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stop worrying, start winning (Js)

Jagmohan Singh at 11:14 PM - Mar 02, 2015 ( ) Views: 1,415

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Have u ever gambled?

Have u ever got the privilege to go to a casino?

Yes! Great!

So, here’s my question....

Will u ever go to a casino without money? Will u be allowed inside without bucks in ur wallet?

Well, even if u dare to go there bare pocket and even if they do allow u in, i don’t think they will allow u to sit on the table empty handed......even if they are gracious enough not to throw u out....

So? What do i want to say?


If u don’t expect urself to go to a casino without money, how do gather the guts to go to the mother of all casinos, the stock market, without money?!!

U probably would shout at me that i am wrong and that u do go trading with money....but i will not agree to that. Lemme prove that....

When u go to the casino, u take money out of ur pocket, buy the tokens, sit at the table and put them at the stake. Then, u play hard and good, trying to win the tokens put on the table by others also....

While the game is going on, for all those minutes and hours, everyone’s money is fully exposed to everyone present there.....everyone has the equal opportunity to snatch all the money for himself!!!

But what do u do in trading?

U enter the trade pit, take out ur money, buy the lot tokens, put them on the “table” but never leave ur hands from them.....you are always touching your money....ever so eager to take it back at the slightest hint of danger of losing it......


U r so scared of losing the money that u never start to even think of winning anyone else’s money......u r there just with a false and fake wishful self-appeasement that u have come to “make” money....whereas in-effect u r there just for the thrill of “gambling”....

So, what’s my point?

To win, others’ money, u have to lose focus of “your” money and focus on “others” money. Only then u can win. And like in a casino, when u win others’ money, u also get back all of your’s also.

Those who are too scared of losing rarely win......and never consistently.....

Trade with money u can afford to lose......but never before u have the method in place.....

And make sure u don’t trade with more than 1/20th part of ur trading capital.....even if u lose the first portion despite method, take it as just a probability outcome and nothing too serious. Take out the next portion and go for the next trade as per the system.....and so on.....you have to stop worrying about losing to win!!!



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Amlan B at 09:37 PM - Mar 07, 2015 ( )

Nice , Sir .

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