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10600 The last chance to clear position

From : Leena Sebas at 02:21 PM - Feb 26, 2018 ( )

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Keep this figure in your radar .. 10580 -10636 

A range to exit from market  and only play bearish in all high premium calls .

Just short squeezing only happening and smart money is getting out. .

Be cautious .. 

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From : Sukhwindersingh Arora at 03:57 PM - Mar 17, 2018 ( )

C wave lookl likl Tsunami wave 

From : Kripakar Kumble at 12:13 AM - Mar 17, 2018 ( )

I agree with Alex ji's  comments.

For intraday traders,   it doesnt make any diffference whether the market is going down or up.

Unless one carry a position for next day,  there is always a risk of gap up   or  gap down opening.   And  as Alex ji said,  this is not the time for investments.  It is a time for trading...


From : Kripakar Kumble at 12:08 AM - Mar 17, 2018 ( )

Hi friends...

nice to see some expert comments here.  i am still learing.  it helps me a lot to understand better.

As per my little knowledge i have,   if we consider this correction as  a, b, c wave,  it looks something like this..

Wave From To loss(-) /gain
a 11171 10276 -895
b 10276 10631 355
c 10631 9736 -895


first down wave (a)  has taken 895 points down.   Second wave (b)  has taken 355 points on UP.   Now the 3rd wave(c) going on...  assuming that it will also take same point (895)  as wave (a),   then nifty should slide somewhere near 9750/9800 level.  I may be fully wrong in this assumption.

My expectation is nifty will go down somewhere near 9400 level.

When a correction starts,  so many things get culminated together.  If we look at all the corrections in the past,  there were some or the other news at that point of time.  Scams  or Global recession,  Global banks getting bankrupt,  political change etc etc...  It is a natural phinomina.  When a corrections starts,  there will be some or the other disastrous news.  it is a cyclical effect.

Leena ji..  witth due respect to you,  i beg to differ on the points you mentioned (nifty will not cross 10637 for next 2/3 years).

You are lot more knowledgeable than me.  But i think,  there is still one chance that nifty may go upto 10800 level.  Dont know when it will come.  But definitely it wont take that much time as you said.

happy trading








From : K.chandrasekaran K at 08:02 PM - Mar 16, 2018 ( )

Just for academic knowledge, I am giving following information for further discussion.

If we see today's FII figures, they are net sellers to the tune of just Rs 150 crores in cash market,

whereas DIIs are net sellers to the tune of Rs 771 crores. But in FNO market, FIIs are sellers to the tune of  

Rs 2300 crores. So FIIs are just hedging their positions and DIIs are heavy sellers now to come back strongly 

later in this month as they've to show good NAV of their holdings as on 31/3/2018. Even DOW has rebounded

strongly from lows of 2 days back. SGX Nifty is quoting at 10255 now ( 7/50 pm ). So  there is no need

to panic. After all Nifty spot has fallen from a High of 10632 on 27/2/18 to low of 10142 on 7/3/18 only to rebound

strongly to a High of 10420 on 14/3 and 15/3/18. So it is part and parcel of market behaviour. Our Market has

survived bigger scams than now and came out more strongly.


From : Alex R at 07:24 PM - Mar 16, 2018 ( )

Here, most of us are intraday futures traders . So, it does not make any difference whether index is falling or booming. My comments are in this context only. However, it really makes sense for Short term/ Long term investors 200% whatever u r saying. And i m really enjoying this volatality as many others too. Its trading season, not investing. Keep enjoying the trades.

From : Balan Draj at 05:32 PM - Mar 16, 2018 ( )




From : Rahul Jain at 04:40 PM - Mar 16, 2018 ( )

rofl Leena mam let's see who wins.

From : Leena Sebas at 04:21 PM - Mar 16, 2018 ( )

Rahul jain, 

Let your hope in market help you!

Read this after a year and keep my 10632 level  in your wall!

And check after 3 years!


From : Puttaiah Narasimhalu at 04:09 PM - Mar 16, 2018 ( )

manipulations at peak sometimes during market hours. Today take for Example, diff. between spot and future morning 14 points.  whereas at 3.10 it was 45 points.  Moreover, if you take positions they will do gap up and slowly move down. Unlike 2008 there is no vertical fall in the market.  Hence practically speaking in the current scenario, difficult to make big money in intraday. when you take position that day either market move oppposite or narrow range or some planted news. so there is no sure shot have patience and take less positions either you are bull or bear.  As said by leenaji, not  a right time for investments total scams runs crores of rupees in banks still not exposed fully to general public.  Otherwise, people frighten to invest their hard earned money in FDs.  

From : Rahul Jain at 04:05 PM - Mar 16, 2018 ( )

only Leena mam will leave India then nifty will rock.

From : Leena Sebas at 03:44 PM - Mar 16, 2018 ( )

Dear Alex, 

85% people in the market are now holding stocks just with hope. The dont open their eyes and see the reality around them. Just beleive all crap media stories.  Who own media ? The same crooks. .

Now check the monthly chart then you realise what i mean exactly before falling they keep on pumping positive news just to fool the public. .. You beleiving those media stories ?

How many nirav and mallaya already looted banks ? What you are hearing is just the tip of an iceberg.. .

I dont think any one can earn from stock market in the next 3 years..With long term investment i fear.Because the price are already inflated and computerised algoritham is trading,just robots not humans.you can see the real show soon..But in the middle they keep on pumping positive news just to give hope..

But realise smart money already leaving india!


From : Alex R at 03:23 PM - Mar 16, 2018 ( )

Shall we quit trading ???? Is this market not paying either sides heavily???

From : Leena Sebas at 03:19 PM - Mar 16, 2018 ( )

Let your beleif save you dear.. 

But later dont cry!

From : Naresh Kumar at 12:12 PM - Mar 16, 2018 ( )


In my view nifty12000+ before dec 19


From : K.chandrasekaran K at 11:41 AM - Mar 16, 2018 ( )

Nifty base of 10300 broken.

From : K.chandrasekaran K at 10:24 AM - Mar 15, 2018 ( )

Has Nifty formed next higher bottom at 10300? 10140 is already a solid base.

From : Leena Sebas at 01:32 AM - Mar 15, 2018 ( )

2% chance only to see nifty crossing the high i mentioned in the next 2 years!

From : Raman Khanna at 11:54 PM - Mar 13, 2018 ( )

अच्छे दिन आएंगे। निफ़्टी से खूब नोट बनाएंगे......☺️😊

From : Leena Sebas at 05:43 PM - Mar 12, 2018 ( )

You all think smart money will get out in one strech? 

Lol.. They will seduce you all with lot of good news and behind the scene they will dump the shares.  So dont get facinated by good news. .it has nothing to do with indian economy which is in gutter!

Look around you and open your eyes. .. India is looted!

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