars at 14' 20" and Saturn at 14'30" approximately ).

Leena Sebas at 10:52 AM - Mar 23, 2018 ( )

Dear sir,

Your bullish mood turn in to cautious mood? Good keep on reading news!

K.chandrasekaran K at 10:44 AM - Mar 23, 2018 ( )

Federal Reserve has increased interest rate by 0.25% Increase in interest is not good for any stock

market. So US markets have fallen by more than 750 points oernight. So Indian markets have fallen in line.

If you had predicted by your intuition that Fed reserve would increase interest rate, all members would

have given you huge kudos, but all we can say is that it is sheer coincidence that your pessimism

has coincided with Fed meet decision. By the way if anybody believes in astrology, I can say that Mars is 

nearing Saturn in Sagittarius and that will be catastrophie not only for stock market, but in general.The more

the degree between them decreases the more disasters will take place in the world.

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