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Trade Diary ( KK)

From : Kripakar Kumble at 11:26 AM - Mar 13, 2014 ( )

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Hi friends..

I was posting my views in all different threads so far.

Henceforth i will be posting my views on nifty and other stocks in this single thread only.  I will use only this thread for all my posts.

This thread is only for mutual discussion and educational purpose.  Not a trading tip for anybody

Thank you


Disclaimer :

Investment is stock market is risky as market dynamics can change at any time.   Views expressed here are  my personal view only  not a trading recommendation to anybody.  Traders have to study and take their own decision before entering into trade.  I am not liable for any profit or loss which may arise  because of using my personal views blindly.   I may or may not have positions in  Stocks or Nifty.

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From : Kripakar Kumble at 12:12 AM - Feb 23, 2018 ( )

Hi friends..

Expiry day, nifty closed today at 10382.

I was expecting nifty to move beyond 10400 atleast once during the day but my view has failed. 

As on end of day today,  Major Trend = DOWN     and     Minor trend = NEUTRAL

Minor trend reversal point 10390 for tomorrow

If nifty could cross and sustain above 10390 tomorrow,  there is chance of minor trend change to UP.

else  the trend is down


happy trading..


From : Kripakar Kumble at 08:06 PM - Feb 22, 2018 ( )

Hi friends...

no trade today.   Expiry day  and didnt get any  clear trade today.

More about nifty levels  later....

From : Kripakar Kumble at 12:17 PM - Feb 22, 2018 ( )

If anybody wants to know the value of  5  paisa   ..10 paisa..,   then they have to sit infront of trading terminallaughinglaughing

From : Kripakar Kumble at 12:02 PM - Feb 22, 2018 ( )

Hi friends...

no luck today.  Nearly 3 hours of trading....but Nifty is still hovering around 10350...

From : Kripakar Kumble at 11:31 PM - Feb 21, 2018 ( )

Trade levels for tomorrow 22-02-2018 :

From : Kripakar Kumble at 11:28 PM - Feb 21, 2018 ( )

Alex ji...

thanks for your post.    In my calculation,  it is 10440  the minor trend decider

Lets see.... what you said may be correct....

Happy trading

From : Alex R at 11:17 PM - Feb 21, 2018 ( )

For tomorrow, 10400 will be trend decider intraday. 

From : Kripakar Kumble at 11:10 PM - Feb 21, 2018 ( )

Hi friends...

one more good day today   and  nifty moved exactly between 10405  &  10354  almost whole day.

Only one clear trade we could get.

As on end of day today nifty (spot)  has closed at 10397.45   and it is in neutral zone.

Major trend  =  DOWN       Minor trend =  NEUTRAL

For tomorrow,   10440  is the minor trend reversal point.

If nifty could cross and sustain above 10440,   there is fair chance for minor trend reversal.   

Expiry day tomorrow,   anything can happen.  I feel like nifty might trade between 10400 and 10500 atleast for sometime tomorrow.

 I may be totally wrong in my calculation.   It is just my view

Happy trading


From : Kripakar Kumble at 11:16 AM - Feb 21, 2018 ( )

If goes above 10405  and sustain,  then a chance of going upto next target 10456.

Else if  will be again a sell opportunity 

From : Kripakar Kumble at 09:56 AM - Feb 21, 2018 ( )

If it falls below 10350,  chance of  another 40 to 50 points...down..    

From : Kripakar Kumble at 09:49 AM - Feb 21, 2018 ( )

1st target done..

From : Kripakar Kumble at 09:44 AM - Feb 21, 2018 ( )

Hi...good morning friends..

A good start today.

Nifty moved right from the word go..... from 10405  nearing 1st down level 10354

From : Kripakar Kumble at 06:43 PM - Feb 20, 2018 ( )

Hi friends...

boring day today with very slow  and narrow movement of nifty.   After nearly 5 hours of trade, nifty finally fall below 10405  and reached 10354  level   and finally closed at  10360.40

As on end of today,   Major trend =DOWN         Minor trend= DOWN

Minor trend change level =  10405

If nifty  could cross and  sustain above 10405,   change of minor trend possible.  Till then minor trend continued..

