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Pc Rav at 03:23 PM - Aug 25, 2015 ( ) Views: 2,689

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May God Bless the poor followers of sure sho[ck]t calls by so called analysts.  Buy ce, buy pe, sell ce, sell pe, no sl, carry forward for months for penny points. Yesterday VIX was at very higher levels, but our so called analysts given buy ce, buy pe for big big fancy targets. Expiry just 2 days, today more than 70% premium fallen for ce n pe together. Still around 100% premium for this expiry in ce n pe. But our so called great analysts still giving buying in options. Why are you trying to play with poor traders money to show your so called analysys. 

From: pc rav at 03:45 PM - Aug 25, 2015( )

Few members every day one new thread, no continuation, no follow up, no updates if their calls move opposite. Few give both sides calls in supperate threads, they update only favourable threads. Some other writing options as a investment for months and even for years with huge loss. Some interesting fellows there, buy so n so, sell so n so, sl as per your risk, they dont give any follow up if its move opposite, after big loss if its back by luck then they will come n update. Moderators dont bother about these things. Friends please think before follow any call, dont gamble with your hard earned money.

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Pc Rav at 10:02 AM - Sep 21, 2015 ( )

Creative money management analyst given buy nifty on 18-9-15 @ 8050 with sl 8000 for tgts 8060/8065, sl taken on same day, the great analyst suggested to hold for risk takers. Today low 7902 so far, no update for risk takers who are holding nifty buy from 8050 for 10-15 pts target, today again fresh buy at 7930 for 10-15 pts tgt with 50pts sl.

Pc Rav at 09:18 AM - Sep 20, 2015 ( )

The great creative money management analyst of mudraa removed my messages in his thread and ignored my id to avoid further messages. Take care about creative money management calls like 10 pts tgt 50-100 pts sl and even some times carry the position over night for target of just 10 points, may almighty save them.

Ayan Nayak at 12:11 PM - Sep 11, 2015 ( )

There are no major crashes since the time am in Mkt....So usually Number 3.


Haravali Movva at 12:09 PM - Sep 11, 2015 ( )

Which type you belong Ayan ??

Pc Rav at 12:07 PM - Sep 11, 2015 ( )

too dangerous number 2  Ayan Nayak

Ayan Nayak at 12:04 PM - Sep 11, 2015 ( )

Remember there are 3 Types Of call Providers In Mudraa Or Any Where..

1)Those Who Are  Mentally Disturbed Since 2008 Crash Or Any Previous Crash......And They Want To Prove They Are Alwayz Right n Pop Up When Mkt Is in Their Direction...Etc And After Enuf Insults From Family Members Due To Lack Of Their Proficiency In Mkt..

2)Others Who Are Also Mentally ill After major Stock Mkt Crash N Dont Want Others Also To Survive In Mkt...

3)Others Who Are Learners....(Who Accept their Mistakes & Move On)

WinkTongue outCool

Ayan Nayak at 11:37 AM - Sep 10, 2015 ( )

Tons Of Patience...

Aae Biscuiittt......WinkYell

Pc Rav at 09:37 AM - Sep 09, 2015 ( )

ha ha big party Ayan Nayak

Ayan Nayak at 09:27 AM - Sep 09, 2015 ( )

After Mkt Recovers 250 Points From Lows...


Am Holding Longggg Onlyyyyyyyyy.....


Pc Rav at 03:39 PM - Sep 07, 2015 ( )

Markets not showing any recovery, but our great analysts shouting bottom out, buy buy from 7900 levels for just 8000 based on open interest, their OPEN INTEREST is different from market.

Mahroof Vga at 10:59 AM - Sep 04, 2015 ( )


Pc Rav at 10:42 AM - Sep 04, 2015 ( )

acche din aagaya? aur bhaaki hai??

Ayan Nayak at 09:41 AM - Sep 04, 2015 ( )

Ha Ha Ha....

Faster Than Lightning.....Louder Than Thunder...For Bulls..



Pc Rav at 08:01 AM - Sep 03, 2015 ( )

While vix trading at high few of our analysts given buy in options, few given buy stradles too, see what happend yesterday more than 40% premium cut on ce n pe together.

Pc Rav at 07:51 AM - Sep 03, 2015 ( )

 Ayan Nayak you are right

Ayan Nayak at 08:40 PM - Sep 02, 2015 ( )

Dont Believe Anyone Who asks u to watch their performance report......We can manage even Millions of profits in fake excel sheets.....

If your call provider wants u to c their profits in excel sheets,then ask them to give calls with proper entry n exit....n calc profit on that.

Dont get fooled by watching Excel sheets P/L statements.....

CoolWinkTongue out

Raj Arora at 08:41 PM - Aug 27, 2015 ( )

Dear Navneet, Ayan, Mahroof, PC, GK and everyone, 

From the same person's suggestion, I checked and validated CEAT for last 2 months and got into trade at much lower price (630) than suggested and traded multiple times and got handsome profit..Check his thread where I said above 705/720 large profit..so apply your skills as well may be as learner..

Is it not the responsibility of a person who is actually trading rather than the one who suggested (I would restrict myself calling them tip/call provider)?

Even if someone is giving a call/trade suggestion, the trader/person should go back and check the charts or whatever method he knows and then get into trade..

I use this as forum where people may give their suggestion, after all you may not track all scripts..If I see some suggestion > go back & validate > If looks good and you/trader is also confident then take decision and trade..Ultimately its your money, your choice, your profit, your loss..

Is it wrong approach? or we have a better approach..

Ram Babu at 07:29 PM - Aug 27, 2015 ( )

Callers edge: No follower writes in the thread,that I lost these many thousands in this call.Ego.But when get one thousand,he updates and thanks the call giver.If loss is mentioned, maaza ayegi

Ayan Nayak at 06:34 PM - Aug 27, 2015 ( )

Yes Navneet ,Last month when manpreet talked against call providers who are giving calls only on valuations....Even tht time I said valuations won't work in Derivatives............but he has something else to say n tht thread was deleted by admin...

As per him u can trade in f n o by valuations,if u have enoughhhh margin...

Pc Rav at 06:19 PM - Aug 27, 2015 ( )

You are right Navneet India

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