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NIfty Bear.2015From.19.01.2015

Shiv Prasad at 10:59 PM - Jan 17, 2015 ( ) Views: 37,214

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There is an old saying goes.

Bull makes money

Bear makes money..

its only pigs which gets slaughtered.

As a trader i play both bulls and bears what i feel without thinking the result.But Definitely with a clear stop loss to protect my capital to  enter new trades.

Many feel when they are playing bulls bears are fools and only losing money.

Many feel when they are playing bears......bulls are fools ,,,,,,,,,

Now market is bullish on the back of A stable govt, money inflows, New allocation to India, Rbi cut, after all 1lac crore new investment by public in mutual fund.Indian public , with greed or intelligence are putting money now at this stage in domestic mutual funds.

NOw i am trying to make one understand even from this bull market bear can make money more than what bull is making.But for that matter bears need patience and margin.

I will give details later........

till then enjoy ur trades

From: shiv Prasad at 09:15 PM - Jan 20, 2015( )

Updation of score card here.

From: shiv Prasad at 05:47 PM - Mar 01, 2015( )

Nifty PE ratio measures the average PE ratio of the Nifty 50 companies covered by the Nifty Index. PE ratio is also known as "price multiple" or "earnings multiple". If P/E is 15, it means Nifty is 15 times its earnings. Nifty is considered to be in oversold range when Nifty PE value is below 14 and it's considered to be in overvalued range when Nifty PE is near or above 22. The market quickly bounces back from the oversold region because intelligent investors start buying stocks looking to snatch up bargains and they do the exact opposite when Nifty P/E is in the overbought region.

Check out what Professor Bakshi (a famous Indian value investor ) has to say about Nifty P/E. Recent research done by my firm shows just how dangerous it is to remain invested in an expensive market. Since NSE started, every time when Nifty's Price/Earnings ratio exceeded 22, the average return from Indian equities over the subsequent three years became negative.

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H N Menon at 12:40 PM - Jul 05, 2017 ( )



any view for july


my view 

before september new high plus


Vijay Kumar at 03:34 PM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

sir ji

hanshi ko rokana mushkil ho raha hai


Shiv Prasad at 03:31 PM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

Oh God I cant believe it market closed exactly at 3.30 

T T Success...............................OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh Lllaaaaaaalllllllll lalalalala

Good closing above 9632

Now just c if Asia is in green......................the magic of bulls........

Shiv Prasad at 03:29 PM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

as per tt market will close trading at 3.30 today

Vijay Kumar at 03:17 PM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )


Shiv Prasad at 03:10 PM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

kisi garib bear ne short kiya hoga ...cover karta hoga..e operators ne ending mein hi ooper kar diya...ab 3.15 ko sab katenga..intraday wale..

Shiv Prasad at 03:09 PM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

whats happening?

 out of money, 9800 calls are moving up and nifty future is falling from highs????


Shiv Prasad at 03:06 PM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

If nifty spot close above 9632-33 will negatate fall happened today as a cooling off effect.

Again market will be in positive mood.

Any positive in Asian market tomorrow morning can give good rise towrds 9700+

If Asia is negative then we will again go for small corrections like happened today,.

Nifty is strong....and it needs an injection from Asian markets.

Hope it close above 9632 without giving any negative closing

( though its good for next trading sessions a close not below 9632.........its does not mean gap up like situation. Hereafter any movement will depend up on Asian markets movements..Untill atleast it takes out NEw High.

Vijay Kumar at 02:11 PM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

15+ nf



long side

Shiv Prasad at 12:18 PM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )



To avoid whipsawz please use 9641 above as safe zone for buying..

As 9632-33 levels can be decieving also.( manay times it reaches 932-34 and fall back to shake out weak traders)

Instead of that Use 9641 Or rise above 9657

Shiv Prasad at 11:43 AM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

oNE sINGLE bYE......



if by chance nifty futures comes near 9575-80 go for calls........with sl below 9565( chances are less..>Still if it comes,, nothing is impossible

Shiv Prasad at 11:37 AM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

Just some speculation

NIfty All time High........9709.30

Nifty to day low..............9609.30

Exact 100 points..........100 i

100 is a good no.....

U can call Police

U can use it for intraday correction low and high difference.

Just a wild guess

I will put bullish notes because Now I hv become a Blind Bull.

Vivek Bangale at 11:30 AM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

Shivji ,

Thank u for ur valuable & detailed explanation .....


Shiv Prasad at 11:25 AM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

From : Vivek Bangale at 10:12 AM - Jun 21, 2017 ( about an hour ago)

Shiv Bhai ,

NS correcting towards 9610  as u had mentioned in ur earlier

Do u expect it to fall more??

If we take a long @ NF @ CMP , can u suggest a SL for the same ??


Vivek ,

I have given my view below..

Going long at this level, is a tricky situation.

As I said I am expecting 9720+ in this series.

Till yesterday , it has not given sell as per levels are concerned.

I consider it as a corrective in nature, and if market can close above 9632 today....bearishness should mostly end.

I am not sure it has made a bottom already or its on the way to make a bottom some where nifty futures 9575-70 odd

I dont expect any fall below 9569 nifty futures.

So going on this level will be prone to fall of 9600-9569( nf) if any.

So better i prefer to go long above 9632 ...

Today is the day when most are negative with all round negativeness..So operators playing game is very much there.

Indian market always rally when no one expect vice versa.

As per me...if u take long...then new low should be ur sl.As it will bring some 25+ points more fall.

Better wait and see...if it falls near 9575-80 levels go with sl of 9565 for good targets

Or enter when market makes good rally above 9633 or 56 safe

Vijay Kumar at 11:23 AM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

thanks sir for ur valuable view

will track 

Shiv Prasad at 11:19 AM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

Nifty is currently trading at 9615.75 with low at 9609.35

Nifty futures made low of 9615.80

I had expected a rally minimum up to rallied without giving us any chance to buy

I had expected new high first then up to 9600 odd...for shorting..It also did not offer us chance, or too much over bullishness kept me aside from doing so.

If the above 2 happened...I expect nifty futures to hit minimum June series before giving big corrections if any

I had asked u to go for out of money calls for the reason 9720 and a new highs could have made 9860 odd points.

However forget it...I keep my view that nifty futures will hit 9720+ minimum this series. It happesn when? is it today or tomorrow or after making a fall up to 9575-70 or 9599 I am not sure

Its better to go with change of trend............when nifty spots cross 9632 above closing or spot crossing 9657..with either sl of 9599(if u go long at 9633 and 9629 if u go long above 9657

I am not challenging market or keeping my egos..Market can make any one naked within seconds

But am just trying to get back in to trend.

Vijay, Congrats...U got money in PUts


Vivek Bangale at 10:12 AM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

Shiv Bhai ,

NS correcting towards 9610  as u had mentioned in ur earlier

Do u expect it to fall more??

If we take a long @ NF @ CMP , can u suggest a SL for the same ??


Vijay Kumar at 10:09 AM - Jun 21, 2017 ( )

Shiv sir

booked 184


Peeyush Kunal at 10:47 PM - Jun 19, 2017 ( )

Image result for sleep


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