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New Sections Added in Mudraa

Mudraa at 10:48 AM - Mar 14, 2015 ( ) Views: 4,073

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Dear Mudraa Family

In pursuit of augmenting new direction to Mudraa, we have added following New sections.

1. Starting Your Business

2. Managing Your Business

3. Financing Your Business

4. Accounting & Taxes

5. Legal & HR

6. Traditional Marketing

7. CopyWriting

8. Internet Marketing

9. Search Engine Optimization

10. Socail Media

11. Website Design & Deveopment

This will help Current as well as new mudraa family members, to widen the prospects in generating their Wealth (Mudraa) and knowledge not  only in the field of Inevesting but also in becoming Enterpreneurs and carrying their business activites in new age of IT.

We will be displaying these threads separately other then the current threads so there will not be confusion or space fighting for new sections.

Other Suggestions are welcomed.

From: Mudraa at 05:02 PM - Sep 27, 2018( )

"Better Late than Never"

This quote is more appropriate for this. We will be putting fresh effrots in this directions.

No Trading or Investment threads will be allowed in these Sections. Please Keep the spaces for appropriate topics.

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Alex R at 06:16 PM - Sep 27, 2018 ( )

Unable to understand in total

Rajdeep Kashinath at 08:35 PM - Sep 26, 2015 ( )

Why this thread is hybernating?  with tall promises.

Ayan Nayak at 12:48 PM - Jun 29, 2015 ( )

Check Thread timings .....delayed/advancing by 2 mins when posted

Rajdeep Kashinath at 07:03 AM - May 06, 2015 ( )

@ Mudraa Admn !

Any further progress in this regard???????

Krishna Mohan Challa at 10:47 PM - Mar 15, 2015 ( )

Very nice initiative. May this forum will help many  who are facing some sort of porblems and are lacking some things. Sharing knowledge will  help all and especially new upcoming bussiness. all the best to all.

Santwana Chakraborty at 09:32 PM - Mar 15, 2015 ( )


Ahmed Jariwala at 09:20 PM - Mar 15, 2015 ( )

excellent thought by mudraa admin to start this topic ,My hat is up for yo & all who participate in this matter

Cm T at 09:10 PM - Mar 15, 2015 ( )

very good step ,  and sir i would request memebers show tell there profession,  so that may be other can get the idea.   now a days onlinebusiness is good opportinities, 

Raman Khanna at 04:16 PM - Mar 15, 2015 ( )

Its such a big starting .........welcome MUDRAA ADMIN......thanks 

Bipin Nath at 01:23 PM - Mar 15, 2015 ( )

good intentions always appreciated.....well come Mr. admin and all the best to mudraa surely mudraa will become a good platform in all ways.

thnx mudraa admin n family.

Pratap Patel at 10:59 AM - Mar 15, 2015 ( )

wlcome mudraa admin for good initiative

Mohanan Edavalath at 09:56 AM - Mar 15, 2015 ( )

So Mudraa is on the move of expansion and modernization.  Good initiative.  Hope this prestigious forum will have a professional approach henceforth.  All the best.

Rajdeep Kashinath at 08:23 AM - Mar 15, 2015 ( )

Change is Welcome!

Proposal sounds good. In my last more than 5 yrs of association i have not seen any major changes apart from a  normal 'Trader Community' here. This should have been done much earlier.

Being the main objective is Learning here with like minded market players, i think many of them must have left Mudraa in absence of interaction among the various users and many may also leave in future in absence of this feature. I support the view of S.Kannan.

Better late than never! Good Luck to Mudraa.


Kumar Bhatia at 08:17 PM - Mar 14, 2015 ( )

I need to know about the stock markets formal education.

I am done with NCFM Beginners Module. What all modules are necessary to become a certified stock tips advisor?

Srinivasan Kannan at 08:06 PM - Mar 14, 2015 ( )

Any positive move should only be appreciated.  Afterall we have to brace the change to be able to outlive the challanges.

One thing is baffling on the part of "admin" is why at all exchange of mail-ids amongst the members are not encouraged  and being viewed a "crime".  I only wish that in the modern communication age, our members should only be allowed to interact amongst themselves on their topic of preference, evenwhile participating on the "core" theme.  who knows, given the strength and passion, "mudraa-ians" may hearld a cult among the ""market-genre"people.


Mudraa at 03:11 PM - Mar 14, 2015 ( )

@ Pradip sir

We have included as much practical broad topics possible.. we would also grow with the needs.. and include suitable sub-sections or tagging of threads.

Pradip Ray at 02:45 PM - Mar 14, 2015 ( )

I would request to explore the possibilities of helping Tourism-as a business ; internet marketing is a very generic term and can include almost anything; specificities would help; Govt subsidies available to a new industry is important; MSMED / large industry discussion, NOC issue etc related theoretical discussion w.r.t Entrepreneurship is imperative. 

Jayanthi R at 12:17 PM - Mar 14, 2015 ( )


your efforts are truly commendable, I am glad to have found this has helped me in my investing

..all the best in your endevours...some times we have ideas in our heads for entreprenureship...but we dont have a platform to sound out our views....not all are having MBA backgrounds but wuld like to have help..all the best...let us see how we can benefit and help what we can with our ideas

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