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Nifty & Bank Nifty Charts

From : Mustafa Shah at 05:18 PM - Aug 04, 2015 ( )

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Hi Friends,

In this thread I will post Nifty & Bank Nifty Charts along with trades.

Just for learning & sharing

From: Mustafa Shah at 03:50 PM - Aug 05, 2015( )

Whenever got any good opportunity will post intra Nifty & Bank Nf trades too.

My weekly target for Bank Nf will be to get 300-400 points

Nifty Options 100-150 points weekly

From: Mustafa Shah at 04:38 PM - Aug 27, 2015( )


Posting & sharing here Charts & views only for members benefit.

Not any Trade recomendation niether any Trade invitation.

I am not responsible for any PROFIT or LOSS occured on trades based on my Charts.

Kindly concern any Certified Financial advisor before entering any trade

I am not a Certified analyst

From: Mustafa Shah at 10:19 AM - Aug 04, 2016( )

Today completed full Year of this Thread

lots of trade done, few good, few Sl, few jackpots

Faced some bad transacton time too when got a string of losses, but all posted here live & openly, none call deleted after sl.

And never share my contact to any one as Admin allegate me of running paid service too.

Still its a great Journey of 1 year with all of You.

I hope made few members happy & inclined few towards learning technicals

Last request to all

If any of You happy with my work & services than kindly share some of your Profits in schooling of  the needy students..

may be it might be a small Gurudakshina to my master

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From : Mustafa Shah at 03:10 PM - Jan 11, 2018 ( )

Nifty not sustaining above 10640

Looks a false breakout

Booked out longs cmp- 10654

From : Mustafa Shah at 11:49 AM - Jan 11, 2018 ( )

Bankex 25760 sustain can long for 26200+++

Invalid below 25520 

All spot levels

Trade as per risk appetite

I am sharing my reading only

It may be wrong too

From : Mustafa Shah at 11:47 AM - Jan 11, 2018 ( )

Nifty looks interesting 

Looks like time correction happening..

Above 10640 spot sustain looking for another 70-130 point upmove

Invalid below 10580

From : Mustafa Shah at 11:46 AM - Jan 11, 2018 ( )

Good Morning Mudraa

Thx all for Support & Kind words.

Mr.Sukhwinder no comments, aplolgies or not doesn't matter me.

This chapter closed for me from here.

Will look forward for fresh trading setups

From : Ravi Dani at 09:50 PM - Jan 10, 2018 ( )

@ Mustafa ji...

Only one word for u ...

(BEST) laughing

From : Rahul Jain at 09:22 PM - Jan 10, 2018 ( )

sukhvindar ji Mustafa ji don't fight for a single trade we are traders after all

From : Ramesh Manchala at 06:51 PM - Jan 10, 2018 ( )

Mustafa ji, continue ur great work without expecting anything. Thank you.

From : Puttaiah Narasimhalu at 04:05 PM - Jan 10, 2018 ( )

mustafaji doing good job. continure your work, losses are part of trading.  there are many silent people following you. 

From : Shankar Dharam at 03:37 PM - Jan 10, 2018 ( )


Mustafa bhai. Hats off for all the good trades u have shared here . THANKS A LOT

From : Rishi Singhania at 01:55 PM - Jan 10, 2018 ( )

Losses r part of everybody's trading profile. Even Buffet n RJ face losses. So guys trying to pull down a guy whose market reading skills are far better than most of us will fetch u nothing. Just accept a bad trade n move ahead...


Mustafa bhai. Hats off for all the good trades u have shared here and with u always where u have faltered. Dont bother about such negative criticism which serve no real purpose.

From : Mustafa Shah at 01:43 PM - Jan 10, 2018 ( )

EngIndia 40000++

Exide 45000+++

Ajanta 22500+++

Drreddy 10000+++

Glenmark 30000+++

These are few scripts given profits

And above all 

BankNifty nearly 500++ points in Dec month.

No one remember all 

Just one loss trade & Mr.Sukhwinder start a trade on its name???

Do U people never make losses or mistakes???

From : Mustafa Shah at 01:36 PM - Jan 10, 2018 ( )

I don't understand why people start crying after making Losses.

Same never come in front to appreciate when Back to Back good trades given.

I never invite anyone to come & trade.

And inspire saying clearly Keep SL still holding in Hope mode, than blame me.

PC jeweller shorted @ 472 & exited @ 494

Jan fut rates

Loss of 22x1500= 33000

Some are holding & claiming 75k loss.

Who told to hold in Hope mode????


From : Mustafa Shah at 03:55 PM - Jan 09, 2018 ( )

An Oscillator remain Overbought or Oversold in a strong trending market.

Pc Jweller a nice example

Will remember this in my life time trading carrer.

Though Wedge broke upside @ 492 so exited safely early

But Exit in loss need a real courage

Will back soon wih fresh trades just refershing my studies again.


From : Mustafa Shah at 02:02 PM - Jan 08, 2018 ( )

For those stuck in PC 

Keep sl of today high

If hit exit

There will be lot more opportunities ahead to trade

@ Senthil

I don't recommend on any personal positions..

From : Anshul Mittal at 10:33 AM - Jan 08, 2018 ( )

holding pcj from 476 future.. what should i do

From : Mustafa Shah at 03:23 PM - Jan 05, 2018 ( )

Exited all shorts

Will look fresh ahead Nxt week

Bankex above 25600 not good for shorts

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