Caution -  For F&O expiry,   just 2 days remaining.  Volatality may be high.  

 There is no change in intermediate trade levels for tomorrow.  All levels are same as yesterdays

Happy trading

From : Karan Kapoor at 08:05 PM - Feb 19, 2018 ( )

Awesome levels kk sir , nifty was full of volatility today , trapped me in long , Intra charts gave wrong signals , fully agree with me major and minor trends are down , thank u for sharing 

From : Kripakar Kumble at 07:34 PM - Feb 19, 2018 ( )

Hi friends...

Good evening.   It was a nice trade today.

From the opening of 10488,  Nifty made a low of 10302.75  and again  had a recovery and came upto 10396  and finally closed at 10378.40.  Nifty took the pull back from 10301  which was the last level of today.

As on end of today,  Major trend = DOWN.    Minor Trend = DOWN

Minor trend change level has come down.   Minor trend will change if nifty  (spot)  crosses and sustain above 10475.   Until then,  trend is DOWN.

Levels for tomorrow are :

Happy trading..

From : Kripakar Kumble at 06:19 PM - Feb 19, 2018 ( )

Thank you Rakesh ji...

not to offend any one...  


From : Rakesh Dedhia at 06:15 PM - Feb 19, 2018 ( )

A innocent Q,  ur posts and my doubt....

BUY why pint point on some other advisors syle....


felt the reply went way too low ...

u r not this.. dont get carriied away...


keep doing ur good work.... 



From : Kripakar Kumble at 05:24 PM - Feb 19, 2018 ( )

Hi Rakesh ji..

thanks for your post.  

I didn’t know that  you are following  my views.   I don’t know what is your style of trading either.  Don’t know you capacity of STOP LOSS.  I don’t know who else  are  reading my post.  Everybody has their own style of trading basis their capacity.   Therefore giving stop loss has no meaning sometime.

As I said  earlier,  I post my views well in advance  and the intermediate  levels also (using murrey maths lines),    because I don’t have time to come and update every time.   By the time,  I come and update,  it will be too late sometime because I have to trade for myself also.    

You are an expert trader.  As you know very well, there is no rocket science in trading.   Trading  is normally  based on levels.  If one level broken  or sustained  it goes to the next immediate levels. Therefore targets are  each next level once a particular level is broken. Stop loss as per your capacity. These levels one can calculate themselves.  It is not a big deal.  Along with the levels,  it is always better to have a reasonably long term view also.   Even to go with the flow,  it is better to know where the flow is heading.

I have posted my views  after budget day onwards  that,  long term correction is on.  Nifty is heading towards 10370 / 9400.   Don’t know whether you have gone through that.     

There are many threads in mudraa which gives,   below……..weak only,   buy in dips…. ,    above  ………..    positive….............  or   BU….. BD ….. bla….  bla……..  

If you are able to trade basis such posts,  then you should not have any problem in trading basis the given levels.

Yesterday  I wrote,  “minor trend also turned negative.  Therefore it is SELL  as long as nifty trades below 10565”.   All the intermediate levels were also given.   Don’t know whether you have read that.   There were some contrarian views about NIFTY for today  in some other threads.  Everybody  is right in their own views.  I respect  others views also.  Everybody has their own calculation. 

Today there were  three clear trades in nifty  in which  you definitely would have got minimum 110+ points total  if not more.  If you are trading in more than one lot,  then it is multiple. 

happy trading...

From : Rakesh Dedhia at 02:29 PM - Feb 19, 2018 ( )

what downside u see for today... small levels u r giving.. for view it is good but how to trade such smalll levels...



From : Kripakar Kumble at 12:40 PM - Feb 19, 2018 ( )

Oh...below  10370,  too quick to fall to 10353....

Levels worked well today too...

Bye  for today..

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