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hunting with the wolves (Js)

Jagmohan Singh at 02:39 PM - Dec 06, 2013 ( ) Views: 500

let me share a very interesting observation with you.

today the market is essentially moving in 15-20 points very narrow band.

who is ensuring that?

traders like u or me?

don't even think that.....

if markets were allowed to move and drift at the will of we people, we would have taken it to 10000 nifty or in minus long ago a hundred times!!!

there are copmuter terminals run by powerful programs which do the needful for their masters.

the masters tell (program) their loyal brilliant machines in the morning or whenever to do this or that.

e.g. today they would have "told" them to maintain the band till closing so that they can do what they want to do on monday after the election results of 4 states are out.

this the machines will do by controlling the sell or buy "valves" as and when some "stupid" retailers try to get adventurous.

and all this while we and the channels keep shrieking that we the people today this and that!!!

interesting....very interesting!

this gives me the confidence that one day in his career any professional trader can learn and master the art of hunting with these wolves despite being a sheep, provided he learns to think like one!!!

cheers again!!!

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