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Earn daily in your choice of stock/index.

Chintan Savla at 11:44 AM - Dec 23, 2013 ( ) Views: 4,920

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Hello Firends,

As a payback initiative to mudraa, i would like to bring across a simple trading strategy in which you can trade any liquid stock or index of your choice when you do not study eod charts or if you study eod charts and your study is wrong with respect to the direction of the next day trend of the stock/index.i.e. today through your eod study,by applying whatever indicators,moving averages,etc….,you feel that nifty might go down tomorrow. But in this strategy most of the times you would not get any signal to sell tomorrow. What I do is study EOD charts but do not take a firm view for the next day.I just try to be with the overall intra day trend on any given day.

The whole purpose is to make each and every trader self-reliant in taking trading decisions and not to rely and “BEG” on the so called call providers who only turn up when their call is in profit and don’t update when their call is in loss. It is a universal rule that if we rely on someone for something you are bound to be taken advantage of……

Moving forward, also I would suggest you to trade Nifty, Bank Nifty and LIX index stocks through this strategy. The best would be of course nifty and then bank nifty.

The list of LIX stocks can be viewed at:-

I generally refer many trading websites/blogs, etc…so it is possible that you might found it somewhere else too and hence I am not at all taking any credit for this.

Here is the setup:-

1)      Stocks/Index trading in a Positive or Negative crossover of EMA 50 and EMA 100 on intraday 5 min chart.(most of the times each and every scrip would be either trading negative or positive)

2)      14 period RSI.

3)      We will buy the stock/index if EMA 50 > EMA 100 and RSI after dipping below 50 levels again surges above 50 levels and price would have at least touched 50 or 100 EMA.Buy would be above the high of the candle whose RSI is more than 50.You can have a risk reward of 1:2 in any trade. You can decide the SL as previous swing low and hence according the target.But generally if the Stocks/Index is trending well it would go to touch previous high, so would recommend you to trade in minimum two lots.Book profit in one when we even break even level.

4)      Reverse for short.          

5)      Trade would be initiated after 10 am and no new trade after 3.Of course you can wait to book profits till 3.25 in you already opened positions .

6)      Better to avoid on big announcement days like RBI policy.

Charts are attached for your reference.

You can bend any rule, sparing the basic setup and trade according to your trading style. I would suggest options trading for newbies and those who want to generate more return on capital invested. But again trading in options involves risk too .Never ever average a losing position, just come out when our SL gets triggered.

The biggest advantage of the strategy is it is purely intraday (of course you can carry over if you have total conviction in the trend of the Stocks/Index) and hence no sleepless nights.

Have a good time with your family member’s after market hours……

I would suggest you all to trade intraday as everyday, we get ample trading opportunities to trade.

Again because of my schedule, sometimes I might not get back to queries on urgent basis, so all who are trading are suggested to keep tight SL’s. Will do my every bit to answer all queries.

Last but not the least BE WISE, STAY WISE ….After all its all your hard earned money so better only you be responsible for any profit/loss from it rather than depending on any one else…..

Healthy discussion welcomed and seniors expected to innovate to make trading a pleasurable experience for all of us.

I am not at all an expert in posting things (my language, charts posting, etc…), so please bare with me…..

Regards and Happy Trading…..


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From: Chintan Savla at 11:58 AM - Dec 23, 2013( )

One more observation which I forgot to mention.

Price touching 50 EMA before our action gives a good oppurtunity

But price touching 100 EMA before our action gives the BEST oppurtunity..

From: Chintan Savla at 12:13 PM - Dec 23, 2013( )

From: Chintan Savla at 12:28 PM - Dec 23, 2013( )

Bank Nifty Spot chart of yesterday(i.e.20 th December).Continuing the up trend today.This is what I meant by swing trading position.As our postion was almost 100 points in our favor, if we would booked part profits and carried the rest today ,uptill now,we would have got more than 125 points today too..

From: Chintan Savla at 12:37 PM - Dec 23, 2013( )

From: Chintan Savla at 12:46 PM - Dec 23, 2013( )

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From: Chintan Savla at 01:14 PM - Dec 23, 2013( )

From: Chintan Savla at 10:13 AM - Dec 26, 2013( )

One more Observation....

The first pullback immedieately after an crossover is highly profitable to trade and gives good results.....

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Noorul Rabi at 09:41 PM - Apr 30, 2014 ( )


Noorul Rabi at 11:45 PM - Apr 19, 2014 ( )

Good strategy 

thanx for chinta ji

Rupeassh Agrawaal at 11:31 AM - Jan 13, 2014 ( )

Hi Chintan

Wana talk to you regarding Algo Trading. Please give me your numbre or call me 

at 8447613243. In the mean time you can visit



Chintan Savla at 06:58 PM - Jan 02, 2014 ( )

@ Yogesh....

Yes Yogesh lets see whats in store in coming days.

Today after breaking the trendline it again got reversed from thr trendline from 6232 levels.


Yogesh Dadkar at 06:54 PM - Jan 02, 2014 ( )

Chintan ....same support i am feeling for nice bounce........

Chintan Savla at 03:29 PM - Jan 02, 2014 ( )

@ Abhinav Sorry can not confirm it...

Follow this advice:-

1)Always see cash charts.

2)Trade in liquid counters especially LIX index counters(refer my main post)

@Rajkumar..Call sharekhan guys and tell them what you want.sorry its due to our communication gap....


Abhinav Kapoor at 03:17 PM - Jan 02, 2014 ( )

Ah yes,I was referring the Future charts.My Mistake Chintan.Can you advice if the other trades done were according to the strategy?

Rajkishore Sahoo at 03:16 PM - Jan 02, 2014 ( )

chintan ji

pls provide the steps in tt,which one u provide it is not worked

Chintan Savla at 03:08 PM - Jan 02, 2014 ( )

@ Abhinav Why was nifty future order placed above 6392...

hope you are not refering future charts.....

Abhinav Kapoor at 03:06 PM - Jan 02, 2014 ( )

Agree Chintan

I traded in below today.

1) Auropharma sell at 393.25 ---time 10:10 profit booked at 391.25

2) Crompton buy at 131.25 -- time 11:05 profit booked at 132.25

total profit of the day 8000/-

I placed a buy order for nifty futre at above 6392 which never triggered.

Chintan Savla at 02:38 PM - Jan 02, 2014 ( )

Chintan Savla at 02:23 PM - Jan 02, 2014 ( )




Abhinav Kapoor at 02:13 PM - Dec 31, 2013 ( )

Chintan please check your inbox.

Abhinav Kapoor at 12:37 PM - Dec 31, 2013 ( )


Abhinav Kapoor at 12:18 PM - Dec 31, 2013 ( )

Please  check your inbox Chintan.

Abhinav Kapoor at 12:05 PM - Dec 31, 2013 ( )

Hi Chintan,

I have dropped message in your inbox.Please read and reply.

Abhinav Kapoor at 11:55 AM - Dec 31, 2013 ( )

banknifty triggered at 11445

sl 11525

tgt 11405

Abhinav Kapoor at 11:52 AM - Dec 31, 2013 ( )

heromotocorp triggered at 2087

tgt 2071

sl 2100

Abhinav Kapoor at 11:45 AM - Dec 31, 2013 ( )

DLF sell  trigered at 167

sl 168

tgt 166

Kirankumar Hb at 11:44 AM - Dec 31, 2013 ( )

hi bro

cash(spot) price and future price on same expiry will  be same or changes is ther?

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