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NIfty Bear.2015From.19.01.2015

From : Shiv Prasad at 10:59 PM - Jan 17, 2015 ( )

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There is an old saying goes.

Bull makes money

Bear makes money..

its only pigs which gets slaughtered.

As a trader i play both bulls and bears what i feel without thinking the result.But Definitely with a clear stop loss to protect my capital to  enter new trades.

Many feel when they are playing bulls bears are fools and only losing money.

Many feel when they are playing bears......bulls are fools ,,,,,,,,,

Now market is bullish on the back of A stable govt, money inflows, New allocation to India, Rbi cut, after all 1lac crore new investment by public in mutual fund.Indian public , with greed or intelligence are putting money now at this stage in domestic mutual funds.

NOw i am trying to make one understand even from this bull market bear can make money more than what bull is making.But for that matter bears need patience and margin.

I will give details later........

till then enjoy ur trades

From: shiv Prasad at 09:15 PM - Jan 20, 2015( )


Updation of score card here.

From: shiv Prasad at 05:47 PM - Mar 01, 2015( )

Nifty PE ratio measures the average PE ratio of the Nifty 50 companies covered by the Nifty Index. PE ratio is also known as "price multiple" or "earnings multiple". If P/E is 15, it means Nifty is 15 times its earnings. Nifty is considered to be in oversold range when Nifty PE value is below 14 and it's considered to be in overvalued range when Nifty PE is near or above 22. The market quickly bounces back from the oversold region because intelligent investors start buying stocks looking to snatch up bargains and they do the exact opposite when Nifty P/E is in the overbought region.

Check out what Professor Bakshi (a famous Indian value investor ) has to say about Nifty P/E. Recent research done by my firm shows just how dangerous it is to remain invested in an expensive market. Since NSE started, every time when Nifty's Price/Earnings ratio exceeded 22, the average return from Indian equities over the subsequent three years became negative.

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From : H N Menon at 01:35 PM - Apr 29, 2017 ( )

From : Shiv Prasad at 12:37 PM - Apr 29, 2017 about an hour ago )

Some possible levels in coming days.if nifty fail to clear 9369 or 9375


If nifty close below........9290...some good selling possibe...

Untill nifty close is above 9291-93........market will try to test new highs...

So ..............right now its sell on rise and buy on supports 

for sell ..........9369 is the sl

For supports........use sl 5-7 to test the water.

thanks Dear shiv

my view

spot 9382 would be lock sl above this it may try to x 9420 9440 

From : Victor Kpp at 12:47 PM - Apr 29, 2017 ( )

Dear Shiv ji,

Good day,

Thanks for taking time out to give your thought on the nifty movement for the next week.

From : Shiv Prasad at 12:37 PM - Apr 29, 2017 ( )

Some possible levels in coming days.if nifty fail to clear 9369 or 9375


If nifty close below........9290...some good selling possibe...

Untill nifty close is above 9291-93........market will try to test new highs...

So ..............right now its sell on rise and buy on supports 

for sell ..........9369 is the sl

For supports........use sl 5-7 to test the water.

From : Shiv Prasad at 12:27 PM - Apr 29, 2017 ( )

Not much brain washing analysis.

If u r short...keep trading within supports and resistance levels. Market is fresh from a high so side ways movement possible for consolidation. Keeping sl of 9377......Nifty spot using highs to  sell or buying near levels like...9253-56 or 9204-9208 with 7 points sl can be the better idea.

If u r short dont listen to the calls of 8400-----8800 etc alteast till nifty breaks 9014-9020 levels. It possible market can fall towards 8000 also when fiis and market makers decide the same. But untill that carrying loss making trades just because u lost in short trades, and u will not cover till 8800 or 8200 does not make u a good trader. I dont tell u to go and buy...but even if u short let short be near the highs so that ur riske reward ratio is favourable.

From 9350.........at one go I dont expect big rise .........we have good res at 9450-9500 also..So untill it reaches there use the time to cover some of your shorts and carry what u want with u.We will think of 8800 or 8200 once we reach and break 9020...and a golden close.

From : Shiv Prasad at 09:34 AM - Apr 28, 2017 ( )

Bank nifty futures.......next support at........22197---22184

From : Shiv Prasad at 09:25 AM - Apr 28, 2017 ( )

Levels are of Nifty futures......not spot..

