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Shyamsundar Ekbote at 10:24 PM - Aug 23, 2015 ( ) Views: 583

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    I remembered a game called "Latin batti" this I used to see when I was a child & while going/ coming from school. Really it was amazing how these persons of the game use to loot the ppl at that time.  I felt pity about the ppl who were losing money in the game at that time & after that leaving the place weeping & in some cases heard of losing  their lives (2-3 incidents I heard). but I was a school going child could not help anything coz all those involved were elders/goondas. I use to see the game with my 1-2 friends how the game was played.

    MODUS OPERENDI: It was very simple Latin batti you know it very well, was used for this game. The organizers used to make a round of Latin batti & the participant had to put stick given, in the centre of the rounded Latin batti.


       How they use to capture the prey is really interesting one. They use to  make demo style where one of their person was used to play the game & other person who was on the road side starts dialogue with walkers telling that the a innocent person who was playing the game was being duped let us help them. Hearing his words one or two walkers used to come in the clutches of him to help the demo guy. In the first instance the demo guy put the stick in the centre correctly then takes the money & disappears (The walkers did not realize the fact that this person is belonging them) since he was their person. Seeing this one of the walker enters the game & looses the money. The person who had brought inspires him to try one more time with double the money. This time also he lost huge money & left the place with tears.

    Now the person of the squad starts search of another prey this drama continues till everyone knows that it is game to loot the people.

   This was in mind to since long time one of the most interesting game I had seen (not played!!!) which I wanted to share with all my friends.

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