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From : Mohanan Edavalath at 02:38 PM - Jun 19, 2016 ( )

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The crooks in equity market are notoriously brilliant in oscillatory trading.  They spread a panic situation simply because Raghuram Rajan will not continue as RBI Governor.  If the news was out during market hours, it would have been disastrous, but it seems the market has already factored in the exit of Rajan.

At the worst, there will be a knee-jerk reaction only, very temporary in nature.   Market will not tumble, and even if it tumbles, I will buy rigorously. 

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From : Subrahmanyam Y at 08:59 AM - Jun 24, 2016 ( )

Last Saturday when Rajan says he will not continue ....Monday morning our indian govt or RBI or Financial Officails ordered buy 6-10 index stocks (lic is pumped the money)so within 15 min our market is recoverd and closed at days high...

today also brexit is remain high ...........today also will repeat the same...?

From : Mohanan Edavalath at 09:42 AM - Jun 20, 2016 ( )

Market is supreme, not individuals.

From : Subrahmanyam Y at 08:25 AM - Jun 20, 2016 ( )

single man wont change out change our economy.but rajan is in back 2013 aug or sept rallied  .when he exists with 1 term market should react -vely.

From : Ronn Jone at 08:07 AM - Jun 20, 2016 ( )

KS - tragedy? Did you mean strategy?

From : Krothapalli Srinivas at 07:08 PM - Jun 19, 2016 ( )

With one man in or out doesn't matters at all. So if market falls then buying is the best tragedy

From : Lohit Boman at 02:50 PM - Jun 19, 2016 ( )

Looks like a well planned balanced game is played by Modi.

I expected Rajan will not continue for second term.

Looks like FM(may not be openly) & Subramanyam Swami were against him.If the Govt had not given him the second term ....corporates & people would have talked bad about Modi.Now Rajan has come with the statement..that he does not want the job.

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