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Day Trading Method

Cnatarajan Rajan at 11:43 AM - Nov 09, 2013 ( ) Views: 4,908

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In intraday trading it is hard to decide wheather to BUY  or  SELL

There is a simple method to come to a decision

On a Daily chart set parameters of   MACD   to  10 , 30 , 10

and slow STOCHASTIC  to  20 , 3

After market close check the chart

In both MACD  and  STOCH  if the signal lines are below

the next day Look for  LONG  oppurtunity     vice versa

If in one sig line is below and in the other sig line is above means  NOTRADE

Now the sig lines are above in both 

so on monday we may look for sell

First paper trade if satisfied go for Real trade at your own RISK


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Cnatarajan Rajan at 10:19 AM - Jun 01, 2018 ( )

As per this

signal lines are below

so Buy may be the strategy

any how this is not a trading call

Cnatarajan Rajan at 10:01 AM - May 23, 2018 ( )


Ramu Marri ji

Kiripakar ji

Thank you very much

Inverse Fisher Transform indicator is not available in


thank you


Kripakar Kumble at 12:15 AM - May 23, 2018 ( )

Natarajan ji...

Good one....  keep it up.....

A suggestion from my side.  If  possible,  try to add  Inverse Fisher Transform   indicator.

Ramu Marri at 09:59 PM - May 22, 2018 ( )

Thanq sir.. I will learn and try this method.. all the best to all..


Cnatarajan Rajan at 09:23 PM - May 22, 2018 ( )

signal lines

one is below & another is above

so No intra trade for tommarrow

just as per this

we can test this


Cnatarajan Rajan at 09:20 PM - May 22, 2018 ( )


Cnatarajan Rajan at 06:25 AM - Jun 11, 2015 ( )


Julius Jr ji


Julius Jr at 09:12 PM - Jun 10, 2015 ( )

Good One

Cnatarajan Rajan at 08:58 PM - Mar 14, 2014 ( )

Balu D ji

Perhaps  5 mts chart may be available in premium  versions

In free version  only daily weekly & monthly

As for my knowledge 5 mts TF not in free version


Balu D at 02:33 PM - Mar 14, 2014 ( )

sir can we get 5min chart in chart nexus??

Cnatarajan Rajan at 09:42 AM - Mar 14, 2014 ( )


Both NS  &  NF   Low is in between

open  &  (open - 6)

so sentiment Bullish

NS  below 6440  bearish

I may be wrong

Harman Preet at 01:45 AM - Mar 14, 2014 ( )

Thank you sir

Cnatarajan Rajan at 11:15 PM - Mar 13, 2014 ( )

In MACD  sig line  below

In stoch    sig line in  above

so tomarrow  no trade  as per this

Cnatarajan Rajan at 09:55 PM - Nov 11, 2013 ( )

Today the trend was very clear

We found intra sell oppurtunities

For 12-11-2013

As per this settings Tomarrow also selling opurtunity we may find


Cnatarajan Rajan at 03:52 PM - Nov 10, 2013 ( )

One fine and very good advise from Leena ji is

to learn candlestick patterns first and then moving averages & other indicators

Thank you very much Leena mam


Uttam Suthar at 03:29 PM - Nov 10, 2013 ( )


Leena Sebas at 02:44 PM - Nov 10, 2013 ( )

not at all dear rohan

. i explained the pros and cones in length about the lagging indicators side effects .i explained some naked truth to make you understand the reality.You dint said anything to hurt me here. i explained you all with example so that you can understand the things in a broad angle..

And i said all these here so open to realise the fact about the market in general and not  the fiction.

there is no holy grail exist in the market! This is what i was trying to say.So dont think i said all these to create a mess with you..not at all...

Rohan Patel at 02:14 PM - Nov 10, 2013 ( )

@ leena

i don't know wht u felt but i just asked for the help from the very gem of Mudraa.

if i'm the glass full in mrket ur the Sea in market 

i simply wanted few pearls frm tht sea but u thought other wise but thtanx for the little u did.

wht i mean to say was instead of reapeating tht laging laging..... why we all can't come togahter and make something better out of it .

anyways if tht cut u sorry....

