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Alex R at 06:30 PM - Jul 04, 2013 ( ) Views: 1,875

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Today i have completed my two years in Mudraa. From just a new entrant as a novice, here i post my journey and various stops one by one. Thx Mudraa and all its members for ur valuable contribution towards me. Cool

From: Alex R at 07:20 PM - Jul 04, 2013( )

Hello friends,

            In the chilled sunny days of Feb 2010, one of my friend knocked at my doors very desperate to reveal something I was never through even throughout my generations. The day was just an introduction to the lusty show time full of opportunities and glamour, the dark headed STOCK MARKET. Looking into its fascination which I had never thought of even in my dreams, I simply opened a DMAT account with a lot of enthusiasms and desire to join the roads of millionairs and billionairs without knowing its ABC or D. I straight way started with a small sum of 25000. Just bought a few stocks looking into price increase or decrease. When the prices were going up for 8- 10 secs, I bought and vice versa. No logic, no technical or can say just like  a blind dumb. Husshh. What a fool I was. Some times I gained and many times lost but the curiosity after gaining some was even bigger than my losses which started throwing me to regain my lossess. The game had started by then. And sooner…. The result started showing, the ugly face of Stock Market. I never even came to know why prices were increasing/ decreasing, when to enter or exit. It was just a wonderful thought when I gained small profits in the process and within short time, a loss figure started popping. I was too surprised to see, what went wrong. O God. Let me wait for some time till it again comes to show the positive figure. O come on darling…. Wait… wait some more and more…. The wait never ended and that day again gone bad. Why all this happened. Let me to make another try, again and again and again. It all got exhausted, some more pour in and again no relief. A complete year passed with looking for recovery of losses and the fascination and NASHA it had left over me. My thought was just that if it can loot me so fast, I can also rob this some day. Came April 2011. I was totally confused and devastated with the huge sums gone into dirt. I started searching people who can take me out of this loss and make me a super rich. Goo  gled many, chatted many. All paid service providers and showed huge profits of their clients. They asked to start free service and promised when I get profits, i had to pay. I tried one or two and even paid a small pocket as trial. But all gone the same way. In the mean time somehow while googling, I watched some one had given a good call with huge profits. I wondered, what a forum it was. The day had begin. I gone through this and joined that site as a new entrant in April 2011 with huge loss and broken and just looking for some one who will promise a hefty return. No knowledge, no technical and all those nos which make any one to the path of streets with big experience of losses in a year. This was my entrance in MUDRAA, the 4th of July 2011.          

Continues in a moment……

From: Alex R at 09:18 PM - Jul 04, 2013( )

I joined Mudraa family the same way as many newbies have been doing till now. Just looking for sureshot calls and call providers with zero knowledge although very carefully watching all and just thinking why and how all these were done. Many days passed with a lot of caution to see who all give successful calls and how. One name that I came through first who had been very active and successful tip providers I assumed and locked my attention whole heartedly, we all know him as our one among moderators, Mr. HEMANT PARIK and Mr. Nitin Potade. They became my ideal tip providers who had been posting many many trading ideas and contents. I just started reading their posts thoroughly and regularly till late nights and then a few days later, a friends request was offered to them by me. Can u imagine I even aske Mr. Hemant what is CMP or something about Stop Loss/ TSL and many many quests that any dumb would have known and he clarified all politely through Inbox? That was the start of my technical readings and slowly slowly a curiosity started growing about all ifs buts how or why in stock market. My hearty thanks to both these selfless souls. Coming about technical self reliance. A lot I had been reading about one software Amibroker which had been doing rounds those days. I just knew that it is a platform of analysis and strategy. How why? No clue but just made an opinion that it’s a great tool. Mr. Akshat Jain was a leading man who had been posting many handouts about it and fascinated me to learn the technical aspects of Stock Markets. I consider him the teacher of the platform and may be he doesn't know this. Thanks a lot. But as being a computer programmer and software explorer, it became handy to me and learned many many things from him. Those were the days I read whole night for many many days about technical analysis, their opinions and views etc. A technical reader and trader started growing in me. More and more study deepened my knowledge and many questions answered were bere solved. I put many querries to them, made many friends and even today, I ask them. But the efforts I put on those days proved futile and started showing results in a great manner. My fear started going off slowly and a trader becoming young and young, strong and strong. Came Dr. Sam, Mr. Sai Nath, Mr. Kalyani, Mr. Paresh Ratan Kundu, Mr. Pradeep Ray, Mr. Gautam Dravid and many more I admired but one thing I kept in mind, never do what they do but try to learn how they do and a lot hidden things sprinkled and the way stock market behaves learned although in a bitter way. Thanks to all of them.

