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This app lets you identify fake currency notes

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 This app lets you identify fake currency notes – Here is how to download and use ChkFake app

How to check fake notes? What if you want to find out whether the note you have is real or fake!

By: FE Online | Updated: February 14, 2018 6:25 PM

What if you want to find out whether the note you have is real or fake! Undoubtedly, fake currency is a big issue as we saw a lot of news about counterfeit currency notes in circulation. Now, a mobile phone app has been launched to let you know about counterfeit currency notes.

The name of this app is Chkfake. This mobile app helps you to tell genuine currency notes from counterfeit ones. Chkfake was launched for users to check the authenticity of global currency notes. According to Julius Amrit from ChkFake, “It is the world’s only app which offers this solution. Almost all central banks regularly launch new features on their currencies. These complex security features are extremely difficult for counterfeiters to copy and at the same time also difficult for users to check. It is important for users to know about these features and protect themselves.”

How does it work?

– Chkfake makes identifying and checking these features easy in three simple steps, Search – Select – Verify.

– Users just have to download the app, search for their currency note and the app will assist the user to locate and verify the security features in the note.

– The app is free, available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and is updated regularly for users to check the latest features on notes issued by central banks.

– With a fast-growing global user base, new currencies are being added for wider coverage.

Steps to check fake currency:-

– Download the Chkfake app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. (Visit http://www.chkfake.com/)

– Search for the product you want to verify and confirm.

– Start verifying. Follow simple text and visual instruction to locate and verify different security features on the product.

– Provide your response and get the results of your verification.

ChkFake team has partnered with leading global anti-counterfeit technology companies to integrate their solutions onto its platform and is adding more partners each month. Reportedly, Chkfake is working with brands, agencies and institutions for creating more consumer engaging solutions.

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