Leena Sebas at 01:26 PM - Nov 10, 2013 ( )
Dear Rohan,
what i was trying to pointed out was , market can remain a lot irrational longer than we can remain solvent.And this is the challenge every one facing in the market..I wish to post the same chart of natarajan and try to explain it, please keep in mind this is just for sharing thoughts and no way to challenge the findings.So please take my argument in that sense only.
i marked both the RSI and STOCHASTIC...
Now lets us take the same chart posted i marked few area in that chart in MACD and stochastic.
see the time period between  july 15 -22, when we see in chart,it  look so small, but when you are selling the  stock seeing cross over  in the signal line, what you actually getting is a down move for a day..i marked on the top (dated july 15).Now just imagine you are trading on nov 15 and in front of you  the chart visible till nov 15 only .Now ,you dont know what is in store for 16 till 22 right?..Do you see any big change in stochastic? nothing visible.but watch the nifty  movement ,it start to move up from 5900 till 6050.What you see in stochastic? Not much move.Here what  you are  seeing is a flat cross over happening, So by seeing that ,you cant judge the market (now you can , after seeing the full picture)
watch october 30 which i already marked,and see the nifty levels.Same happend in that region too..
from october 30 till 14 october watch the MACD and nifty move, which is moving up while the MACD  is just flat.
So this is the reason i said it is a lagging indicator and we cant trust it fully.So let me repeat , i dont mean to offend Natarajan or his findings..
Now dear Rohan, 
here what other indicators we can use? Offcourse the EMA cross over give us  a good clue.But more than above all, one need to learn the candle stick pattern.Because it is the villain or the front runner  who create these moves ..So we need to spot that first and use the lagging indicators to confirm it later.This is my personal view, others are disagree with me.
Now choosing the time frame is very important to judge these moves..Else most of the time we get caught in wrong foot..
This is the reason, why many are giving live calls in mudraa  and update it after 4 or 5 hours later giving lot of excusesLaughing else post so wonderful chart in the evening time and try to catch the prey from mudraa and show the wonderful chance of making money.But they cant do it in real market with 10 to 20 minutes interval.Why ? because they get caught in wrong foot and burn their fingers..Very few dare to do it in mudraa...let me repeat very few...they have confidence in their reading..May be they  can go wrong, But they show that courage.Others just post wonderful chart and show the profit figures and try all trick to attract those who dont have any idea about it through their inbox.Else what they do is give you two chances and which ever way market move, they says it worked, and it is really magic, they never bother to say what they did when the market kiss the lower level they mentioned and got trapped or not..
few days before one gentlman posted in my thread, as long as leenaji remain bearish i am keeping my long that time nifty was around 6330 levels, So i asked that gentlman, will you update when you sell it ?then he said when i say bullish he sell it..Now nifty almost 6140, i didnt see him the drop of 200 point is not visible in his radar now.This is how many play the tricks when the market move above they says i am long and when the market falls they says they are short, but they dont update it.To support their views, they post some chart .many  diappear from the scene and try to know the pulse of the public and work like a public relation officers or PR and they  play the role to confuse the traders and trying to keep traders  in wrong foot.Most of these visible when we check the chart, but we realise the objective only after two days.
i am saying all these so open only because we should be vigilant in the market and dont beleive anything blind  .It is not so easy to make money from this market..The moment public start to beleive it is about to work out and shift the position, the PR agents able to spot it and behind the curtain they plant the next news to confuse us and take us out from the trading ring.
Now dont misunderstood what i said above is about the thread owner,He showed a simple methord and this is very helpful to those who follow the market in medium term.I was talking about those who claim victory and show profit figures only after market close and says i am long , i am short etc...and they post such things only in the late market hours.So it is so easy to know their objective.
So what i was trying to say here is , there is no short cut in market, we have to learn the candle formation, the pattern formation and confirmation to judge the market.It is a combination of all these and you can use the lagging indicators to support it..
Let me repeat, i mentioned few negative remarks here which have no connection with this thread owner i said the things in general to explain the fact and support what i exactly explained above.

From : Rohan Patel at 12:19 PM - Nov 10, 2013 10 minutes ago )

respected leena Madam...

mr. natarajan just said to use it for the next day trade direction.

and i and all the fellows in this thread will feel like blessed by the god if u could tell use the other indicatores u mentioned in ur post which u suggested to use with these indicators.

and plz explain lill how to mingle those with natrajans stratagy.

thanks for ur valuable time and guidline...

looking forward for further help



Rohan Patel at 12:56 PM - Nov 10, 2013 ( )

The amibroker code for this stratagy



TimeFrameSet( inDaily );
ml=MACD( 10,30 );

K = 100*(Sum(C- LLV(L,20),3)) / (Sum(HHV(H,20)-LLV(L,20),3));
D = MA(K,3);

B=ml>sl AND K>D;
S=ml<sl AND k<d;

Buy=TimeFrameExpand(B,inDaily ,expandLast);
Sell = TimeFrameExpand(S,inDaily ,expandLast);
Buy = ExRem(Buy, Sell);
Sell = ExRem(Sell, Buy);

PlotShapes(IIf(Buy, shapeUpArrow, shapeNone),colorBrightGreen, 0,C);
PlotShapes(IIf(Sell, shapeDownArrow, shapeNone),colorRed, 0,C);

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