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Earning Money by Trading not easy But Possible (VOTING)

Kushal Jagtap at 02:28 PM - Aug 23, 2015 ( ) Views: 917

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Any once is in Mudraa to show the Confident to getting consistance Profit over period and period?

I suspect there is no once here ,

Everyone is showing there tailent here ,but actually the are in loss in a runaway 

Includes me as well as a consistance loosing the amount in trading caused lack of plannin and money management !

Your votes will determine the trading is benifical for us or not over long run.

Expected to vote everyone as well as hodden gemes (Silent users)


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Kushal Jagtap at 06:00 PM - Aug 24, 2015 ( )

Today I earn banknifty 17800 PE Buy @ 90 and exit at 500 (2250 to 12500)  Cry17800 PE closed at 1100 (27500)

But overconfident trading take me back to 5500 in a day time , I buy the Call of nifty for Bull side.


Shalini Sharma at 10:33 PM - Aug 23, 2015 ( )

Allways going for trade whetger intraday or positional ,only when there is fundamental or technical things happen un nifty or particular stock,2nd go with the trend if trend changes accept the trend & exit atleast from wrong trade if u dont want to go with the trade.

Prabhakar Sathyanarayan at 09:01 PM - Aug 23, 2015 ( )

making money is easy if v trade positionaly

and no indicator needed

just monthly chart is enough for entry point and support and res 

2 much of indicator and lines only making confuse

happy trading

Raj Arora at 08:56 PM - Aug 23, 2015 ( )

Possible..In my views and by experience..lot of things to take care apart from analysis or trade:

- over trade kills all profit..control over trade

- control emotions or overconfidence

- need to keep booking profit

- no need to trade in all stocks only a few selected are enough may be a market watch of 20-30 shares and wait for good time to enter/exit

...list can be long but in summary yes possible but known fact is only a few are able to make it..Make profit with patience

Kushal Jagtap at 08:00 PM - Aug 23, 2015 ( )

Dear Memeber,

Seems no one is sucess in trading here.

Everyone is still struggling to make money ????



Kushal Jagtap at 03:06 PM - Aug 23, 2015 ( )

Excellent Sunil K 

Will surly Boost the Confident for all of us !!

Thanks a lot for you reply.Looking forward...

Sunil K at 02:44 PM - Aug 23, 2015 ( )

i'm earnning everymonth & yes i loss few times in month but @ the end of the month my overall account is in profit...

Tip:- if you are lossing then stop trading for few months consentrate on learning technicals &  do paper trade for a month in that one month if your trades are in profit then start again trading with low margin (below 10k) in this way you will gain confidence & ofcourse money aswell


#focus on learning instead of earning   

Kushal Jagtap at 02:43 PM - Aug 23, 2015 ( )

Also I observed Mr,Paresh Ratan Kundu Also calls was good ! but more time SL got triger as well !

Unaware about there consistancy on long run.

Kushal Jagtap at 02:30 PM - Aug 23, 2015 ( )

I am loosing consistancy ,But Learning from past 10 years !!

But Will not give up !!


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