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DEC 2017 expiry view

From : Stephin David at 08:52 PM - Nov 30, 2017 ( )

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The best plan is for avoid BNF options and look for buying Nifty call options tomorrow...if Nifty rejecting to go down... 10260-70 is an area to be watched

NB: I have the wright to be wrong. Ignore, if you don't like...avoid unnecessary comments for God's sake.

It hurts sometimes.

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From : Stephin David at 09:58 PM - Dec 27, 2017 ( )

Tomorrow expiry will be same like May 2017 expiry. Check 24th and 25th date of may expiry movement.

From : Stephin David at 07:19 AM - Dec 20, 2017 ( )

I will hold my short till my SL hit.

From : Balan Draj at 07:14 AM - Dec 20, 2017 ( )


From : Stephin David at 05:58 AM - Dec 20, 2017 ( )

My tube light view

although it took some time for me to realize that, Nifty 10000 is almost a history now. For those who are waiting or dreaming or doing whatever for seeing Nifty below 10000, please note that unless something happen like Lehman Brothers - 2008 crash or some big war, we might not see below 10000 for the time being...

So positional traders/ mutual fund investors could go long with SL below 10000 for the time being...

This view in no way to could be linked with my trade taken...

I hereby surrender with all weapons, my hopes to see Nifty 10000 China wall being cracked.


Stephin F David

From : Balan Draj at 01:14 PM - Dec 19, 2017 ( )


From : Stephin David at 01:13 PM - Dec 19, 2017 ( )

Already i am in short position. Balan  bro.

From : Balan Draj at 01:08 PM - Dec 19, 2017 ( )


From : Stephin David at 12:55 PM - Dec 19, 2017 ( )

Nifty 10400 put open interest added 16 lakhs yesterday, 10 lakhs today. When nifty spot below 10430.

Is this a confident writing or over confident writing... If over confident we would see around 10320 very soon..else the thithithaaro to continue...

Look like risk return ratio good in 10500 put.

From : Stephin David at 09:07 PM - Dec 18, 2017 ( )

Today the index call holders planned to book profit when the market gap up...

Those with Nil positions planned to short market or buy put when the gap up...

But market gave a gap down, and even the very few put holders, surprised to see their puts going like rocket but were unable to book profits in that shock too...

Well played operatorslaughing


From : Stephin David at 11:04 PM - Dec 13, 2017 ( )

Tomorrow's trade plan in BNF...

BANKNIFTY spot might expire between 25000-25100...

If we get a gap down of 100+ points...say near 24900...and in no mood to go down...try to buy 24800 or 24700 call with 15% SL...and book near 25025...

Make sure the OI of 25000/24900/24800 puts not reducing...

If gap up then look for 25200/25300 puts for the spot tgt of 25000... Make sure 25200/25300 call OI not decreasing...

And if in the afternoon session, if BANKNIFTY is up 100-150+ points, try to buy 25100 put between 10-20 without SL... 

And if down try to buy 24900 CE between 10-20 without any SL...

If we get a bigger gap down, then 25000 put writers would be in trouble and we can look at 24500/24600 lottery puts too...

Similarly if big gap up look for 25300/25400 lottery calls...

Make sure you try with small quantity...even one lot can give you a profit of 5-6 times...

From : Stephin David at 05:59 PM - Dec 07, 2017 ( )

Biggest ever selling seen by Smart money in nifty fut today...around 13 lakhs.

Still nifty failed to break 10000 and 10000 put writers still standing as the Chinese wall... I won't be trading till it break 10000 or FIIs start big quantities of buying...

Till then, wish you all good profits...along with an Advance Christmas wishes and a Happy New Year...

No market views till then...

Bye laughing

From : Thahir Nm at 11:54 PM - Dec 06, 2017 ( )

Interesting it will be to see how it pans out. Market is oversold. There may be a relief rally. Not sure whether it will be before or after a fall. Option data shows a fall. Not sure to what level it will be.


From : Stephin David at 11:37 PM - Dec 06, 2017 ( )

Now the stage has been set for 10000 put writers. Nifty spot closed at 10044. Just need a 50-60 points gap down to make the first crack on the 10000 put wall...if the bang is strong enough the wall should break tomorrow...

I feel the day of 200-300 for nifty is tomorrow...

But everything depends on the gap down below 10000 spot...

If no gap down below 10000, then the drama should continue...

From : Stephin David at 09:57 PM - Dec 04, 2017 ( )

Today FIIs sold 586 contract of index future, sold 9094 contracts of index calls, bought 12974 contracts of index puts.

So 10000 China wall would be broken with the support of OKHI TSUNAMI.???

From : Stephin David at 04:17 PM - Dec 04, 2017 ( )

BANKNIFTY spot minus 117

BANKNIFTY future minus 17

If in the FII data we see some index put shorting...then it going to be premium eating week.

From : Stephin David at 12:24 AM - Dec 04, 2017 ( )

Tomorrow nothing much will going to happen...  per option data, every rise would be sold...the smart money might take nifty near and around 10300 just to liquidate their long positions in index future...

Even if there is a big gap down FII won't be affected much as they are holding call shorts and long puts against the long taken on Thursday...

This month should be a sell on rise month...

From : Thahir Nm at 08:27 AM - Dec 02, 2017 ( )

Hi Vivek, Options are written usually by smart money. For any call option bought there should be someone selling it which we assume is smart money. Hope it helps.

From : Vivek Joshi at 12:46 AM - Dec 02, 2017 ( )

dear stephen bro,

How you acertain that at 10300 those 10 lac  calls are bot or wrtten (sold ) looking at the fall of nifty in the afternoon gives the impression that these calls not bot but written however I have very limited knowledge.Excuse me if I sound silly but we learn this way.so pl. clarify.

From : Stephin David at 09:54 PM - Dec 01, 2017 ( )

Yes possible niranjan ji.

From : Niranjan Batchu at 09:48 PM - Dec 01, 2017 ( )


 CALL WRITING IN 10300,10400,10500. HUGE.


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