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From : Ravi Dani at 07:48 AM - Apr 14, 2016 ( )

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Good morning to all my frnds.

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From : Sandesh Bagla at 02:03 AM - Mar 12, 2018 ( )

"levels can calculated any one........But important things r ...which levels n when to use....is very imp......"

Gurudev waiting eagerly.....

From : Sugumar Natarajan at 01:00 AM - Mar 12, 2018 ( )

Ravi Sir,

I am having a doubt with your bd/bu level.

I have seen from your earlier posts that you have given bd/bu levels even when the price is in unchartered teritory. For example, on 4th Jan 2018, you have given the bd/bu level for 5th Jan as 10481/10491 and the price had never reached this value before.  So do you use some formula to calculate the BD/BU levels in case the price is in unchartered territory. I tried the pivots but that also didn,t match your values :). Can you provide some hint on how you are caluclating values. Also, if the price is within the previous price range, then also do you use the formula or by reading the levels from the chart?


From : Sugumar Natarajan at 10:14 PM - Mar 11, 2018 ( )

Thanks Ravi Sir for educating

From : Ravi Dani at 08:18 PM - Mar 11, 2018 ( )

@ Frnds....

Any Levels r works according only as break.... As its no mean as hold or sustained as how much as in  one min or five min or fifteen min ...etc as sustan...or close.....

So wat ever u calculate levels , must give respect them....

If u not respect own levels, .....markt one day kicked u badly.... n u out ..... forever from market.

So its fact as , wat ever u calculate levels....onece if they break....its game over....rest all things as per own convinent...as lets see hold it or not or lets see 1-5-15..min etc closed.... Its all rubbish n nonsense things.

Only broker or call or tipp provideproviders... Can do that all nonsense things....bcz ....

They never feel , gain or pain from demat.....cool


From : Sugumar Natarajan at 06:06 PM - Mar 10, 2018 ( )

Ravi Sir, as you said, I have the exact problem. There are too many levels and which level is important and how to find early that level is broken and the price is expected to move. This is where your bd/bu level is awesome and handy as one no need to wait for sustain or close/below as by that time price would have moved much. Your bd/bu level gives the hint very early. I am eagerly waiting for your knowledge sharing :)

From : Sugumar Natarajan at 05:47 PM - Mar 10, 2018 ( )

Hi Ravi Sir,

I have gone through various trading forums and telgegram/whatsapp groups but I have never come across a price action thread like this. I had long back subscibed to many telegram groups but then I had unsubscied from all the groups since I thought it was more distracting and prevent thinking and acting on our own  mind

Last month I found your golden thread and nowadays, I read only your thread to gain knowledge on price action skills and discipline Your method by itself have inherent discipline building mechanism.

Your thread is a Goldmine of price action where one can learn extreme discipline and price action skills. Your method of bu/bd and trend levels is superb.  I am trying to find how you calculate your levels. I take your levels and look at the chart till 1 minute  and see on what basis you have given the levels. Still, I couldn't find how you arrive at almost exact range for bu and bd. 

As I told you, I have always though that price need to close above a level in a timeframe. But your idea of just break is really an eye opener and its a great learning for me (Thanks Ravi Sir)  but still I couldn't understand how you arrive at accurate values of bd/bu

I am very curious to know how you arrive at a bd/bu levels. I thought of asking about this and as a coincidence I found your post where you said that you would share the knowledge and I became very happy :)   Please share some points on bd/bu calculation and mainly the break.

Thanks Ravi Sir and your presence is always needed in Mudraa for all the traders and whoever comes to Mudraa.

Thanks for the amazing work  and keep rocking always.

From : Ravi Dani at 08:06 AM - Mar 10, 2018 ( )

N finaly.....

I m not interested to stay long here at mudraa or any other forums...

So going to soon discloses....

As how to calculate level's...

N how to use them....

Bcz its my view as levels can calculated any one n its too many levels...

But important things r ...which levels n when to use....is very imp......

So be ready for that....going to  open all statg about levels... Soon.....cool


From : Ravi Dani at 08:01 AM - Mar 10, 2018 ( )

Wat i say yestrday night....

No hard feelings plz....

Actually i dont need any compliment ....

So no need to thanx or grt or etc...to say....

Any Questions , about markt....most welcome....

Rest strictly plz dont.....laughing

Good morning. 

From : Ravi Dani at 10:20 PM - Mar 09, 2018 ( )

@ frnds....i m in this markt...from 2009 aug...n till yet i saw a may types of ppl  in this markt...some good n some bad....also many comes n many gone...cool

Its dosnt matter for me as wat they r saying... As good or bad....

Your work shown all the story...cool


From : Ravi Dani at 09:56 PM - Mar 09, 2018 ( )

N a my humble request to all....

No need to say like that ...in running markt....

Thats all disturbed me ...

but any queries or doubt abot trade n levels n view or way....always welcomed....laughing

Thanx to all.

From : Ravi Dani at 09:46 PM - Mar 09, 2018 ( )

Thanx to all my dear frnds.....laughing

N good or bad comments... Its doesn't matter for me at all....cool

I did only my job wid honestly.... N if any one get  benefits from that...i always happy....cool 


From : Rakesh Dedhia at 04:44 PM - Mar 09, 2018 ( )


"he was called tam in the old forem."


which forum was that?

From : Sunny John at 11:48 AM - Mar 09, 2018 ( )

He is a unique gem of this Mudraa forum!

From : Nikhil Banerji at 11:31 AM - Mar 09, 2018 ( )

If any one doing good job, we must appreciate. 

# Mr Rakesh.

From : Rengaswamy Ramesh at 11:30 AM - Mar 09, 2018 ( )

right said rakesh ji. i am also follower of him from an old forem. he is too good but critisized by many. thank god he is not let down by their criticisms. keep up the good work ravi ji. he was called tam in the old forem.

From : Nikhil Banerji at 11:28 AM - Mar 09, 2018 ( )

# Mr Rakesh,

Yes you are right, 

And also truth is here mudraa, many people creat own call with Ravi sir level price value, with few point different and they show its their own call.

I amazed his levels price value fix befor mkt. And they work.

But i dont know , why not they accepted.

From : Rakesh Dedhia at 11:04 AM - Mar 09, 2018 ( )


first time seeing someone who gives calls to praise ravi ji


most of the time since couple of months i m seeing people try to mimic him and make fun of him whereas he is right most of the times and no one can be right all the time..


very less people who think they r analyst have the courage to praise another analyst 

infact people target me jsut becuase me a die hard fan of ravi ji...

strange but true...


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