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Nifty.will it fall or riseShiv Prasad

Shiv Prasad at 06:26 PM - Jan 17, 2017 ( ) Views: 9,668

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Hi Guys,

Hope u all are doing fine and enjoying ur life with all ur beloved family friends.

I am giving below some of the likely movement of nifty future.

Nifty has moved up from the last day of December  expiry and  has not given any meaningful correction. While rallying from a low of 7930 odd it has caught most market participants unaware, rallying towards 8465 levels within 2 weeks.  Now it looks like it is discounting all negative news, over performing against Asian counterparts, without giving any needed correction since last 15 days.

More or less it looks like some naked shorts are trapped or people are buying puts and averaging shorts at every small rise. This is what I feel  the way nifty futures suddenly rising with premium of 15-20 points while spot does not rise.

What next,

Technically….Nifty has for the time being left some important levels which it should have targeted.

While 8485 futures will be the biggest challenge for next rise……which are 8564 and 8665-8761

If it fails to clear 8485 and close above it  withing Friday, chances of it hitting 8364-8286-8255-8206-8091-7995 very much there.

It may take some time to fall back to these levels, because of the current positions and money strength..,but altast market has to fall back to lower levels at any cost within next 2 expiry.

May be a big negative news or gap down opening any day can open flood gates.

So lets watch these levels can be crossed……….

Upper side…..8485-----------8564-------------8665-8761….

Lower side………8363--------8286--------8206------8091—8020-7995

This is just an idea for the future market…

Right now market looks bullish ..its artificial or real…but in strong hands…It needs a gap down opening for changing the trend.

I expect market to trade between 7995-8760 levels in coming 6 months…….

Don’t  use this for trading purpose……just some idea where to buy or short when risk favours our entry/exit.

I wont be an index buyer at this level..waiting for right time to short..

either a rise up to 8462-85 for short or short once market weakens and start giving discount on premium.

Budget is a big shake out is necessary......

From: shiv Prasad at 06:30 PM - Jan 17, 2017( )

If it fails to clear 8485 and close above it  withing Friday, chances of it hitting 8364-8286-8255-8206-8091-7995 very much there.

read It,

if it fails clear and close above 8485 within friday chances of lower targets are possible...with the same as invalidation point.

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Gongura Katta at 10:49 PM - Mar 01, 2017 ( )

From : Gongura Katta at 07:34 PM - Feb 14, 2017 15 days ago )

From : Shiv Prasad at 11:40 AM - Feb 13, 2017 16 days ago )

G.K.saar...out of 120 posts ur contribution is only one post thats also...saying mess........>>??? \

My mera dusra posts nikaal diya hoon! Bahut busy high till Friday Night :-)

Shiv Prasad at 06:14 PM - Feb 24, 2017 ( ) here

Niranjan Batchu at 10:32 PM - Feb 22, 2017 ( )

shiv sir,

nifty DIRECTIONAL view please..

Varun Kochhar at 05:33 PM - Feb 21, 2017 ( )

So sir still up as i had forseen. Confirmation is a must for taking a positional view.

Shiv Prasad at 06:25 PM - Feb 16, 2017 ( )

Ok Guys,,,,,,,

We are watching 2 levels...Nifty futures......falling and breaking below 8719..........trend changes towards Lower levels.

Above 8808-15 Positive for highs...

Till then use levels between 8719-8848 levels for intraday trades...

So no updation required..........enjoy.....Cool

Shiv Prasad at 02:56 PM - Feb 16, 2017 ( )

Bulls are trying very hard to take market up using different they may utilise Reliance ind for index manangement to try and break 8796...........a try.

Shiv Prasad at 02:47 PM - Feb 16, 2017 ( )

From : Siva Kumar at 06:46 PM - Feb 15, 2017 about 20 hours ago )

Hi sir very happy to see u again, pl give ur views in commodities also PLEASE  Sir

Siva Kumar,

isnt sheets working properly or giving error and losses?

I m not able to find time..let me week

Shiv Prasad at 02:46 PM - Feb 16, 2017 ( )

Nifty failed to break low of 8725.2-8720,,,is back in Positive zone..

