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Havells 1 Hour Chart - 2

Mohammed Ajmal at 12:18 PM - Jan 22, 2016 ( ) Views: 771

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Havells 1 Hour chart is forming a Round Bottom Pattern.  295 is the breakout for the pattern confirmation. Need to break in a single candle for a sharp movement.  Can move upto 304-305 which seems to be a strong resistance. Once it breaks, it can give a good rally.


Dont Trade my calls. This is for learning purpose.

Seniors please give your valuable suggestions. 

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Mohammed Ajmal at 04:56 PM - Jan 25, 2016 ( )

When you trade in this call(In any of my chart pattern calls), Trade with a hedge of an option.

For More Risk Lovers, go with the Future price and have a Target of 1% for Intraday and 3%-5% for Delivery. 

For Minimum Risk lovers, go with the Future Price and Hedge an option with one Strike Price Less or Higher than the LTP. That is, if a chart tell us to Buy a stock @ 295, then hedge with a Put option.                                                                                                    Here we will have 290, 280, 270...... etc as Put options.                                                                                                    So, here go with 280 Put Option.

For Complete Risk lovers, can hedge 290 or 300 Put option. 

Same applies for Shorting a script. Vice versa after shorting a script hedge a call option. 

Targers are same. If you hedge, you can take a risk for 3% Target.

When a Target hit on future, just immediately exit from option even. Whatever, you will surely be in profit. Dont take risk on that. 

When a Stoploss get trigger, just close the future trade and keep the option open. Wait for another 50% option price to get profit, then close the trade(Don't take risk more than 50%)                                                                                                 "1.Suppose you have shorted a future @ 495 with a hedge of 510 put(Put may be around Rs.10)                                     2.Now, the price got reversed and hit the Stoploss which is around 503 where the future's loss would be Rs.8. But, Put would have moved to around Rs.13-14.                                                                                                                         3.Here, just close the Futures(Since it had hit SL) and let the option be open.                                                                 4.Since the price got reversed, there will be another sharp movement on that specific direction which leads the option to gain some more profit.                                                                                                                                                 5.Definitely the option would gain another 50% of the price from the future's StopLoss. Then, close the Trade

              Like this, you can Hedge almost 75% of your amount in trading. 

This is my trading style and this is how most of the FIIs and Mutual Fund Firms do. But, need to have some good margin. Some times, I had hedged almost 100% even and came with no loss(In above of all my calls). It depends on market. Just wanted to share with you all. 

Trading, Risking and Money are all yours.                                                                                                                   Profit or loss. Its all yours.                                                                                                                                               Dont follow Blindly.                                                                                                                                                    Have personal decisison. 







Mohammed Ajmal at 03:23 PM - Jan 25, 2016 ( )

Inspite of retracement, trying hard to break the resistance. Never cares, we have done with our targets of 3%(3% - 5%)

So, we are officially closing this thread.

Mohammed Ajmal at 10:27 AM - Jan 25, 2016 ( )

Made a High of 304, the resistance as expected and came down sharply.  

Also, a Long Legged PIN Bar has formed in the first hour. High chance for the script to go down. It can retrace till 293-292.

But, we have done with our target of  3%. (295 to 304)


Mohammed Ajmal at 03:03 PM - Jan 22, 2016 ( )

I expect a 300 + cross over and close by today for the further movement. But, there is a small retracement even possible that can pull down till 293 - 292 by tomorrow. Then can have sharp rally I hope. You can see that in chart itself. 

According to me Chart speaks everything and a proper  Pattern Rarely Lies(That too bcoz of overall market's sentiment) 

Kunal Patel at 02:52 PM - Jan 22, 2016 ( )

Any new to go up..

Mohammed Ajmal at 02:31 PM - Jan 22, 2016 ( )

Made a High of 299.35 after posting. Almost close to 5 rupees in intraday. 

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