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Shiv Prasad at 04:37 PM - Mar 08, 2013 ( ) Views: 13,709

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Dont worry i am not going to challenge u all..

In this thread I am going to put some of my experience as a trader .

Here I will try to find out why most of the traders convert their profit making trades in to loss making trades and soloution for some points which will be suitable for u all mudraites( Exports, intellectuals please avoid this thread) this thread is for layman..How a lay man makes mistakes in equity/commodity market and how to stop it and trade with patience/discipline.

I will be posting it whenever I find it from my fading memory..As soon as i am in front of the laptop, i will try to put it one by one...

Now I am busy..........Later.

From: shiv Prasad at 04:41 PM - Mar 08, 2013( )

Other experienced/inexperienced guys can join with their views..I will not filter...Kasam se.Waise bhi Abhinav Jain ko bohut shikayat hai mujhper..

From: shiv Prasad at 04:52 PM - Mar 18, 2013( )

Make Him Ur Guru.....

Jesse Livermore, Wise Trader from History

As you probably have seen by now if you've checked out my other posts, I am a devotee of certain principles of stock trading that can largely be attributed to Jesse Livermore, one of the greatest traders the world has ever seen. I knew that Mr. Livermore studied psychology, that he was an avid reader, and that his stock market operations were often conducted in absolute secrecy. I see this guy as a trading master and have studied him very closely. Many of the books on investing that I've read, often.
Operators were there...are there....and will be there.....

From: shiv Prasad at 05:41 PM - Mar 01, 2015( )

After budget nifty closed at near highs.

Now its quoting a pe of 23.80.

I have seen whenever nifty fell to pe of 14.00 it has given good valuation to investment and whenever it -reached 26 to 30 it has given negative resuslts for the next 3 years..So we dont know when can market top out and start its downward joureny..but rising pe will be alarm bell.

just keep this in mind

Less than 14 152.01%
14-16   112.36%
16-18   79.14%
18-20   51.18%
20-22   21.18%
22-24   -14.98%
24-26   -32.92%
26-28   -36.6
28-30   -40.17%

So 22-24 levels offers around 15% negative movement for next 3 years,

So 24-26 ...level it is entering to danger levels.

26-28.......Bomb ready to blast.........

So just consider........2 things..

1) Our market always get double every 6 hook or crook

2) our market crashes, once it reaches above 26 -28 levels to make new lows for the next 3 years.

So investment ............and nifty long is near 14-16 levels

BEst short/investment exit is above 26.........28( if comes)


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Shiv Prasad at 09:52 PM - Jun 25, 2017 ( )


Newcomers does not make mistakes..they are new so taking extra care.

Its only old timers makes mistakes because of their over confidence and a thinking like...I have seen this market a lot...what will happen if i dont liquidate positions..

Newcomers do not know too many things..So they try to come out using little resource they have .Old timers have many tools and ideas...But not able to understand when to use which tool

Niranjan Batchu at 11:01 PM - Jun 23, 2017 ( )





Shiv Prasad at 10:28 PM - Jun 23, 2017 ( )

If u paper trade on nifty puts and calls..u will understand the importance of liquidating positions at right time..

Shiv Prasad at 10:27 PM - Jun 23, 2017 ( )

Why people are buying calls or puts?

The answer must be 

1. They have a view/intution/news about the particular movement of Index......based on it they buy  calls or puts.

2. They want to trade in more qty because of lack of funds.

3. They dont want to take naked positions.......and want to reduce the going for options.

Ok what ever may it be..

Buying any option is very easy...if u have money..u can buy any option call or puts

Ok what about profit booking.........? U want to wait for your particular level to come and sell the position...or will u wait for further fall or rise even if market reached ur levels?

Every month, crores worth Nifty and Bank nifty options are being written by big hni and funds.

Retailers buy the options calls and options along with other funds.

Here the problem is while funds must be hedging their positions in Index, small players will be buying them for quick gins which never happens and we lose all of money every month...whats the reason?

Lets a small call or put buyer lose money every month..

Market is at has given negative closing.

Mr. G.T  ( General Trader) thinks market will further fall and goes for Put buying..

He expect market to hit 9400,,,,,market falls..

rate of puts goes up and he finds a lot of sell calls and crash calls..

instead of selling...he keeps holding it for bigger again moves up after retracement and make highs..his puts are getting eroded every day..

the problem with options buyers are ......not market...but their behaviour..when they buy for some small profits, market mood and general news flows stop them from selling...

If u want to play in options...remember.

U should have ur profit as soon as ur levels comes..dont expect for more...thats for others who buys it from u. U r job finishes when ur target reaches..

If u r a put buyer dont heed calls of big falls crash etc ........better go and liquidate ur positions

If u r a call buyer..dont heed for calls like 9800-9900-10000 etc....,market will make wild swings both sides.To make money in exact lows and highs u must have information from HNi...

otherwise........u next time before buying an option make preparation for liquidating it at ur profit making levels


Vivek Joshi at 10:34 PM - Mar 21, 2016 ( )

How both PE and india vix can be related to arrive more accurate values of nifty for reversal?

Haravali Movva at 10:16 PM - Mar 21, 2016 ( )

EE thokkalo meeting yendanna.... Yesesthey polaa ??

Gongura Katta at 10:26 PM - Jul 31, 2015 ( )


Shiv Prasad at 11:39 AM - May 28, 2015 ( )

From : Shiv Prasad at 08:51 AM - Nov 06, 2014 ( 7 months ago )


As  a child, being the youngest, i had the liberty to enter kitchen any time to check out what womenfolks are making special for the day and give this information to my siblings first and become a hero/spy

I was surprised when my mother , after taking rice from the bowl , measuring it and taking out some part ( oru pidi ari) of it and putting in a Big  pot KEPTon the corner. I was surprised why she was doing this every day when we had enough rice and essential items to spend.

My mother became a teacher first( teaching daughters kitchen work) then became principal( when sisters became teachers) a tradition of teaching daughters home making before getting married.

Even my sisters kept doing the same thing. When i asked mother she said she was saving for future.Rice saving for future, i said we have enough in store and we r doing well. then why this. She sai this will help us in bad times also the rice i take out will help us to use full cooked food in our use. Nothing will be left and we need not throw it out.Later i understood whatever she saved she sold out when pot was filled and changed to gold ornaments for sisters.

I the old saying goes..Kam Khao.;.gum khao..( eat less or what is required,  u r body will work without any trouble, and get negative news also in your side to make ur mind stronger)

When i entered stock market, riding on the shoulder of Great Ambani.......( my first trade was with reliance Industries) ............after a long time i heard about a system called Sip( systematic investment Plan) Putting your one share of savings every mutual funds or buying shares of fundamental strong companies every month.

Was it new.......Yes for Indians , atlest it was new...But the same system was floated by Women folks in India,.......came back in new avtaar as Sip.

Idea is good.........for future growth and safety of children.

Do  take it out from your food or it...SIp.

IDfc is one company which suits for your Sip.............Along with Pennar Industries.

Right now market has lost some good weight..its right time to go for sip , according to me...

Most of the diis are sittting on huge inflows..and still people are puting their money in diis/mutual funds.Modi govt passed one year,4 years left for next we can expect some growth in economy and 7800 looks like a good bottom for market for the year.So think of start investing on sip once again in on going correction..........

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