Good fight is going on near 8790-96 levels from both bulls and bears

If bears able to bring it back to below 61 level....good for furuther fall..If bulls break 8800-8808...again we have to look for higher can be assumed market is ready to rally once again towards 8848+ levels aftr yesterdays correction.

If nifty futures close above 8808......then bears have to wait.

Siva Kumar at 06:46 PM - Feb 15, 2017 ( )

Hi sir very happy to see u again, pl give ur views in commodities also PLEASE  Sir

Shiv Prasad at 06:22 PM - Feb 15, 2017 ( )


Low ............................8727

Close 8743.....Almost near low levels.

Now nifty has not broken a low it made on 03.02.17 .........8725.25

A break and close below 8720-8714 will confirm change of trend towards 8648......and more.Bulls have given up For 8800-8850 now...but bears must capture fort 8720 ....for further damage.

Now 8793-8800 will work as big resitance in coming days....So any rise up to this level must have sl above 8807

Below 8725-8714........clear sell emerges........with sl above 8751

Shiv Prasad at 11:25 AM - Feb 15, 2017 ( )

8765-67 is intraday support level for nifty ...if it breaks and trade below it........then 8747 possible..

if takes support at 8766-67 level then again 8800+

Varun Kochhar at 08:53 PM - Feb 14, 2017 ( )

Shiv Prasad ji an uptrend is mainly dependant on higher lows only. The higher highs are not needed for the definition. Of course one needs higher highs to earn. The point i want to make is to look for a lower low as the first indication of trend change. Once we make a lower low, then a series of lower highs would define a downtrend.

Gongura Katta at 07:34 PM - Feb 14, 2017 ( )

From : Shiv Prasad at 11:40 AM - Feb 13, 2017 a day ago )

G.K.saar...out of 120 posts ur contribution is only one post thats also...saying mess........>>??? \

My mera dusra posts nikaal diya hoon! Bahut busy high till Friday Night :-)

Shiv Prasad at 06:17 PM - Feb 14, 2017 ( )

As a good distribution had happned on Friday within 18-26 levels...this area seems to be a good resistance level., or some thing is going at this area for the last 3 days, i.e.from Friday.

Market is not taking out 8850 levels which it should have taken out the way it has been moving since last weeks.

Either market is waiting for some big news to open with a gap up or correction/retracement has set in. Today when every thing looked including Asia a good Red made a low of only it made on Monday...regular bottoms are made within 8730-35 and 8765-8785 levels for 6 trading sessions.

As I said earlier, mostly tilll 15th of a series/month mostly markt move one way for selling out calls or puts and itshould give some opposite direction movement after 15 th of the month/ finish the value of calls or passing time. So may be tomorrows movement can give some light on further movements..

8826---8851 levels in Nifty going to be the resistance, in coming days.....clearing this can touch 8900 odd levels......So any short near this levels must have a sl of 8857......above to protect from further rise.

Tomorrow market can give a hint...its 8900+ or lower levels.

Shiv Prasad at 06:08 PM - Feb 14, 2017 ( )

@ Varun,

Tx Buddy....we will take care of it.

If it falls below ur will be the first signal confirmation for end of the current run. Invalidation points already Mentioned..

we will watch the nos ...........and act......accordingly.

Varun Kochhar at 05:01 PM - Feb 14, 2017 ( )

SL is still the same for positional as the last pivot below 200EMA in 15 min. charts is at 8765.5. The 200EMA at EOD in 15min.charts is at 8775.77. If this EMA were to move above 8786.1 then only the SL would move to 8780-85.

Varun Kochhar at 03:11 PM - Feb 13, 2017 ( )

You can short too but trail it with the help of either the last pivot high above 200EMA in 15min. charts or the 200EMA levels of either 1min. or 5 min. charts. (The SL would be quite minimal)

Shiv Prasad at 02:58 PM - Feb 13, 2017 ( )

tx will keep in mind...break of 8760........longs should be out.....

But it does not give a signal to go short...Right?

Varun Kochhar at 02:31 PM - Feb 13, 2017 ( )

Shiv Prasad ji now SL for positional longs is at 8760-65 levels as per my charts. Up 35 points from friday.

Shiv Prasad at 11:42 AM - Feb 13, 2017 ( )

it has made a low of markt intention is to time pass here with this as a temporary bottom for some time for may be good distribution......

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