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Pradip Ray at 10:09 PM - Dec 28, 2013 ( ) Views: 717

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Let us put our New year msg at one place. I start with a somewhat odd note considering Mudraa as a cosmopolitan group. Those who have chked my Facebook timeline might already have seen it .For them it may be a repeat.Excuse me.

Experiences bring back to memory an old joke that Kushwant Singh had told once and it goes something like this. Once Lord Bramha, called all the gods in heaven and pointing to Earth said - "Look I have created this beautiful country called Bharata. I have given it the best rivers, the best forests, the best flora and fauna, the best mountains, a complete ocean ....." and went on and on. When he had finished, the gods were all shocked and one of them asked "Lord, are you not being very partial to this country by giving them the best of everything?". To which the Lord is supposed to have smiled and responded - "Wait till you see the people. They will destroy all this".

This was supposed to be a joke, but it somehow appears to be coming true. I still remember Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma's words to Indira Gandhi when he went up in space on a Soviet space ship. She asked him how India appeared from space and he responded "Saare jahan se achha". That was very beautiful.

Happy holidays to all of you and wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous year ahead.

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Pradip Ray at 03:17 PM - Jan 03, 2014 ( )

Read what Asimov predicted in 1984 about 2014.

Pradip Ray at 11:16 AM - Dec 29, 2013 ( )

Thanks Leena for giving a Bird's Eye View of the Stock Market with 2014 in perspective and 2013 in the background. Wish I could emulate you in this slant of writing. At the end it is a continuous learning-2013,2014 or whatever.

Leena Sebas at 10:45 AM - Dec 29, 2013 ( )

2 more days left to finish 2013.when i just look back i feel from mudraa , lot of things i learn and still learning.

2013 over all was a tough year for all i feel.As we are living in a world full of manipulation,the market too get the reflection of that.Though market is  near to its all time high, the volume is drying up and trading style too changing.

What i learned so far? Though lot of chart interpretation happening every where, the reality is, a good number of traders are failing.The reason i feel is ,  most of the time they  never bother to sit on the table to study it themself than following the copy pasted stuff.When we just follow the picture, with out understanding the concept, in the real trade , we fail miserably.Market is undergoing lot of changes and smart money is watching what the average techy doing and moving the market to the opposite side to take the cream out of it in fraction of seconds.this fraction of seconds move make this market difficult to trade

.Most of the time i feel there are two kind of traders exist in the market now a days.A Class of warriors with bow and arrow and others with latest weapons.So if we fight with bow and arrow, it is always better to watch the market and aim well before doing the hunting.If a trader jumping in , visible to all  in front of the war field,it  is too dangerous and chance of being killed is high.So if you are trading in 2014 , better well prepared, do your home work.Because the game is changing so dirty these days.More fox are visible in the market than bull and bears.So when you follow any calls  , make sure he is hiding or not.Most of the time they keep the trap and hide behind the scene and watch you with out showing any sign of trace out.Then keep in mind, they are waiting to pull the trigger the moment you enter in to the trap.

 I also learned Market always want the public to be on the opposite side when it want to make an opposite move.For that, it play different role and many are deployed in the battle field.Many you realise this fact  if we keep a close watch.So when i see emotional black mailing and rosy profit pictures and calls, i always interested to check the chart to know what is going on .If the call giver  start to convince you with long dialogue  about his experiance and start to display positive things one by one about any particular stocks, then i prefer to double check that counter before entering in to that, because here what we witnessing is the  same  street vendor technic , who want to dispose his stuff as much fast before the sun set.So the more the black mailing and convincing and more color ful the call is , better keep an eye on that stock.You might get an opposite move and can make money out of it.

When new people enter the scene and try to catch the attention of the public all on a sudden, then i prefer to watch the  posted replies and many times it give a good picture about their  objective.

In 2014, keep your eyes open.Dont let your emotion over rule you..dont get trapped in marketing technic calls.Before entering in to any calls, check yourself with the help of chart.It give you more insight about the outcome.

If some one want to stick to this buisness of stock market trading in 2014, then better start to learn than depending on others.keep on learning and keep some 3 to 4 indicators maximum and leave the rest.When totally confused , stay way and check market using the other technic to get a clue.Always watch the market with broader picture than short term.If we are not in  a position to do the above things, then my personal feel is, better bow down in front  of the market and leave that field for ever.Because you find it hard to make money and finally you loose your capital and peace of mind.

So in 2014, sit and think whether i am a serious trader or i am trading for fun.The market is undergoing lot of changes all around and we are trading in a market which is well controlled by a group of people who can take the market to any range.At the same time those who try to control the market are also in state of fear because they dont know when an invisible entry happens to topple them, because of a simple reason, MARKET IS MOVING AS PER THE INSTRUCTION OF ROBOTS.Many time i do imagine if some one can control the earth using his finger tip, how they control it? Just for curiocity they might try to do some scary moves to see how the earh react to it.I do expect such scary moves in 2014 as the market is purely under the control of some invisible force.As our govt and the market regulator failed to control the market manipulation, one need to expect the latest manipulation tricks too in 2014.

Bur one thing i feel is , when more cheap money start to flow from one part of the world to the rest of the world, one need to expect an increase in price of all asset class initially and when it reach the abnormal level, then the opposite wild move to be expected.

So I feel we might see a  wild unexpected high and low  in 2014.

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