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From : Ravi Dani at 07:48 AM - Apr 14, 2016 ( )

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Good morning to all my frnds.

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From : Naresh Reddy at 10:44 AM - Mar 07, 2018 ( )

Hi Ravi,

Can we see any recovery in the market today?? Pls suggest

From : Ravi Dani at 10:43 AM - Mar 07, 2018 ( )

my levels...as first time when appear...its reacted mostly as wid strongly.... n second time ...its comes in 50-50 zone as it may be wrk n it may be not....n third time...its full of chance as its taken out easly .....thats it...  laughing

From : Ravi Dani at 10:42 AM - Mar 07, 2018 ( )

observd it as bns how react wid levels as updated...bns first its u turn from bd n goes to trend levels.....n its reacted n again comes at bd levels....observd it....laughing

From : Moses Samuel at 08:59 AM - Mar 07, 2018 ( )

Thank you for your trend levels 


From : Ravi Dani at 08:43 AM - Mar 07, 2018 ( )

Ok frnds....

In next few min....update....

Just keep in mind ....

As todays bu or bd , bit far from closed, so bd or bu can react bit far from bu or bd ....as its not necessary as its comes to closer bd or bu. Due to yesterday's big moves n in narmal day , its mostly reacted near by that bd or bu.

From : Moses Samuel at 08:41 AM - Mar 07, 2018 ( )


CAN U update TODAYs Trend level...



From : Sunny John at 08:05 AM - Mar 07, 2018 ( )

Thanks Raviji for explaining in detail....

Please post the levels though they are far... Can't rule out any chance if it could be touched or come near by any wild swings...Trend levels too to Sirji...

From : Sugumar Natarajan at 08:00 AM - Mar 07, 2018 ( )

After reading our post, I again went through your posts in the thread "A new day - A new way" and you have explained everything.  I understand better now.

Thanks Ravi Sir.

From : Sugumar Natarajan at 07:39 AM - Mar 07, 2018 ( )

Thanks again Ravi sir for explaining. I learn a lot of things from your post.

From : Ravi Dani at 07:32 AM - Mar 07, 2018 ( )

So i just updated levels n rest , its depend on u as wat trade u take. 

N no need to give detail as wat type of trade i taken...bcz i always react wid trade , at my own levels. laughing

From : Ravi Dani at 07:29 AM - Mar 07, 2018 ( )

Yes u r right....at opening ns get bu , n aftet bu in dip it was buy n it was buy till near trend levels which i updated bfor open markt. 

N Its dip comes near trend levels n again its start up...but in this process,  during time...bns get bu n its reached its max trgt...n u all know as bns is a key for ns moves

...n bns after max reached , its reacted as start down.....so why i updated as bns moves done fully upside....n lets see ns how much goes up....

But at noon when nd around , 10400 , that time at atound 12.40 pm to 12.50 pm...sudden i updated about trend levels as changed in ns bns....that a trade reversal time that near below trend levels...it was updated at 12.44 pm.

Thats it....n still i m saying as , my bd or bu levels react as per only brk... N no need to its sustn or not.

Even u can observed as react wid bd levels in ns bns , which i updated bfor open....after bd , its reachd max.....

So frnds....alredy many times updates as bu or bd for intra no changed as its fixed, only trend levels can changed n when its comes, i updated that. 

So keep in mind , bu or bd , its enough to brk , no need to sustn. Only trend levels can watch as sustn it or not....

Hope now its clear....


From : Sugumar Natarajan at 06:59 AM - Mar 07, 2018 ( )

Ravi Ji,

I am trying to better understand the bd/bu. So far I was focusing on only price closes (15 min closes, hourly closes) and always thought that price needs to hold above certain zone but your bd/bu levels (Just the break is enough) gives a different perspective and makes me to think. Thanks Ravi Sir for sharing your knowledge.

I have a doubt with regard to your bd/bu levels for 6th March.



Nse spot 10415/425 n Bns spot 24875/925......


Yesterday Nifty reached your maximum target on the lower side and kudos to this  brilliant analysis. But in the opening, Nifty break the BU level for the day and reached 10441 though it didn't hold for even 15 minutes. But according to our trade, once it breaks the level (10415/425), then the dips are a buy but the market went down further. What's the reason Ravi Sir. Did we miss the BU level calculation by a very small margin?

I understand this is market and will have whipsaws and we can't be  100% accurate. I am just asking for my learning purpose.

Thanks Ravi Sir


From : Sugumar Natarajan at 10:33 PM - Mar 06, 2018 ( )

Thanks Ravi Ji for responding patiently to my questions :)

Brilliant analysis in index Ravi Sir.

From : Ravi Dani at 05:29 PM - Mar 06, 2018 ( )


thanx...i just try to give respect ...to levels....n rest markt give respect to our trade.....laughing

today max down was given nse spot 10211/201 n bns spot 24525/475  from recent trend levels ....updated at 12.48 pm//.... cool

From : Rakesh Dedhia at 05:09 PM - Mar 06, 2018 ( )

Hats off to your prediction!!

From : Ravi Dani at 03:22 PM - Mar 06, 2018 ( )

ha ha ha ....thanx SANDESH JI....laughing

From : Sandesh Bagla at 03:11 PM - Mar 06, 2018 ( )

From : Ravi Dani at 11:24 AM - Mar 06, 2018 ( )

@ Sugumar ji,

my bd or bu works as per brk only....n trend levels works as hold.....laughing

From : Sugumar Natarajan at 09:10 AM - Mar 06, 2018 ( )

Hi Ravi Sir

I have another question. Sorry to trouble you laughing 

BD/BU level break - When is the break confirmed?. For example, for BU level break,  how long the price should trade above bu level (5 minutes or 15 minutes or 1 hour...or 1 minute or even a tick) for confirmation of break.  

Your posts are very helpful in my learning



From : Sugumar Natarajan at 09:05 AM - Mar 06, 2018 ( )

Thanks Ravi Sir. Very clear now :)

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