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From : Taumio Jeerkhamu at 11:50 AM - Jan 20, 2017 ( )

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Currently trying this out with a small group of friends.....who won't mind my little indulgence (read loosing some capital).....just felt like sharing.

It's a bit of Open=High...Open=Low....closest gann range....and adding subtracting some price movement factors with the "buy/sell" signal and stoploss......purely intraday. Thought of trying this with 6 scrips.

The selection of 6 stocks are based on 100 days price and pattern observation (paper trade)....that gave maximum satisfactory result.....and nothing else.

Most of the stocks has a habit of rising/falling a few points at the start even if the open/high....open/low are not same.....but still moves in a perticular direction.

I thought instead of buying/selling Futures....why not try buying/selling stocks in lot size using BO/CO orders only (although the BO/CO price of futures are lower)....keeping the risk points as first target....and if not met then Buy Above/Sell Below price minus closing price....loss gain whatever it gives.

Not interested in positional stuffs....because don't want to loose out on this BO/CO advantage.

uploading last three days result.....will upload today's by end of session.

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