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From : Ravi Dani at 07:48 AM - Apr 14, 2016 ( )

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Good morning to all my frnds.

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From : Ravi Dani at 09:35 AM - Feb 16, 2018 ( )

rakesh ji ... my levels too hot n as its works widout touch... n given bu range its touch  so dot trgt now in 50-50 zone as may be n may be not ...n after get bu ....its fully ignored...dot trgt .... n trend levels... blw ...its sure wid 200%  laughing hope its clear all now.

From : Rakesh Dedhia at 09:06 AM - Feb 16, 2018 ( )

If BU breaks on opening or later and then after some time if it comes below BU or say trend levels then is the dot target on?

From : Ravi Dani at 12:26 PM - Feb 15, 2018 ( )

Rakesh ji....intra mine game over as wid trend levels...i m in sell... n after trend levels brk after mine game n day alredy over... just casual update after that acording trend levels...thats it.... n wat comes as down or up .... in next few days.... will update .....i go wid levels only for intra... rest wat gives markt... i agree wid that. laughing

From : Rakesh Dedhia at 11:45 AM - Feb 15, 2018 ( )

do you see any fall coming today or tomorrow??

From : Ravi Dani at 05:55 PM - Feb 14, 2018 ( )

Rakesh ji ...yes u r right....

Due to late reactions...

as i never changed my rules n regulations according tread....

As i mostly mostly covered all intra trade around 2.30 pm...

But facts r as its reactions comes in markt time as from 9.15 am to 3.30....

So we blamed own for it...

Not to markt...cool


From : Rakesh Dedhia at 04:21 PM - Feb 14, 2018 ( )

Your dot levels came but after the trades were squared off in some profit...

we could not get the cake jsut got pastries...

From : Ravi Dani at 03:59 PM - Feb 14, 2018 ( )

Avi ji thanx...

Me not trade in options....

But wid my levels if any one trade in index ns n bns.. Then for a good results....u must treade in pe or ce...wid index runing levels ce or pe....its give good results....

From : Avi V at 03:56 PM - Feb 14, 2018 ( )

beautiful levels ravi...i held right till the end..but i bought the wrong puts...so not much of gains...keep going mate...gettin to learn a lot fron you.

From : Ravi Dani at 03:52 PM - Feb 14, 2018 ( )

Sunny ji yes u r right wink


But that big dot trgt not utilized as big gain...

As mostly i closed intra all as per time 2.30 pm around...n only some times a few hold till end....but some time only ....not often...laughing

Any way i happy as seen magic of levels , wid logic.....

These dot trgt ns bns ....haved some logic...

Any way thatnx to u n big thanx to markt....as for... Given respect to my trade...bcz first i given respect to markt levels.....



From : Sunny John at 03:34 PM - Feb 14, 2018 ( )

Awesome Raviji,

Nifty just dances to your tune! It just didn't have time to touch your dot level. If it had 15 mins more would have definitely touched.

From : Ravi Dani at 05:49 PM - Feb 12, 2018 ( )

Frnds ....bit busy ....so ...sorry....

Rakesh ji.

Nikhil ji , may be you r right n i may be wrong fully. Rest time will give best answer.cool

From : Ravi Dani at 05:46 PM - Feb 12, 2018 ( )

Sorry busy some....

From : Rakesh Dedhia at 02:52 PM - Feb 12, 2018 ( )

missed u, bye.

From : Rakesh Dedhia at 09:07 AM - Feb 12, 2018 ( )


waiting for you level updates. thanks.

From : Rakesh Dedhia at 08:33 PM - Feb 11, 2018 ( )

I dont know how to read option data. so could not understand how u calcualte range.


if u could simply with some example it woulbe be much better....


and THANKS for sharing your tecnique which very less people share.

From : Nikhil Banerji at 04:19 PM - Feb 10, 2018 ( )

Great top out level was sir .

But  your target ? I doubt. 

From : Ravi Dani at 07:55 PM - Feb 09, 2018 ( )

wlcome sir ji... laughing  i loved to play wid numbers  laughing

From : Rakesh Dedhia at 07:49 PM - Feb 09, 2018 ( )

the 1.00 pm trend levels were so right and it helped me a lot.


this is why i need ur updates... thanks...

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