From : Shiv Prasad at 09:25 AM - Apr 28, 2017 ( )

Upper side.......9363

Lower side...break of 9315..........trouble..

break of 9315-13...and trade below it can bring 9289.....9280

sell on rise till new high is made......

From : Vijay Kumar at 08:13 AM - Apr 28, 2017 ( )

thnks sir

now bears searching in Google 

new excuses books


From : Veyini Ramamoorthy at 12:24 AM - Apr 28, 2017 ( )

From : Gongura Katta at 09:44 PM - Apr 12, 2017 ( 15 days ago )

After 9600 or before :D...


I said my targets in downside anticipating the shortfalls in Q4 Results and net profits...

(RIL just escaped the gillettin for time being.... )  I guess before 9600...

From : Shiv Prasad at 11:04 PM - Apr 27, 2017 ( )

Market has made a double top today..

Untill this high is broken its sell on rise near this level with sl above 9375

Or buy on support levels like...........9306-------9285-------9245...

The day it moves below 9245 and close below ...9245...flood gates will be opened for new lows...9130-9020

Till then it can be a side ways market..with top being 9375 ........

From : Shiv Prasad at 10:58 PM - Apr 27, 2017 ( )


Technicals are probabilities..Not the final.

I was superb Bullish with Gk saaar or some others who had similar view when market looked certain for making new highs or atleast nearing 9273...Especially when I said Snp breaking and clsing above 2350-56.

I had expected a rally like it witnessed last week onwards...........But never expected a fall till 9090.50...which market fell without any reason.I had been giving bullish notes for such rally...but never expected such shake out will happen to shake weak bulls out..

So it happened..It was a tight slap on my face my market..

Market fell but started rally.........leaving baby bulls out of the journey...

It was shake out as well as an invitation for bears to enter the trades thinking of big fall.

Bears enter when there is a small fall also hoping for big fall..Which has not been the case.

technically market had given a break down below..9150...but it was a trap.Even i had said technicallly market became sell.

Now the bottom point is there is no meaning of too much analysis as some said...brain washing analysis which will force one to think one side and enter in to wrong trades if the trend goes against it.

So I will just give numbers where big sell of or buy can happen...........No brain washing analysis.

Because every money lost by a trader because of me or my analysis will give me trouble..

So lets play with simple numbers Intraday............

Or best is to sell at every 100 points and carry forward till 12500......without any sl...How that>>>LOl

From : Vijay Kumar at 10:26 AM - Apr 27, 2017 ( )

thnks sir

From : Shiv Prasad at 09:23 AM - Apr 27, 2017 ( )

Today range........9385-87

Lower 9301-9276

9387 is a good rate.......for shorts with sl of 7 points or

buy near 9300 with sl of 7 points.

From : Vijay Kumar at 04:07 PM - Apr 25, 2017 ( )

above 9225 super bull

Shiv sir

9309 hit

great analysis 

now next destinations 


From : Shiv Prasad at 11:21 AM - Apr 22, 2017 ( )

On a closing basis..market has been giving closing below 9150 for the last 6 trading sessions which shows its inability to climb back and settle above 9150....its negative for its future sessions

Who knows , market had been making bottoms at every 100 points to rally...like may it be making tops at every 100 points..

Like first at 300 ,,,,as res and now at 9200...

Market is on sell mode...so selling on rise with sl above 9200-9205 can be the best idea..

Otherwise...9175...will prove a good resistance

I m not saying it has reversed the trend...

BUt herafter till 9200 is captured on closing basis...pressure will be there..

From : H N Menon at 05:56 PM - Apr 21, 2017 ( )

thnx dear Shiv ,

for the entire week you shared and helped us with good learning materials.


now i think 

spot  has few hurdles on upper side

9150 / 92/ 9232/9252/82

below 9050 can open gate for 8888 and more.


im with bears for monday may extend or as per the trend may change. 

banking sector may be worst coming now fail to x 21720 to 22222 ( till 21350 hold bounce possible for highe side sell) below 21350 sl can be 21550/620

we may c below 20k 

i think so

From : Shiv Prasad at 09:32 AM - Apr 21, 2017 ( )

I hv deleted excel sheet...dont trade as per it..it will confuse u

From : Shiv Prasad at 08:57 AM - Apr 21, 2017 ( )

Bye.............saar...maruti study karo...good money in both longs and shorts....if u get the levels...but volatality high beta stock..even 100 shares can give u 5000 profit or loss as per ur ability to put sl.

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