Varun Kochhar at 05:56 PM - Sep 30, 2016 ( ) Views: 48,326

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Hi Long in crude with stoploss of 3139.

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Varun Kochhar at 01:46 PM - Nov 15, 2018 ( )

We are just about 10% up in BNF from there and around 6% in Nifty. They sure have deep pockets.

Varun Kochhar at 01:43 PM - Nov 15, 2018 ( )

Chachi 420 will not be found till we fall again. No stop loss trades. Data chor changing course to come - o - dities. Mini lots. Wow what tech- Nikal analysis and equally great followers. Just shows they do not trade their own views.

Varun Kochhar at 11:47 AM - Nov 14, 2018 ( )

So 600 points done.

Varun Kochhar at 05:20 PM - Nov 06, 2018 ( )

We are at crossroads of a humongous move of 1500 points in Crude now. It can be at around 3000 or 6500 by March 2019. This move would be very fast and furious. If it goes to 3000/3500 levels then really Acchhe din for India. But i have kept both my options open. WTI levels of 60-62$ need to be watched in the days to come. BO can give 75$+ and BD can bring it down to 32-35$.Best way to ride with calmness is to play both sides. Options are available in Crude oil. Can make any strategy based on it. Happy Diwali to everybody.

Varun Kochhar at 11:02 PM - Nov 13, 2018 ( )

Arjun ji Chachi 420 aur data chor ka haal kya hoga. SGX nifty at 10660. Koi SL nahi wala paper trade. No problem for loss. Loss to tab hoga jab trade karoge. Baaton mein kya rakha hai. Aap Taj mahal bhi khareed or bech sakte ho batoo mein.

Varun Kochhar at 03:17 PM - Nov 13, 2018 ( )

Bought Crude at 4285 SL 4275 target 4304/4310/4320/4332.

Varun Kochhar at 03:05 PM - Nov 13, 2018 ( )

Exited the pair at around 45 points profits since tomorrow is expiry for options.

Varun Kochhar at 11:38 PM - Nov 12, 2018 ( )

I guess i should have known better. What else to expect from empty vessels except that they make much noise. Complete pussy. All talk no susbstance. Cannot even call him a paper tiger. That would be insulting the tigers. A paper Gidar.

Varun Kochhar at 11:12 PM - Nov 12, 2018 ( )

And this offer is also open for all your supporters too.

Even Lakshmi Devi ji knows about our feat of making 8 Lac from 15K in about 2 months. Our targets are much bigger which is way beyond your pay grade and mental capabilities and one that would make you shit in your pants.

Varun Kochhar at 11:00 PM - Nov 12, 2018 ( )

And you can tell your aunty too to post her ledger. It is an open challenge if you can beat the ROI then i will stop posting and visiting Mudra forever. And also say sorry to you and your aunty.

Varun Kochhar at 10:58 PM - Nov 12, 2018 ( )

Ha Ha hawaai fire. Shameless. Just post your ledger and i will post my Zerodha ledger which you can verify as well. Or else just beat it with your tail between your legs. You are taking on the big boys sonny. No hawaai fire. Well documented trades.

Varun Kochhar at 09:51 PM - Nov 12, 2018 ( )

Shameless people can only crack jokes. It takes a man to walk the talk.

Varun Kochhar at 09:18 PM - Nov 12, 2018 ( )

Brought down the costing by 25 rupees. Sold the 4400 call at 99 and bought it back at 75.50. So now the costing is 200 rupees. Not updating regularly as no one is following.

Varun Kochhar at 09:04 PM - Nov 12, 2018 ( )

And also show me one person who has made real money trading all this female/male's calls. I will show you at least 5 who have made real money with proof. Making toys to steal data just to save 1500 rupees a month is not a serious traders mindset.

Varun Kochhar at 08:56 PM - Nov 12, 2018 ( )

I am here. Your instrument your rules.

Varun Kochhar at 08:54 PM - Nov 12, 2018 ( )

This message is for the biggest joker in Mudraa. He knows who he is. 1st of all read the thread where you have put up the remark and see who is right and who is wrong. Second ask this female/male to give me permission to post something on her thread as a rejoinder. She has banned me else i would have been the 1st to draw everybody's attention when Nifty went 400 points above her stop loss. Thirdly if i post my ledger showing a balance of 8 Lac from 15K (no more deposits made from 5th September) would the biggest joker eat humble pie and exit or at least stop making Smart Alec remarks about peoples analysis as he himself is a complete zero. And lastly how about having a real time duel like real men or are you a shameless pussy.

Varun Kochhar at 08:17 PM - Nov 08, 2018 ( )

225 Points is the costing.

Varun Kochhar at 08:16 PM - Nov 08, 2018 ( )

Bought at 96.20 and sold 4500CE at 55. 42 more points spent.

Varun Kochhar at 08:10 PM - Nov 08, 2018 ( )

If we put a bottom today then expecting 4800+ (So my 4400 CE if it triggers would be worth 400+)

Varun Kochhar at 08:07 PM - Nov 08, 2018 ( )

Above 4448 will bring down the call from 4500 to 4400. Targets 300+ for the pair.

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