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From : Ravi Dani at 01:05 PM - Jul 01, 2016 ( )

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Startd soon for my old market frnds. After this start ...rest all closed thread. 

From: RAVI DANI at 09:34 PM - Jul 01, 2016( )

One request to all . Must be give respect levels. 

From: RAVI DANI at 11:38 AM - Jul 09, 2016( )

In this market ... for tradeing , many software ... but best is only one n that is our own "MIND" , use it n rest forget all others artificial . 

From: RAVI DANI at 11:39 AM - Jul 09, 2016( )

Charts speaks all, just try to listen all.

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From : Ravi Dani at 10:06 PM - Mar 13, 2017 ( )

@ Niranjan ji,

for intra there not much spacr for intra trade if any big gap up or gapdown opening, so lets wait for fresh intra , but yes if u haved keep on alredy then njoy bro. Cool

From : Niranjan Batchu at 06:30 PM - Mar 13, 2017 ( )




From : Ravi Dani at 12:05 PM - Mar 13, 2017 ( )

Wid 51/51,

 We r alredy got, 


Now it's time for, 


From : Ravi Dani at 05:08 PM - Feb 20, 2017 ( )

Right now,  from here, as per both index,  which starts from wid 51/51, after a rally in ns 1000 wid bns 3300,  my responsibility it's ends for others,  

So frnds after now,  no update for this trade,  even its start on  for me personally,  bcz mine trgt big one in both index as many time updated this,  so wid recent update as given,  base bd in ns bns,  first that one n blw that,  one more base bd there in both index,  wid this both base,  I Wll keep on my trade for big trgt.  Alredy first base bd updated,  n in any case first base bd,  taken out,  then second one comes out n update that time timely,  as per if any one ask.  

So now I m free,  from all responsibilities n my duties for others,  so one can do, wat u want do wid this trade 51/51. Cool

From : Ravi Dani at 04:57 PM - Feb 20, 2017 ( )

As given n was expected, after intra trend Bu,  

It's matter of time for trend wid cb Bu, 

N it's also done,  today, 


From : Ravi Dani at 06:05 PM - Feb 19, 2017 ( )

Straight,  ns 1000 n bns 3300,

Widout any if n but, 

Said it,  a goal as destinations a big one,  

Wid just bit alert,  Wink

From : Ravi Dani at 06:02 PM - Feb 19, 2017 ( )

As given,  trend Bu,  as per live intra got Bu,  just a bit issue wid cb Bu,  n mostly any one happens after,  it's matter of time for second,  so alert is bit on wid cb, a little bit only,  n till as base bd given,  it's also keep in mind,  

N now a time for joy as, 

Wid ns 51/51 it's done till 900 around ns n bns 3300 around, 

Next update comes after if any changed comes Laughing

N in mid,  up down we play,  as in my others thread. Laughing

From : Ravi Dani at 05:58 PM - Feb 17, 2017 ( )

Some latest update comes out,  Wll update here by over weekend.  Even mostly alredy in noon update n a bit small more update by over weekend.  Laughing

From : Ravi Dani at 10:57 AM - Feb 17, 2017 ( )

as per given intra bu its done n now just a matter wid cb in both index, after that its conform bu as trend bu for coming days....Laughing next updat timely comes out, n yes till then base bd alive.

From : Ravi Dani at 09:47 AM - Feb 17, 2017 ( )

intra bu doen in ns bns , n this n just now watch as cb brk...  all detail given alredy few days back , as bse bd n trend bu  Laughing

From : Ravi Dani at 09:29 AM - Feb 17, 2017 ( )

wid base bd to bu trend  comes ns almost 200 n bns 800/900 Cool that is called base. 

From : Ravi Dani at 09:18 AM - Feb 17, 2017 ( )

bns all time high  Cool

From : Ravi Dani at 09:14 AM - Feb 17, 2017 ( )

wid base bd its come to bu  Cool

From : Ravi Dani at 12:53 PM - Feb 15, 2017 ( )

this one blw as given, 

i m taking about this in my other thread. Cool

From : Ravi Dani at 12:58 PM - Feb 13, 2017 ( )

in holds trade ... levels to be watchd first ns 8716-15 to 8686-84 wid bns 20001-19901.... after this brk... can open next down... n next update... so closely watch as given lower bd n upper bu. next update after this brk any one...  Laughing

From : Ravi Dani at 11:43 AM - Feb 13, 2017 ( )

so in range ns 8751-8851 n bns 20301-501 if we r bit a alert , then nothing wrong in it ...   Laughing

From : Ravi Dani at 11:41 AM - Feb 13, 2017 ( )

when was , ns at 7951-7851 wid bns 17801-601 around near... that time ....in bearish sentmnt..... taken long side trade n view wid clear view n concept in one direction... and after that a big rally , when we comes near a next brkout... then if we haved a alert as bit alert...then wats wrong in that.....  Cool

even trade n view still same way as wid upmove, but market nevr run wid one way moves....n as given brkout ns bnf wid cb or brk acording...after that next update will comes... n for lower side wat levels can be watchd...its update later.... Laughing

From : Ravi Dani at 08:53 AM - Feb 13, 2017 ( )

so as brkout next , must be watch ns acording cb 8869-71 and acording brk 8894-96, n bns acording cb 20431-20561 n acording brk 20481-20581. this one react as brkout next.... for holds trade. 

From : Ravi Dani at 08:40 AM - Feb 13, 2017 ( )

Our longs  trade as in hold call , ns with 7951-7851 n bns 17801-17601......its reached near next brkout zone n its big one as brkout zone , for next moves.

at that stag...time for go long blindly as given....,

now after a ns 900+ n bns 2500+ rally , just a need bit alert... wid range ns 8751-8851 n bns 20301-501......even brkout zone is a bit above this....but wid this range we must be alert....., 

still a biggy way comes as left more, but not in way way ......

so need a just alert. next timly update comes out...its all update for holds trade .... not for intra...as for intra ...all in others thread.

down side some levels comes out....about that update later as today eod. as wat levels to be watchd for its hold trade. Laughing

ns 8869/71 acording cb and ns 8894/96 acoring brk....its next brkout for holds trade. 

From : Ravi Dani at 08:30 AM - Feb 13, 2017 ( )

vgm Sankaran ji. 

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