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My Sincere Apology to All.

Dilip Nilekar at 11:54 AM - Dec 06, 2013 ( ) Views: 790



My Dear Mudraa Friends !!!Smile

I sincerely Apolozise to you all that if i have Appreciated other Member other than The Thread Owner in his/her Post.

I had  no Bad intension what so ever  i wrote good about other member.

I invite all of you to comment and give positive advice pl.


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Dilip Nilekar at 08:40 PM - Dec 06, 2013 ( )

Thank you sooooo much Nanudu ji and Gowdi Madam for your Kind Full Moral Support .

I have alway's maintained my Cheerful attitude in this Forum and i assure i will continue doing this .

God Bless you and please please do Educate all of us with your Expert Knowledge fearlessly.

Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nandhu S at 08:32 PM - Dec 06, 2013 ( )

Dilip sir, u r a good person.

No need to tell any apology to any one...

Ur comments nd feedback r very useful / helpful..

Gowdi V at 08:28 PM - Dec 06, 2013 ( )

Dilip ji,

HOOOOOOOOOOOO this is tooooooooooooo much,

y u shud apolozise, this is open forum, we hv rights to write good things on any body, ok

u hv appreciated me in sm others thread, thanks, that means ur not insulting any body here, no issue

Dilip Nilekar at 08:27 PM - Dec 06, 2013 ( )

I am just a small part of Mudraa family.

I try not to hurt anybody.

Thanx Naneshji,Friends like you support me always that's why i am alive so faar.

Regards God Bless you.

Nanesh Verma at 08:22 PM - Dec 06, 2013 ( )

Dilip Ji Keep Cheering Our Calls Are Nothing Without You !!

Dilip Nilekar at 12:14 PM - Dec 06, 2013 ( )

Thanx Dear Ben !!!

For a kind advice to me.


Ben Benhar at 12:11 PM - Dec 06, 2013 ( )

Afterall, evenif its not meant for thread owner..... its appreciation, na.....its always a good habit  to appreciate other people, if they really deserve it.....its always nice to see you appreciating someone..... ur words ar very polite and humble..... if that particular thread owner is not an extreme egoist..... he/ she too wud've felt it nice to see you appreciating someone else in his / her thread......

Nothing to worry, Dileep .... leave it as it is and concentrate on ur trades......Best wishes and Good Luck......

Dilip Nilekar at 12:09 PM - Dec 06, 2013 ( )

Ayan !!!!

I like you always for your straight forward composition of words and strong advice too.God bless you.


Ayan Nayak at 12:05 PM - Dec 06, 2013 ( )

Guru.....Suno Meri Baat..

There Is No Need To Apologize for Your Appreciation......(2)..


Kataak....Tokko Thaali...

Dilip Nilekar at 12:04 PM - Dec 06, 2013 ( )

So Kind of you Dear Puttaiah !!!


Puttaiah Narasimhalu at 12:02 PM - Dec 06, 2013 ( )

u r a good cheer leader, dont take it serious becoz words are like swords sometimes some people dont know how to use it.  Moreover, dont expect every moment all the people moods are same that too we are in trading business.  Just forget or ignore them if they dont expect ur applauds.

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