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Balya P at 07:24 PM - Jul 04, 2014 ( ) Views: 1,799


Innocent hallo respected sir/madam,

Pleaseeeee guide me regarding my education and career turning point purpose.

i require URGENT help since admission till july end only.


i have decided to work in share market commodity forex market as trader as well as a jobber or working person. ultimate i can not afford to quit my job and do full time courses. also i have 45% in so not eligible for mba admission criteria. till i compelleted my edu of degree on my own through idol, uni of mumbai.

at now i in hotel industry working.

but going to confirm change my field to share/commodity/forex market. as trader and employee. i have options as computer lecture based bse programme of bse no job help they support, they told me since it is a distance course. and another is pgdfm from uni of mumbai distance education 2 year to study on own.

please tell me what to do i am 32 now going to work sincerlly hard. also will give nism and ncfm exams and other technical examinations as per requirement

so please tell me which course above to do as i am firm to change my Working from hotel industry to financial sector. pleaseeeeeeeee guide me thanks in advance for your supports.

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Balya P at 06:04 AM - Aug 25, 2016 ( )

respectful members, shayad aap muje galat samaj sakte hain, but i have 1 thought, which i decide to share,

that to run this web site there must be some expenditure on this mudrra creator have to pay, so i think it's my duty that i also should do something for them as i thinks so, hence on krishna janmashthami day i thought of sharing this MY thinking, that i have to click on the advertise shown on website, so that this mudraa creator will earn some revenue. and it will help him/her in running this non profit web site, what do you think, all members,

i shared what i thought on aaj krishna janmashtami day,

jai shree krishna,

good morning all mudraa members,

wish nice day mudraa members.

and sorry i if by mistakenlly if i herted any one, sorry for not good english, but my thinking is clear on this janmashtami day i said what i want to say, 

jai shree krishna, good morning dear good mudraa members.

Balya P at 01:03 PM - Aug 24, 2016 ( )

yes sir , thanks a lot for mudraa members, and mudraa creator. Smile thanks.

Jayesh Motta at 12:59 PM - Aug 24, 2016 ( )

Yes Balya ji...well also same thankful to mudraa n its all members....really helping hand to all of us...Smile

Balya P at 12:56 PM - Aug 24, 2016 ( )

with the help of all experts from mudraa family, and very nice persons from mudraa family, slowly slowly i am learinng, thanks a lot to all mudraa family, i praise to god, who ever started mudraa , he/she has done a great work, by which less knowledgable person's like me also can learn and gets guided well. thanks all. mudraa members.

Balya P at 12:52 PM - Aug 24, 2016 ( )

yes sir now i am also studing as i am a very less knowledgable person, i am trying to learn and work

Kannan Raman at 12:42 PM - Aug 24, 2016 ( )


Dilip Nilekar at 10:48 AM - Jan 21, 2016 ( )

hi Balya Ji!!

Please do your own study there are many things written on Google abt stock mkt .

Google it

do not take advice on trading and see soo many member's post here.You will never learn on your own.

This is my humble request.Rest is up to you to decide abt your life.


Balya P at 02:33 PM - Jul 06, 2014 ( )

thanku for your guidenance thanks

Hanumantharaju Ramaiah at 10:26 PM - Jul 04, 2014 ( )

If you are asking at an internet noise to decide your future .then  you are not sereious about ur future just taking things slightly if u are working hard and seriously thinking it will come to u ur mind on what to do

Nand Kishore Parwal at 09:37 PM - Jul 04, 2014 ( )

you and uttam suthar are same person ?

Manik Roy at 09:33 PM - Jul 04, 2014 ( )

Ashwin T at 08:11 PM - Jul 04, 2014 ( )

Decide on your own.  Don't ask others.  Careers can't be decided by others...but by destiny.

Whatever the decide and stick on your decision.

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