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Be Realistic

From : Mustafa Shah at 04:18 PM - Mar 02, 2016 ( )

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Its a common saying in Stock Market that 95% of traders are Loosers & only 5% earn here.

Today reading comments of another thread Recovery of Loss, I suppose the above phrase is a truth.

Nothing against with that thread or its thread owner, but most Mudraa trader wants a Profit of 10-20% daily on small capital of 10000!!!!!!!!

How it will be possible????

A monthly 200% wants by everyone.

I know most of them are Prey of Mr.Market,but its like that only.

My only Point is BE REALISTIC.

If such a return is possible than we have lots of warren/Karney/Jones type of trdaers here.

But in reality none is here.

Small capital traders are only can bring fresh Fish for big or institunional traders, understand the very first Logic.

First Learn than try to Earn

But here every wants an extra income or easy money from Stock Market.

What is reality, all go in Vain & lost capital,they pump more & loose more.

No one try to take a technical course or Professional degree for it, but all wants Money only Easy money.

My words might be harsh, but writing truth for all benefitt only

From: Mustafa Shah at 04:01 PM - Jun 09, 2016( )

Posting Gann squre technique.

Here Gann take odd nos & its multiples

Taking example of Crude running at 3400

Its square root coming at 58.3 so taking its round nearest odd no 57 & 59

57x57= 3249

59x59= 3481

So Crude is trading in square of 3249-3481

One can witness on chart that Crude had taken multi support near 3249 level

Even a Triple bottom formed & reversed from there...

So now how to trade on its basis

Crude range 3481-3249= 232

We will divide this 232 point range in 8 equal parts

12.5% - 3278

25%-    3307

37.5% -3336

50%-    3365

62.5%- 3394

75% -   3423

87.5%- 3452

Now Looking at weekly/Daily trend of Crude, as we all can observe Crude making higher lows, so we will haunt for buy signals with levels

After multi bottom at 3249 Crude opens with Gap up & never break 12.5% level of 3278

But as old resistance at 3330 level, long taken above 37.5% for above levels

This is just an example

we can use such methos for any script with Gann square method

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From : Ambrish Patel at 08:59 PM - Aug 11, 2017 ( )

Thank you for simplfying option entry so reverse true for exit for tgt.

From : Mustafa Shah at 08:31 PM - Aug 11, 2017 ( )

Now exit 

Similar method apply for it too.

Generally prefer to start booking from 50% return or if value is high than exit based on Index support resistance.

Like 150 value 50% return is high but target set is 190-220

Than exit lots at different rates 

Hope this explanation helps few option traders

From : Mustafa Shah at 08:19 PM - Aug 11, 2017 ( )

Many times option not complete all strikes & reverse from 1 or 2 entry level only.

But never run behind a lost profit

Stick to the basic rule of entry alwys.

If one opportunity lost nxt arrives surely..

This market is alwys there & a lot to trade

From : Mustafa Shah at 08:17 PM - Aug 11, 2017 ( )

How to trade options???

Options are 2 side sword

It diminishes value as fast as it gave returns.

But if played wisely than its real money making with it.

First fix Capital to use this instrument as buying option will not bring much losses.

Now calculate lot size can enter with it.

Here taking employed capital 25k

Now never buy any option at single price.

Suppose buying is at 150-130 with sl at 100

Than enter 1 lot at 150, nxt 1 lot at 140 & last 2 lot at 130

This way average bring down to 137.5 


From : Ambrish Patel at 09:42 PM - Jun 20, 2017 ( )

Thank You for advise on trading.

From : Mustafa Shah at 09:12 PM - Jun 20, 2017 ( )

Also remember

Higher time frame Rules over Lower one alwys.

Dont get disrupt from watching Lower time frame charts.


From : Mustafa Shah at 09:11 PM - Jun 20, 2017 ( )

Rest all thing is just nxt to shit

If one understand this simple formula of trading than never Fail

All Tips & tricks are just short lived,

Either excel sheets or Buy sell indi none can make U earn in long run.

