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Hemant Parikh at 10:18 PM - Oct 27, 2015 ( ) Views: 452

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Pluck- work hard, seize your chances, be well-prepared for your chosen aim; make a blue print of success and check your progress day after day. Manya student wants to excel in sports, creative writing, elocution and of course in academics. But very few really outshine. Why? It is because of lack of application and concentration. Procrastination, laziness and weak will power are like proverbial Achilles’ hell of the youth.


Students must plan their study schedule methodically. They must keep a copy of syllabus. At the very outset, they should understand that examination never starts after some months. Joining a class itself is a text. Everyday a student appears for an examination. Long hours in the library, full attention to the lectures in the class and above all a lot of written practice- all are various facets of an examination. A student should appear in mock-three- hour tests twice a week.


A dead-in-earnest youth who is determined to get on and get up in the world will find a way. If he doesn’t he will make one. A friend of mine failed in seven competitive examinations. He capped his failures by topping in his eighth attempt. Now he is distinguished officer. You boys and girls who think there is no chance for you, other than mediocrity. Just drop into night school, and see there the tired worn faces of youth and even of men and women, who have done a hard day’s work and yet, instead of taking time for rest or recreation, are glad to hurry to the school/evening college in order to improve themselves.


There is always a room the top. The best of jobs in the country are always looking for applicants. Dynamic active and balanced boys and girls always make a grade in life. They value time How ;many of your precious hours have you already lost because while wasting the time or killing the time, you have been killing, yourself, ruining your health, wasting your energies, your vitality, cutting down your life prospects, your success prospects?


Whatever your ambition, the force that is going to carry you to your goal is right inside you, It is your energy, your pluck, your grit, your determination. The chance is entirely in yourself, not in other people. Those who are not willing to pay the price for the larger success are always ready to make excuses for themselves and belittle the achievement of the man who has out-distanced them. They never look inside of themselves for their dynamo. They are always trying to hitch on to somebody else’s motor.


A youth should be thorough and analytical in his ventures. Many people think it is foolish to spend time on seeming trifles, but I have always notices that the habit of thoroughness in even the little things, in one of the earmarks of a successful man. A man may have many brilliant qualities, any yet be careless, but he cannot be great and be habitually careless.

sources : Bhupi Uncle

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