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Kushal Jagtap at 12:21 PM - Aug 22, 2015 ( ) Views: 851

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Goddess Saraswati and Lakshmi. 

My uncle who is a succesful trader asked me to look at the picture of Goddess Saraswati and Lakshmi. He has now asked me to spot co-relation between these two pictures and trading in the markets. 

Your uncle is a very intelligent person and there is also a lot of Wisdom in whatever our ancestors have tried to tell us. So here are the two images, I guess we all know that Lakshmi is goddess of wealth and Saraswati is goddess of Knowledge and wisdom. 

Goddess Lakshmi 

Goddess Saraswati

As you can see above, Lakshmi sits on Lotus, whereas Saraswati on a rock. 

What this signifies is that money is like lotus, never sticks to a place and keeps moving around. You have it today, you may not tomorrow. 

Saraswati sits on a rock, knowledge and wisdom is like that, once gained it stays with you forever. 

So what your uncle is trying to say is, while trading (I'd say in every aspect of life) don't focus on chasing money. Earn knowledge and wisdom, money sitting on lotus will automatically follow you. 

For me it resembles, lakshmi is looking like sideways trend, (both left two hands, head and right two hand). Perhaps it tells money is always sideways trend, it will come and then go and again will come,

On the other hand, the saraswathi, holding veena looks like uptrend :) knowledge would only come and never-go
Lakshmi represent 'abundance' (money, honey, material wealth etc) giver. Lotus grows in the mud(keechad), but remains beautifully glowing above the water undeterred by the keechadbelow. So, if anyone leads the life like a lotus, 'abundance'(Lakshmi) keeps flowing in their life.

Saraswati represent 'knowledge'. Rock remains steady for longer time at any place. So, if anyone Keeps on nurturing their life with the Knowledge, their life would be steady like a Rock. 

So, the Gist is: 




Now, applying this to trading the markets,

Even though one makes a Profit(Lakshmi) in the trading, make sure that one floats above the water without making any unnecessary trades by taking the help of Knowledge(Saraswati). Even though one makes a Loss(Lakshmi) in the trading, make sure that one floats above the water and keeps glowing undeterred by taking the help of Knowledge(Saraswati).


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Good one.....In recent times.....Superbly driven logic

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