Only thing help is basic TA & above these 2 Mantras.

From : Mustafa Shah at 09:07 PM - Jun 20, 2017 ( )

There is only one Mantra to be success in trading Business

"Trend is Friend" 


"Trade your Plan

Plan your Trade"

From : Mustafa Shah at 09:05 PM - Jun 20, 2017 ( )

In my 10 Years of Trading Carrer,

I saw many ups & Downs

Big traders small traders

Freshers, Quiters, Addictors all

None sustain unless they have  Perfect Trading Plan for each & every trade.


From : Mustafa Shah at 09:01 PM - Jun 20, 2017 ( )

In any trade there are 4 type of situation

Small Profit

Big Profit

Small Loss

Big Loss

Except the last one all are acceptable

Saving Capital is must your Prime moto

From : Sunil K at 09:17 PM - Apr 06, 2017 ( )

real gann is more then these so called excel gann experts,

From : Mustafa Shah at 08:38 PM - Apr 06, 2017 ( )

N patil ji

Search 2652 in Mudraa U will get its thread.

Regarding Gann square U need to check what suits You..

Nothing to be fixed

From : N Patil at 08:14 PM - Apr 06, 2017 ( )

From : Mustafa Shah at 04:50 PM - Jan 02, 2017 ( 3 months ago )

Small traders today came with another good strategy

"2652",this is already posted in Mudraa just search it in old posts.

I backtested it, & can say an excellent method to earn fix income daily.

Just select few scripts with good volume & back test on it

Which scripts will work its a trader need to search & choose I will not spoonfeed this.

But sure with that returns will be amazed, if tarded with discipline



Respectful sir, it will be very helpful for the small traders like me, if you can explain the 2652 stratogy.

thanks a lot sir.

& very good evening.

wish you a very nice time sir.

From : N Patil at 08:10 PM - Apr 06, 2017 ( )

Good evening sir,

sir definetally your help is very much valuable.


sir 1 question ,

in gann square you have taken current price (as i understood) suppose 3700 as a price to calculate gann square with respect to this value.

But sir my question is that which value will be more effective { (opening, high, low, previous close) OR any value ) } " how to identify which value to be taken into consideration for calculation"

To calculate gann square "mins my question is that sir, which value will be more correct to calculate gann square.

Thanks a lot sir. God bless you sir......

From : Ambrish Patel at 06:33 PM - Apr 06, 2017 ( )

"Mudraa where all those Gann excel file trader gone???"

Missing in action.

Gann ka gyan pane ke liye gaye hai, jeb abi khali ho gayi hai,


From : Mustafa Shah at 06:01 PM - Apr 06, 2017 ( )

Mudraa where all those Gann excel file trader gone???

Claiming they know Gann well

Also some Fibo & Excel calculation threads????

Why sooner or later they got evaporated?????

Is they are misguiding or they are just hunters came for their Prey?????

From : Vikas Kumar at 11:47 PM - Jan 10, 2017 ( )



Is it applicable for Commodities also?

From : Mustafa Shah at 04:50 PM - Jan 02, 2017 ( )

Small traders today came with another good strategy

"2652",this is already posted in Mudraa just search it in old posts.

I backtested it, & can say an excellent method to earn fix income daily.

Just select few scripts with good volume & back test on it

Which scripts will work its a trader need to search & choose I will not spoonfeed this.

But sure with that returns will be amazed, if tarded with discipline

From : Mustafa Shah at 07:00 PM - Sep 09, 2016 ( )

Yes Balya sir

Alwys 8 

& can be used for any instrument.

Range must be proper for it.

From : Balya P at 06:37 PM - Sep 09, 2016 ( )

Hello Mustafa Sir,

Good Evening,

very nice thread you started

sir just 1 question, in gann square you have divided with 8. is it always to be divided by 8 only or any other number also can be used,  is there any time frame better to use for it. can it be used positional. is it good for nifty and bank nifty.

by the way thanks for starting this thread, as it is very much required at this time.

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