But still a lot had to happen, a few new entrance was in wait. Thanks buddy AYAN. You are not a trader but a good friend of mine I consider whether you do or not. And the final blow in this journey, LEENA Ji, a well deserved respect and moreover for her selfless efforts for her teachings hours and hours and building a confident trader in me. My sincere thanks to them and everyone I came through and making me a self dependent who can make his own strategy and opinion.

Whatever I  learned is a your gift whether you know this or not. Thanks all and above all, Thank you Mudraa for providing us such a wonderful platform for ever one.

Thx for this painful reading and encouragements all these days and my apologies to those whom i forgot to mention.

From: Alex R at 09:21 PM - Jul 04, 2013( )

Please consider this post just to take a lesson hard learned for newbies. Its not intended for any type of self promotion etc. I am not a paid tip provider at all.


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Alex R at 03:43 PM - Aug 08, 2019 ( )


I forgot last month, i am in this forum since last 8 years


Entered the 9th fireball last 4th of JULY


Just congratulate me.

Alex R at 12:59 PM - Jul 11, 2017 ( )

Ajay Thakur Ji

Thx a lot

Ajay Thakur at 12:25 PM - Jul 11, 2017 ( )






Rajesh Madhani at 11:04 AM - Jul 11, 2017 ( )



Syed Aleem Uddin at 11:04 AM - Jul 11, 2017 ( )

Sirji hearty congrats

Prabhat Das at 11:02 AM - Jul 11, 2017 ( )

Congratulations  Alex Sir!

H N Menon at 10:29 AM - Jul 11, 2017 ( )


Congratulations dear Alex

Santwana Chakraborty at 01:45 PM - Jul 09, 2017 ( )


Mangta Sidhu at 07:13 PM - Jul 08, 2017 ( )


Dilip Nilekar at 04:22 PM - Jul 08, 2017 ( )

I was soo happy and Excited to congratulate you , that i forgot to see your Joing Date of Mudraa which is 4th july 2011.

Wow you Hit 6th Year here in Mudraa !!


Dilip Nilekar at 04:19 PM - Jul 08, 2017 ( )

Congratulations Alex Bhai for succesful completion of four year's in mudraa !!

I wish you all the Very Best for coming year's to achieve your Desired Goal's.



Alway's Say Cheer'skiss

Shailesh Gavali at 04:12 PM - Jul 08, 2017 ( )

Congratulations !!!

Hemant Parikh at 01:42 PM - Jul 08, 2017 ( )


Alex R at 01:08 AM - Jul 08, 2017 ( )

Joining Date: 04 Jul , 2011

06 Years gone in a blink. Alas, i forgot this day. Found this again while going through my posts. What a great journey gone through all these years. Whatever i am, however i am, greatfully i thank this forum called "Mudraa" for their effort and support towards me. Thanks every one i have mentioned above and those i forgot to mention and to those whom i joined later. My hearty thanks Dileep Nilekar Ji, Mr. Durai, Mr Kripakar Kumble, Mr Vinay Kumar, Mr. Laxmi Devi, Mr Vinubhai Dave, Mr Vilas Havanur, Mr Rohan Patel and many many more beautiful souls i have been through all these years. Thank u alllllllll.


I can write good na ??? The opening article..... ??? 


Leena Sebas at 10:09 PM - Jul 11, 2014 ( )

Cool glad to see you sailing smooth!

All the best.....

Alex R at 08:55 PM - Jul 11, 2014 ( )

@  Nitin Potade Sir

Thx a lot. And also, the occassion was last year end. 

My sincere thx to

Hemant Sir whom i admire a lot

Ravi Chander Ji

Shankar Peri Ji

 Ashok Tainwala Ji

 Puttaiah Narasimhalu  Ji and all others for your good wishes.





Nitin Potade at 08:49 PM - Jul 11, 2014 ( )

Congratulations Alex once again...

You also got married this year...

Ravi Chander at 08:37 PM - Jul 11, 2014 ( )

Dear Alex R,

Hemant Parikh at 08:24 PM - Jul 11, 2014 ( )


Congratulations..... on completing 3 years in mudraa..

Wishing you all success and many many happy returns of many more years..

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