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Learn Trading Secrets

Lankesh S at 05:19 PM - Nov 02, 2016 ( ) Views: 13,481

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Learn Trading Secrets

In this thread I am going to talk about only Few Topics 

1. Turning Point

2. Resistance Levels

3. Support Levels.

If u have any doubts please note down and ask in this thread only on this topics. 

We will discuss on SUNDAY 6th Nov. So please everyone can ask doubts.

Please do not ask doubts in market hours. If I am online i will answer otherwise i can not answer. If I am not answered for ur query u will get ANGRY right. That is why i say please note down ur doubts when ever i will be free i will answer. Please post ur doubts in this thread ONLY.


This Thread is dedicated to my sister.

From: Lankesh s at 02:23 AM - Nov 03, 2016( )

This Thread Welcomes ONLY For Learner and other unnecessary comments will be deleted. I will teach completely how to trade with my levels and make money easily. So please be prepare will ur doubts on Sunday 6th Nov, Time I will inform.

From: Lankesh s at 02:24 PM - Nov 05, 2016( )

11 AM

1 Hour discussion.

From: Lankesh s at 05:44 PM - Nov 05, 2016( )

Please be keep ur pen and paper read to note down.

U will get the trading secret how to trade using our levels in the 1 hour session. After the session all secret comments will be deleted. Who will attend this session only gets the trading secrets. So please be prepared.

From: Lankesh s at 07:11 PM - Nov 11, 2016( )

Sunday learning session will continue. Please don't miss it. I am going to teach 3-4 types of strategy.

From: Lankesh s at 07:12 PM - Nov 12, 2016( )

10.50 AM

From: Lankesh s at 01:47 PM - Nov 19, 2016( )

Sunday 6.00PM learning session will continue. Please don't miss it important things u will learn.


From: Lankesh s at 02:28 PM - Nov 25, 2016( )

Yesterday 24th Nov I have celebrated my Birthday. Today evening we are going Out of Station till Monday evening.

So No updates will be provided till Monday Evening.



Please wish everyone for my birthday which was celebrated on 24th Nov(Yesterday).

From: Lankesh s at 05:49 PM - Dec 02, 2016( )

Keep Testing 4 types of Strategy and Learn.

Do Paper trading first and then go for Real trade.

If u won't learn the basic and trade directly u will lose money.

So First Learn and then u will earn from stock market.

Few Strategy I have given live examples Please check it.

Please check the below comments from first page to last page u will get the answer for the strategy or details of the strategy.

From: Lankesh s at 06:53 PM - Dec 02, 2016( )

1. Open Low Price Strategy.
2. Open High Price Strategy.
3. Opening Price Strategy
4. Daily Volatility Stock Cash/Future Price Strategy.

Important Points Before Trade/Learning.

a. Do Paper Trading.

b. U need to check Total buyer and seller.

c. U should calculate maximum Up/down of stock/index price using daily volatility. Those levels also u should know. Then 10%,25%,50%, 80%, 100% etc levels also u need to calculate.

Please Check this 4 types of Strategy. It is enough u can earn money from stock market.

Please Check this 4 Strategy For 6 Months. Keep notes of each Paper Trade, learn and then go for real trade.

Learning session I will continue ONLY after u all testing the all strategy above listed for nearly 6 months.

Next Learning session ONLY after ur reply for all the strategy. What u learned, u need to reply in my post in the June month. Then I will see, I need to continue or not. If No one is willing to learn why I should waste my time in teaching. If u have any doubts please post ur comments in this thread.

For those who missed the session, learning session will be continue only after testing the strategy for 6 months then i will start revision session.

Testing Period will be 6 months.

We will meet or continue learning session ONLY after Testing Period nearly 6 - months.

Next meet will be in the Month of June.

If u have any doubts, u can ask ur doubts in this thread. Only for those who attended the learning session.

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Rakesh Dedhia at 12:30 AM - Aug 04, 2018 ( )

@ Lankeh Ji

1.  Please give my lucky dates as per nakshatras. Date = 9, Total = 2 

2. Where is the Trend Turning Point being Posted?

3. How to use Trend Turning Point with these stratagies?

4. Can you put examples in live market like open high same lets short and with what sl and tg as we have max levels but not the inbetween levels.

