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From : Stephin David at 08:51 AM - Feb 10, 2017 ( )

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Me: hi Ruchir, can you shed something on FII trades, like how big funds do trades?

Me: hi Ruchir, can you shed something on FII trades, like how big funds do trades?


Ruchir: Yes Stephin, see we do long way trades which runs for months to years and short trades for short terms only(few weeks), it all depends on fundamentals, dollor value, benchmark performance of world and specifics Markets like India, we do lots of hedging to save our portfolios, sometimes we trade on event driven trading via automated algorithmic systems, HFTR are the basic modalities in highly volatile markets and whenever our programmers allow,we do accumulate stocks over periods of many months, basically our trading systems are designed on many inputs such as fundamentals, currencies, world events and algorithms...


Me: Do FII do intraday trading 😜


Ruchir: Haha, never, but we buy and keep. We don't square off intraday, but yes we do hedge. Buying selling can happen any time by any fund.


Me: That's why suddenly stocks turned.


Ruchir: yes


Me: If any fund have to accumulate stock does they first donshortsell to create unnecessary panic.


Ruchir: That's a myth , no funds creates panic, it is all based on events such as political, geopolitical tensions, companies results, or overhangs and sometimes insider news etc.


Me: Ruchir, do institutions really use indicator like bollingor and moving averages  for trading


Ruchir: We have analyst for all things, fundamentals, technical, psychological analysts, HFTR and many more.


Me: Thanks for your time Ruchir, I know all these are silly question but i am silly man.


Ruchir: I know you Stephin, you always were silly😀

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