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Commodity Trade-Base Metals.

Shiv Prasad at 08:42 AM - Dec 05, 2014 ( ) Views: 327,876

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As per request i have made this thread for only Base metals.

Crude and other items will be updated on other old thread ........

Funda is simple........sheet is given to every according to it.

I.e.if buys break out  happens.first see if it can clear the first target..........

i..e.if copper gave a buy above 403.60 in our sheet and now its trading at target being 404.90.........u buy and hold it as per sl given.

But while going up it failed to break first target.......means its false break out...u have to exit there and short with a sl above first target or second target.As per me, it fails to move above first target means is going to fall...if it breaks first target then u can expect it to rise again

Watch commodity items atp plays a major keeps on testing atp between the movements.

Try to buy near atp.............on a break that ur stop loss is minimum.

i.e.if it gave a buy above 403.60 and now trading at 404.70 with atp at 402.90......there are 2 chances it may keep on moving up or come back to test atp.

if its break 403.60 ,,,,,,safe players should wait for buy near atp instead of buying at 404.70 so ur sl is small.

While big traders can use break out levels also to buy otherwise u may lose a chance to ride the rally.U can afford...but not small investors.

Profit area..Dont look at target..make ur mind for profit and get out for next trades if it is necessary.

Happy profit making trades ahead.

All the best.

From: shiv Prasad at 10:41 PM - Jan 14, 2015( )


Please do not use the same sl in crude or any other items which i mention.

Always use stop loss above what i have given in all items.Please give 2 point difference more than my sl.

Ie.if i give a call saying short crude at 4525 with sl of 4528 always use sl above 4528..only or 2 points + 4528=4530

Also for other items always use sl above my levels ...not the same even if i mention it.

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Shiv Prasad at 04:53 PM - Feb 21, 2019 ( )

Dare devil sl gone

Original Stop loss......453. odd safe.

I am still positive on copper...

May be it will rise after 6.30

Shiv Prasad at 01:32 PM - Feb 21, 2019 ( )

Dare devil traders...

Interested?Buy copper cmp

sl 1 point

Actual my sl is alredy given..its way below 455...this is a daring call.tryi it if interested

Shiv Prasad at 12:46 PM - Feb 21, 2019 ( )

Zinc Mini or Mega.....

Cmp 144.50-60

sell around 145 or now and more near 145.2 145.70

target 142......

Shiv Prasad at 11:56 AM - Feb 21, 2019 ( )


BUY AT 455.15 SL BELOW 454.75




Shiv Prasad at 11:19 PM - Feb 20, 2019 ( )

zinc sell read Lead sell triggered...

copper we made exit all .it's on the way to 467/70 .


If it close above 458 today otherwise it will correct up to 449 which is next buy level...not a call but view

Shiv Prasad at 10:39 PM - Feb 20, 2019 ( )

zincZinc sell triggered high 44.90 n wait WD sl target below 143

Shiv Prasad at 10:05 PM - Feb 20, 2019 ( )

Zinc sell not triggered high only 144.60 my earlier level...I thought momentum can take it up to 144.70/145...hard .luck if comes go for it

Shiv Prasad at 10:04 PM - Feb 20, 2019 ( )

coppper made exit...just 30 paise short exit if ur holding cmp no shorts

Shiv Prasad at 08:56 PM - Feb 20, 2019 ( )

zinc...or mini..cmp 143.80 wait for rise till...144.70/145 .sell there WD sl of 142.70...dont sell now only when rate comes...all the best



Shiv Prasad at 08:45 PM - Feb 20, 2019 ( )

if some bought copper WD me at full profit at 58..sorry for small traders did not come  on ecpexpected level

Shiv Prasad at 06:02 PM - Feb 20, 2019 ( )

Shiv Prasad at 02:11 PM - Feb 20, 2019 (about 4 hours ago)

Lead Mini.......its super bearish item...

But right now its near support level.

May be a rise up to 144.60 is possible today again which can be used to short with sl above 145.25 for lower targets...

right now verify difficult to play with small

Avoid this can follow Zinc...dont sell...

Shiv Prasad at 04:15 PM - Feb 20, 2019 ( )

Took some copper long at 451.50....

waiting for further falls....if it breaks highs then 458+ on the way.

Shiv Prasad at 02:19 PM - Feb 20, 2019 ( )

Risky players can go long in Copper at 451.50 then rest at 449.30..with same sl...(or buy in mini)

Target is 458-62

small traders use my original levels.

Shiv Prasad at 02:11 PM - Feb 20, 2019 ( )

Lead Mini.......its super bearish item...

But right now its near support level.

May be a rise up to 144.60 is possible today again which can be used to short with sl above 145.25 for lower targets...

right now verify difficult to play with small sl.

Shiv Prasad at 02:09 PM - Feb 20, 2019 ( )

Copper Cmp....452.80

A fall is seen if 454.20 is not taken out

Buy at 448.4 with sl below 448.00 means 447.90 for big targets

Its super bullish item....can hit 458-67 levels if levels are maintained.

Shiv Prasad at 11:09 PM - Feb 19, 2019 ( )

Lead did not reach heighs but reached 143.20...may be we get chance tomorrow in copper shorts... 

Shiv Prasad at 10:47 PM - Feb 19, 2019 ( )

i m a trader and trying to analyze few things.main intension is to make followers not follow blindly but knowing risk factors n trading minimizing loss. My stop losses r it may lose some trades but that's the discipline I HV.. small sl can gv some big today nifty gave 125 points WD sl of 8 points..I don't calculate profit or loss it's for those followed to calculate n decide to follow or not...this is the case some miss some hits

Sonal Thakker at 10:17 PM - Feb 19, 2019 ( )

your views are just superb and amazing boss...

See your crude calls overall good till date

even lead behaving as u said...


Indeed this acknowledgment was a must!!

Shiv Prasad at 09:23 PM - Feb 19, 2019 ( )

Lead mini cmp 144.50 all of sudden it can rally to 145.20/30 to take out weak bears to fall back to make new lows around 143.20 by end .If it rises to 145.20/30 sell there WD sl above 146.10...for 143.20..mosly it shd not break even 145.70 still....if comes go for does not means u go's just a call based on leads behavior

Shiv Prasad at 08:58 PM - Feb 19, 2019 ( )

copper buy not triggered but target achieve avoid this's going to 58 aft a fall

so no call from me

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