5. When are the revision session going to be held?7

6. After revision lecutre could we have the advanced lectures too this time?


ur efforts are quite good with good intention to educate people. Hope I could learn something from this....


Thanks in Advance...

Lankesh S at 11:06 AM - Jan 12, 2017 ( )

Open High Price Strategy

Live Example

Century Tex Future

Today Open :- 843  High:- 843

Both Price are Same Very Bearish

Low Made :- 819.15

Lankesh S at 07:54 PM - Jan 04, 2017 ( )


Those who attained my sessions from first to last. I have provided Important points if you follow those points then only the strategies is applicable. Now I can not explain only after JUNE revision sessions or new sessions will be their at that period, i will give those points again.

Lankesh S at 02:08 PM - Jan 04, 2017 ( )


Crude  JAN Fut

Today Price

Open :- 3599  High:- 3614   Low:- 3573

Open- Low Price is not same

Open- High Price is not same

Any strategies is not applicable.

If you want any answer please wait till JUNE. After JUNE only for those who have attained my 1st sessions to till last sessions they can ask questions. For New People they need to wait.

No more questions.

Lankesh S at 11:50 AM - Jan 04, 2017 ( )

Dilipji first understand the concept.

1.) OPEN and HIGH Stock Price is same then Very Bearish. This is called Open High Price Strategy.

2.) OPEN and LOW Stock Price is same then Very Bullish. This is called Open Low Price Strategy.

And I have given important points u need to follow those points. 


Dilip Nilekar at 10:40 AM - Jan 04, 2017 ( )

Good Morning Dear Lankesh !!!


How to trade in this scenerio? it made straight steep high after 12pm to 3780.


Lankesh S at 10:12 AM - Jan 04, 2017 ( )

Open High Price Strategy

Live Example

Silver Mini FEB Future

Today Open :- 40267  High:- 40267

Both Price are Same Very Bearish

Low Made :- 40171

Lankesh S at 05:39 PM - Jan 03, 2017 ( )

Raku first learn how to trade than follow the strategies. Then tell me how much u learned from my strategies. I never discuss with anybody i only teach. 

Lankesh S at 05:37 PM - Jan 03, 2017 ( )

Alex ji all strategies are ONLY FOR INTRADAY. I won't trade or give Positional strategies.

Alex R at 05:09 PM - Jan 03, 2017 ( )

Not to discourage or leg pulling anyway. Plz enlighten me as i am a learner of all available stretagies.

My quest was simple as the data is EOD, we will be able to trade only next trading day only. Let it be intraday. So can we do trade next day based upon previous Bullish/ Bearish pattern of ur stretagy ??? 

Lankesh S at 01:24 PM - Jan 03, 2017 ( )

Open Low Price Strategy

Live Example

SilverMini FEB Future

Today Open :- 39362  Low:- 39362

Both Price are Same Very Bullish

High Made :- 39625

Beware of Raku Katte just he disturbing others. He doesn't No ABC of stock market, doesn't No how to trade, doesn't No the concept of trading just disturb me from past few months this guy. He is not talking about others only targeting me. He is not talking about others who provide calls many in mudraa only targetting me. Admin please take care of this Raku katte just disturbing others, this guy is not giving to learn others. He is misleading the people. 

Lankesh S at 10:52 AM - Jan 03, 2017 ( )

Alex what are the strategies I have provided all 4 - ONLY FOR INTRADAY not for Positional or not for next day trading sessions.

Alex R at 09:37 PM - Jan 02, 2017 ( )

As this is EOD data, does it mean next trading day we have to blindly buy/ sell based on todays highly Bullish/ bearish pattern ??  

Lankesh S at 08:38 PM - Jan 02, 2017 ( )

Open High Price Strategy


CAN BK Future

Today Open :- 266.4  High:- 266.4

Both Price are Same Very Bearish

Low Made :- 253.7

Lankesh S at 08:31 PM - Jan 02, 2017 ( )

Open High Price Strategy


BEL Future

Today Open :- 1382.75  High:- 1382.75

Both Price are Same Very Bearish

Low Made :- 1355

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