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Veyini Ramamoorthy at 12:18 PM - Aug 19, 2017 ( ) Views: 799

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Dear NRN Murthy ,

Sir , u already resigned or retired from the company . Why u are still interfering with the company . Why u have objections that Mr Sikka travelled in personal jet ? After he became CEO , INFY business grown up . This is like that my children sleeps in Air condition room , while I used to sleep in under fan or on terrace during my childhood . Sir , time has changed . Mr Murthy , I know you had many tours abroad in economy class . U have problems with your past . U really worked very hard but u can't expect new generation to cope up with your style . During my childhood , I was satisfied with Punjabi Samosa but my children wants Pizza. That is why Jubilant food stock price going up . I was President of my residential colony welfare society . We used to take Rs 1000 every month for maintenance of our colony . But real hurdle was all old peoples of our society who are above the age of 60 . Looks like , they unable to understand that Rs 10 value in 1980`s is now more than Rs 1000. They refused to Pay for maintenance charges . Mr Murthy , Enjoy your old age and don't take unnecessary tension . Let new Generation handle the Infoysis . Good night everyone

Sukhwindersingh Arora



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Alex R at 09:47 PM - Aug 20, 2017 ( )

Hopefully, not another copy paste story.

Veyini Ramamoorthy at 07:57 PM - Aug 20, 2017 ( )
Lakshmi Raman, There is nothing wrong in using a private jet out of your own pocket but when it comes to a company money... that too a CEO is expected to use it diligently. What will happen for such lavish expenses, sooner or later the company has to pay for it. I have my personal experience over Dunlop India.. During my campus Interview followed by a written test in 1983, I stood first and I was asked to go for a choice between MRF & Dunlop. Then the share value of the Dunlop India was I guess some 500 times way ahead of MRF. I had chosen Dunlop and I was even offered a cigarette by the then Technical manager Mr T V Ramachandiran . I used to have everyday my break fast meals at the cost of Rs 13 per 8 pieces of mutton plate meals. Almost all the IIT ians joined Dunlop those days. The culture was something beyond lavish. The Dunlop was changed into many hands but nothing stopped from ruining in. Not only dunlop myself too. Because.... Today MRF share is XXXXX dunlop share is x which one you want to encourage or buy?

Lakshmi Raman at 06:46 PM - Aug 19, 2017 ( )

High time NRM severed his umbilical cord with Infosys.Times have changed.If he took pride in washing his own toilets he cannot expect his kids do so. Were we happy with scarcity and rations of all food items,milk,travel tickets,movie tickets,telephone collection,car/scooter allotment etc,etc in the 80s

Let us also learn to live in current times.

Veyini Ramamoorthy at 12:20 PM - Aug 19, 2017 ( )

Sukhwindersingh Arora

Dear Arora,

I am unable to reply on your thread and hence I open this thread for the readers to understand my view too.

I stand with Shri. NRN Moorthy.


This is not first time for Mr Sikka to resign from a company. He did many times in the past for his own interest. But what is concerning this time is his reason for resigning.


If he could not take the criticism in a positive sprite... he is supposedly expected to resign and no regrets what ever for that.

Should Shri NRN Moorthy not say anything because he is retired?

No. he can if he see any erratic behavior on the part of management... after all Infy was personally managed by him since it was a fetus, nothing wrong in it.

Private jet culture and Punjabi samosa vs Pizza.

whatever the background of childhood of Sikka & NRN, there is nothing wrong in taking the footsteps of their best or worst experience. As such, what NRN told for Sikka need not be taken as a poor  intervention.


 I do have worked in Punjab & pretty well aware of the Punjabi culture as early as 1985 & have stayed at arera colony in Ludhiana.

Then Indias per capita income was around 1700

Then Punjab per capita income was around 3000

Then Ludhiana per capita income was around 9000

Now just take the same statistics and compare for Tamilnadu and Punjab.... we are now far ahead of you. The declining of Punjab, There is the result of changing from samosa to pizza by the younger generation.

May be I guess Shri NRN knows all these and warned sikka not to indulge in such private jet culture. And I adore Shri NRN and I would also have adored Mr Sikka if he have opted  to stay in Infy.

Just my view... it need not be parallel to an another person.

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