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FII Activity 17th February 2017

FII Activity 17th February 2017 – FII Activity details mentioned below. In the cash market today, FII’s bought 8043 crores stock whereas DII’s sold 5631 crores worth of stock. In the derivative market, FII’s sold 718 crore of Index futures and bought 1541 crores worth of Index options. In the Stock futures segment, FII’s sold 5337 crores worth of stock futures and bought 34 crores stock options. In today’s session, FII’s have increased their exposure in Index long futures (by 0.1%) and their positions in Index shorts is increased by 9%. In options, FII’s have increased positions in Index Call (long) by 5% and positions in Index Put (long) is increased by 1.6%.

FII Activity 17th February 2017 - Participant Wise OI

FII Activity 17th February 2017 – Participant Wise OI

Today was a good session in the market. Global markets were again stable and currency close to 67 mark. News of RBI withdrawing FII stake buy limit in HDFC bank came before market opened and this caused markets to open gap up. Bank Nifty opened 600 – 700 points higher and made a new life time high. But, later in the day pared gains to end up 1.5% up. Difference in futures and spot price certainly was concerning and in real time it was difficult to comprehend what would be the near term impact. From a positional trader perspective, this is just price moving in direction of trend. Focus should remain on trailing positions rather than anticipating the next immediate move. Trajectory of price is up. Medium term support for Bank Nifty spot is 19800 and medium term support for Nifty spot is 8500.

Have a great weekend.

FII Activity 17th February 2017 – Daily Cash segment summary

FII’s:  + 8043.14 Crores (Due to HDFC limit being removed.)

DII’s: – 5631.99 Crores

FII Activity 17th February 2017 – Daily Derivative Segment:

Index Futures: – 718.53 Crores

Index Options: + 1541.33 Crores

Stock Futures: – 5337.21 Crores

Stock Options: + 34.6 Crores

FII Activity 2017 February – Summary Cash

FII’s:  + 9726.05 Crores

DII’s: – 1673.21 Crores

FII Activity 2017 February – Summary Derivative

Index Futures: + 3208.21 Crores

Index Options: + 11037.84 Crores

Stock Futures: – 11783.08 Crores

Stock Options: – 185.34 Crores

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