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CAIRN INDIA - in next 7 trading sessions - 300++++

Manish Sakorkar at 12:58 AM - Aug 30, 2009 ( )

============================================================================================================= BUY CAIRN INDIA - MORE & MORE CMP : 260 TARGETS: 275-295-315 (IN NEXT 10 TRADING SESSIONS) STOP LOSS: 248 (there is Zero Possibility for LOSS in this Call) ============================================================================================================= India is Asia's third-largest oil consumer. It imports over 70 percent of its oil needs, and the government is keen to tap domestic reservoirs to help bring down this dependence. "It's Aug. 29, Saturday, when Prime Minister of India will come and he will switch it on," Cairn Chief Executive Rahul Dhir said on a conference call on Wednesday. Peak production from three oil fields -- Mangala, Bhagyam and Aishwarya -- in Rajasthan block will amount to nearly 28 percent of the country's total oil output and will reduce import bill by about 8 percent, he said. Investment Suggestion: Instead of investing into EQ market, one can invest in F&O for these kinds of calls, i.e. for buying of 1250 shares of this stock u need nearly 300000/- in hands, but in F&O u can enjoy profits on 1250 shares at just 40000/- margin money. Enjoy trading!!!!!

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Manish Sakorkar at 10:17 AM - Aug 31, 2009 ( )
SEE CAIRN IS ROCKING.......!!!!!!!!

Biswadeep Panda at 09:30 PM - Aug 30, 2009 ( )
THANK U SO MUCH MR. MANISH. It is so nice of u. i will try to be online in trading hours

Manish Sakorkar at 08:00 PM - Aug 30, 2009 ( )
Yes Mr. Panda.... all the best for your investments.... i will keep u updated about your stocks... please keep urself online while trading hours.... i will give u some other calls

Biswadeep Panda at 01:45 PM - Aug 30, 2009 ( )
thanks a lot manish ji. Actually i shall be confident now in holding RNRL for few days. THANKS AGAIN.LETS HOPE FOR THE BEST. I WILL KEEP IN TOUCH

Manish Sakorkar at 01:35 PM - Aug 30, 2009 ( )
Yes Mr. Panda.... intra day trading is always risky trading, until unless we have sure shot confirm call. You can see RNRL very soon (in 8-10 trading sessions) in 3 digits..... for intraday traders it's not practically possible to sell stock at the end of the day & buy again in morning... since in that case you wont be able to enjoy opening GAP, so finally at the target price your cost would be little bit higher than if u can hold it for 2 weeks. ago price... so my humble suggestions to all you peoples to keep invested in 1 LOT of RNRL for 8-10 trading sessions.... and enjoy handsome profit of approx Rs. 15 x 3576 = nearly Rs. 53000 on 1 lot.... and yes strict SL is Rs. 79.55

Yash Gandhi at 01:34 PM - Aug 30, 2009 ( )
ya manish sir i know ur calls rocks !!

Biswadeep Panda at 01:30 PM - Aug 30, 2009 ( )
manishji, pl reply abt rnrl sl

Raj Motwani at 01:23 PM - Aug 30, 2009 ( )
good call manishji agree with u..thanx

Biswadeep Panda at 01:21 PM - Aug 30, 2009 ( )
Hi Manish, Whats the call for RNRL? I like RNRL But only for intraday. If a trade goes wrong I book loss. Can I hold 1lot in FO for 5/6 days. Please give me SL

Manish Sakorkar at 01:09 PM - Aug 30, 2009 ( )
Yes Mr. Gandhi.... in my past exercise, i found all suggested stock are moving/jumping/roacking as accordingly (in last months calls) my prediction like, ABAN, NIIT, WIPRO, ICICI & many others..... so please keep watching on this stock and wait for my next call.... another stocks to watch on 31st August - RNRL, UNITECH... enjoy trading !!!!!!!!

Yash Gandhi at 03:47 AM - Aug 30, 2009 ( )
i think ur right manish .

Alba Ajay at 01:16 AM - Aug 30, 2009 ( )
PM launches Cairn India's oil fields in Barmer BARMER: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday formally inaugurated Cairn India's Mangala oil fields in Rajasthan, site of the country's largest oil discovery in two decades. At a function at the site, Manmohan Singh dedicated the fields to the nation. Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Murli Deora and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot were present on the occasion. Mangala's peak production of 125,000 barrels per day (bpd) will be reached in the first half of 2010. Along with the production at its Bhagyam and Aishwarya fields, the aggregate peak production by Cairn India will be 175,000 bpd or 20 percent of India's domestic production - enough to power 3.4 million cars daily or fill up 4.5 million cooking gas cylinders a month. The three fields are expected to save the country $1.5 billion annually as import bill over the next 10 years. It would also earn the government $30 billion across the life of the field by way of taxes, royalties and profit petroleum. Deora has said the central government would get Rs.46,000 crore (Rs.460 billion) as profit petroleum revenue. The Rajasthan government would get another Rs.12,000 crore as royalty revenue for the first five years, he said. India imports over 70 percent of its crude oil needs. 29 Aug 2009, 1301 hrs IST, IANS Economic Times

Ankur Mittal at 01:12 AM - Aug 30, 2009 ( )
thnx manish ji

Sri Kanth at 12:59 AM - Aug 30, 2009 ( )

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