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In response to my idea...........

Gururaj at 09:10 AM - Sep 18, 2008 ( )

Thank you very much for the kind of response u people at Mudraa community have given.

As u know and are aware that day trading is a game of cat and mouse and it is a game of patience so I would like u people to please bear with me till I tell u the stock to be traded.

On any other given day the markets would have been normal and it would have been very easy to pick the stocks for trading, but today's scenario is that the global markets are weak, we had a weak closing yesterday, indian markets are at very cruical support levels which might be broken as SGX nifty is already trading at 3835, so please be patient and wait.

I would request u not to trade on my recommendation instantly I would request u to first paper trade my calls and then when u feel comfortable about it go ahead and use it for ur advantage.

The plan for this exercise is very simple because it is a small day traders plan because I belong to that clan of people who trade for a living and I am very cautious about my exposure.  I will not buy more than 1 contract and 1 scrip for a day.  At the end of the day or whenever my profit goals are met I exit out of the script.  Please understand that there is nothing called as 100% accuracy always and there will and have been against the tide trades.

I would also like to inform u all that my trades are not based on what target price it is going to acheieve because I am not a predictor for values although I have some idea about the same and estimate the exit levels.  I go purely by the set up of my chart signals of when to buy/sell, stop loss and when it tells me to exit.  So please do not expect any target price I will let u know when I get my signal and exit out of the trade.

Good and happy trading hours

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Prabit Kumar at 01:34 PM - Sep 18, 2008 ( )
Yes Gururaj your conception is perfectly alright. regards

Hari Mohan at 12:01 PM - Sep 18, 2008 ( )
ok i wait

Rhishikesh at 10:25 AM - Sep 18, 2008 ( )
thats reality abt market. Thanks guruji

Avin at 10:14 AM - Sep 18, 2008 ( )
yes i am eagerly waiting.

Pradeep at 09:44 AM - Sep 18, 2008 ( )
ok sir thanxxxxxxxxxx

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