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MarketElection And fiis.

Shiv Prasad at 06:18 PM - Mar 04, 2017 ( ) Views: 1,232

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All  sars and Madams,

Nse Building hit 8992.50...less than 9000....

Market started rally...from 7893.80

1098.70 points so far from 26.12.16

Every one is eyeing U P Elections.

Bjp had got 43% votesl in last Parliament elections. So even if it falls by 10 percent, this time, for any reasons, Bjp is likely to win the seats....if we beleive in old statistics and current mood of Upaites.

So it can be a boon for Central Govt as not only Bigggest state of the country will go with them but also their numbers in Rajyasabha will get increased which can make them capable of making decisions.

As a common man, I think its a positive news for market...

market is already overpriced comparing with Asian counterparts ..

Also its near its peark of previous valuation.

So do u think market already Topped out?

If not whats ur likely top for our Market...Or top for market starting its Downward journey/profit booking?

If market is not topped out what are the levels where we should use sl for shorts if already taken or if want to take?

All are invited.....may we have ur opinion.......either techncal/or as a common traders.

thanks......I will give my opinion also....though mostly u know my opinion as I have been giving my views on other thread......with ifs and buts.


From: shiv Prasad at 06:20 PM - Mar 04, 2017( )

I forgot to add...Fiis are the biggest buyers in market as New allocation to India must have been utilised/still to be utilised by them. They are heavy buyers every day, not giving any single day negative figures///

They have made money in good percentage...May be hedge funds or equity funds..Untill they become negative we should also watch them every day.

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Shahul Hameed at 11:32 PM - Mar 14, 2017 ( )

Number Wise i don't know if correction happen  300 - 400 points only come down but that all great buying opportunity.

Shiv Prasad at 06:24 PM - Mar 14, 2017 ( )


thanks ...Dada, Niranjan and Ashwin t

I agree with Ashwin views, of market hitting new highs above 9400-9500 also...esepcially after this Bjp sweeping Polls in U.P

As I said earlier also, Indian markets are now over priced comparing with Asian counterparts/emerging market..Still this news of Central govt getting thumbs up from Up and other states will give more power to Central govt for their bold reforms without worrying about 2019 elections. 

So now they have got more power...more support from Indians...So Fiis will take it as positive and market continuing with its momentum rally can be started again.

I had put this post up just to get to find the mood of common traders as well as experts..Only Ashwin came out with some numbers.

lets see what lies ahead. 

Ashwin T at 03:02 PM - Mar 05, 2017 ( )

According to me...Nifty is heading towards all time highs.  My ultimate Target : 10400 spot.

1. But chances of a correction from 9200-9300-9500 spot levels towards 8000-7200-7300 spot levels. (1 year)

2. Sustaining above 9000 spot is a buy for 9200-9500 spot levels. It will happen in March or April.

3. Failure to move above 9000 spot is the cue for a correction towards 8650-8550 spot levels. (upto March 15-18)

Stoploss for longs : 8810 spot.  Stoploss for shorts : 9010 spot. Investor's stoploss : 8500 spot.

Niranjan Batchu at 07:44 PM - Mar 04, 2017 ( )


GREAT VIEW ON MARKETS.... AS YOU KNOW,  i am a learner to express my view as below

in last three years i have seen MARKET MOVING against  RETAIL TRADERS..

with MONEY POWER FIIS/ BIG FUNDS can manipulate any situation.... SMALL TRADERS MUST BE CAREFUL.

Pradip Ray at 07:44 PM - Mar 04, 2017 ( )

This is such an interesting Subject. Why the guys are keeping silence? I propose you may pls opine. no body has the last word in an uncertain market. Like I see a deep correction technically. Post 8980-9000 spot. UP election may give some trigger. Once this is discounted, 1000 + up. My POV

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