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From : Ayan Nayak at 12:03 PM - Feb 16, 2017 ( )

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Mkt 8960.

Information Only.

From: Ayan Nayak at 10:36 AM - Feb 17, 2017( )

8770 To 8896....Huge Gap Up Today.


If Mkt Falls to Yesterdays close Around 8780.....Next 8550 It Seems.....

From: Ayan Nayak at 03:20 PM - Feb 17, 2017( )

Notice On Smaller Time Frame Charts.....Not Daily/Weekly Of Today's Chart.

Exhaustion Gaps

Exhaustion gaps are those that happen near the end of a good up- or downtrend. They are many times the first signal of the end of that move. They are identified by high volume and large price difference between the previous day's close and the new opening price. They can easily be mistaken for runaway gaps if one does not notice the exceptionally high volume.

It is almost a state of panic if the gap appears during a long down move where pessimism has set in. Selling all positions to liquidate holdings in the market is not uncommon. Exhaustion gaps are quickly filled as prices reverse their trend. Likewise, if they happen during a bull move, some bullish euphoria overcomes trades, and buyers cannot get enough of that stock. The prices gap up with huge volume; then, there is great profit taking and the demand for the stock totally dries up. Prices drop, and a significant change in trend occurs. Exhaustion gaps are probably the easiest to trade and profit from. In the chart, notice that there was one more day of trading to the upside before the stock plunged. The high volume was the giveaway that this was going to be, either, an exhaustion gap or a runaway gap. Because of the size of the gap and the near doubling of volume, an exhaustion gap was in the making here.


From: Ayan Nayak at 05:48 PM - Feb 17, 2017( )

FII/FPI trading activity on NSE,BSE and MSEI in Capital Market Segment(In Rs. Crores)
CategoryDateBuy ValueSell ValueNet Value
FII/FPI 17-Feb-2017 13253 5209.86 8043.14
DII trading activity on NSE,BSE and MSEI in Capital Market Segment(In Rs. Crores)
CategoryDateBuy ValueSell ValueNet Value
DII 17-Feb-2017 3419.07 9051.06 -5631.99

From: Ayan Nayak at 09:36 PM - Feb 21, 2017( )

FII Activity 21st February 2017

FII Activity 21st February 2017 – FII Activity details mentioned below. In the cash market today, FII’s sold 1435 crores stock whereas DII’s bought 1535 crores worth of stock. In the derivative market, FII’s sold 1017 crore of Index futures and sold 726 crores worth of Index options. In the Stock futures segment, FII’s bought 340 crores worth of stock futures and bought 152 crores stock options. In today’s session, FII’s have increased their exposure in Index long futures (by 3%) and their positions in Index shorts is increased by 21%. In options, FII’s have increased positions in Index Call (long) by 4% and positions in Index Put (long) is decreased by 0.7%.

FII Activity 21st February 2017 - Participant Wise OI

FII Activity 21st February 2017 – Participant Wise OI

Today was a good session in the market. Global back drop was again supportive. Crude continued to remain around $ 56 whereas currency is below the 67 mark. Follow up to Friday’s session has continued and this is a very positive sign. We have again closed near day’s high on both Nifty and Bank Nifty. The good thing is that we have consolidated some bit and then attempted to move higher. Bank Nifty has moved strongly today. Despite of having a WRB on Friday, high of Friday was taken out today. This is again very positive. Looking at daily charts, it does look like we are heading into some consolidation in coming few days. Next series is definitely going to be eventful as results of 5 state elections is due on 11th March. Avoid short selling in this market. Trend remains up. Focus should remain on trailing existing positions well. Since last two sessions, selling has returned in Cash segment. Long exposure in Index futures has also been trimmed.

Medium term support for Bank Nifty spot is 19800 and medium term support for Nifty spot is 8500.

FII Activity 21st February 2017 – Daily Cash segment summary

FII’s:  – 1435.76 Crores

DII’s: + 1535.44 Crores

FII Activity 21st February 2017 – Daily Derivative Segment:

Index Futures: – 1017.2 Crores

Index Options: – 726.97 Crores

Stock Futures: + 340.71 Crores

Stock Options: + 152.06 Crores

FII Activity 2017 February – Summary Cash

FII’s:  + 7856.9 Crores

DII’s: + 690.13 Crores

FII Activity 2017 February – Summary Derivative

Index Futures: + 1049.64 Crores

Index Options: + 9487.29 Crores

Stock Futures: – 10902.58 Crores

Stock Options: – 25.15Crores



From: Ayan Nayak at 03:02 PM - Feb 22, 2017( )

Mkts Hits 8960 Today.......

9100 Possible Next It Seems. Above 8965.

Untill 8780 Broken Mkt can Attempt New Highs.

From: Ayan Nayak at 03:07 PM - Feb 22, 2017( )

If Trump Govt Listens to Modi Govt plea yesterday on IT Sector...

It il Be IT Sector To Take Nifty To New Highs.

Reliance Is Strong,Banks Are Strong ......So,IT Could be Next,If That Happens.

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From : Haravali Movva at 10:14 PM - Feb 21, 2017 ( )

yemantav ayithey??? vishayam cheppu.....

From : Rakesh Padhi at 08:50 PM - Feb 17, 2017 ( )

Good Talk. Keep updating the Bazar News.

From : Moses Samuel at 12:23 PM - Feb 16, 2017 ( )

Is this today?

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